Femicide, the homicide of women, is the seventh leading cause of premature death for women overall. Intimate partner (IP) homicide accounts for approximately 40% to 50% of U.S. femicides. The vast majority of IP femicides are perpetrated by male partners, with .05% of IP femicides in the U.S. perpetrated by female partners. Few studies have examined intimate partner violence (IPV) between female partners and no study (to the authors’ knowledge) has examined female-perpetrated IP femicide and attempted femicide in same-sex relationships. This case study examines IP femicide and attempted femicide among a small sample of women in same-sex relationships. The findings call attention to this important women’s health issue, expand our contextual understanding of violence in female same-sex relationships, and assist health care, law enforcement, judiciary, service, and advocacy professionals to develop prevention strategies and resources to reduce the risk of serious injury and death among women in same-sex relationships.

Female-Perpetrated Femicide and Attempted Femicide A Case Study