December 13th, 2019 Regular Meeting of the Alliance

Dec 13, 2019

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If you discover that your connection is getting weak, you might want to turn off your video so that your your camera is not trying to use up some of the bandwidth so that you can still see and hear what’s going on. So that’s just one little tip. In the right hand side, there is a chat so people can feel free to chat with one another send messages. If you decide, for example that you want to get more information from somebody, you just identify that person then you can either have a private conversation or you can chat in the chat to everybody. So that this can be interactive as well as the more presentational component
other any Let me see it mute, I’m recording this it’s it’s as I said, it’s already streaming live on Facebook on the website on the the New York Alliance, Facebook page.
But I’ll also recorded and we will also have a
I will, I’m just reminding myself to
I’m pushing my author AI which means that we have an immediate transcription being made right now. It’ll be raw will not be perfect. But that transcription will also be able to be posted onto the website in case people want to scan through and find any information that that relevant to them or discussion that is relevant to them later on. So I think that’s about all the tech side and and then I Just hope that will continue to get people coming on, as the time rolls around in New York. Actually, it rolls around everywhere. But so everybody knows or maybe doesn’t know, my name is Karen Judd Smith. And I’ll just be hosting this event today from out here in California. And so perhaps we can get started by having those who are online. To introduce themselves, unmute yourself, and then introduce yourself. hacks I can call upon people from simply by looking at what I see and what you see might be a little bit different. But I’m going to start in my top left corner and that’s with Elvis. So maybe Elvis if you I think you’re unmuted, would you like to introduce yourself? Tell us a little you know, just a little bit about what you’re doing and Where are you? Where are you from where you are?
As Cornerstone, can you hear me? I can see him but I’m not certain that he’s hearing. Okay, so I’ll come along then. Maybe Elvis can come, we’ll circle back around to overson a little bit. And I think his microphone might not be connected. His video is but his microphone doesn’t seem to be connected. So we’ll we’ll circle back around. So in Ingeborg, would you like to I can unmute you, and then you can go ahead and introduce yourself.
Yes, hello, and nice game parents. I’m from Santa International, headquartered in Chicago. We are an international women’s organization and I’m the main representative of this organization in Vienna. I’m currently the chair of the you registered Alliance on crime on crime prevention and criminal justice. And we had a meeting and I’m looking forward to discuss with you What is up there.
Thank you,
Yes, thank you karen. My name is Jay Albany’s. I’m here on behalf of criminologists without borders an NGO affiliated with the UN. And we do an annual report every year on the theme of the Crime Commission, every spring in Vienna, where we attempt to have a presence and I’m very much looking forward to the crime Congress in Kyoto in April. I’m located by the way, in Virginia in the US, just outside of about 20 miles from Washington, DC
where all the fun games are happening.
Yeah, it’s it’s this. It’s just a little bit chaotic.
Thank you, Jay.
Gary. Up next up.
I’m here saying, That’s not me.
I’m Jerry Hill.
How do I get my picture to show
you? We can see you.
Oh, okay. I’m located in Lincoln, Nebraska in the United States. I represent the one of the United Nations program network Institute’s. And also I’m the director of a new effort of theirs, which is a Knowledge Center, that I’ll send information now to the Alliance later, but it’s basically where people with any questions on current issues dealing with crime prevention, criminal justice, can ask and by going through all of the United Nations Institute will try to come up with answers. Four people, and we also maintain an international criminal justice calendar. And in the chat section, I’ll put that website on pretty soon. The last thing that may be of interest to the group is I’m in charge of the ancillary and the professional meetings at the 14th crime Congress in Kyoto in April. And so if there are questions about the crime Congress, I’ll be prepared to answer them. I’m putting it looks like Jay is doing bad things with somebody. Anyway. I will also have the chat section, very quickly, the web address for people to register for the Congress. Anybody can attend the Congress, but they must registered in order to do so they go through, you know, DC and so I’ll put that web address up there and later on the agenda when we talk about the controversial answer any questions?
Thank you, Gary.
Gary is the one who knows all the details about anything that you any presentations that you want to have recording. I don’t know about recording of your sessions, but rapporteurs in your sessions. Gary is the one who makes all of this happen. He does a remarkable job. Thank you, Gary. Well, we’ll get back to you in a little bit too. Next we have as I’m going across the screen screen is Cecilia.
I just unmuted you.
afternoon everybody. My name is Cecilia Polizzi. I am attending this meeting in my capacity of tier of the working group on children recruited by thyristor and violent extremist groups of the Alliance. I am currently located in Germany and the studying from next year will be new CD and I wanted to Thank you, Karen, for organizing these meeting and to the participants.
I said great pleasure to connect with you.
Thank you, Cecilia. And and, and will he’ll hear from you and a little bit because I’ll be asking for an update on a report on the work that you’ve been doing since last year. So next we have Rachel.
I just unmuted you.
Yep. Hi, everyone. I’m Rachel Iker. I’m the director of advocacy and partnerships with the international legal foundation, the iOS. We’re based in New York and we work on providing criminal defense services and building sustainable, effective Legal Aid institutions. And so looking forward to the discussion today, especially hearing more about kyudo Thank you.
Thank you, Rachel.
And, to Wonderland, wondering
you can correct me please
Hi, my name is Quinn wonderly. Thank you.
On behalf of my supervisor, you guys may know lovie about teesta. He’s currently in Madrid and so kind of wearing two hats, representing both the general Board of church and Society of the United Methodist Methodist Church. And also Kongo levy is the president of the conference of NGOs and consultative relationship with the UN. So thanks for having me, and I’m excited to learn more.
wonderful to have you.
Elvis, are you. Let me see if I can see that you’ve got
Elvis still doesn’t appear from what I can see to have a microphone and so may only be able to hear us so I’m not sure what we can do about that. So perhaps we’ll move on at the moment. Sorry, we can’t hear from you, Elvis. But we’ll move on to Sheba.
Hello, Hello. My name is Shiva, Shiva Hara. I’m director of New York of the Martial Arts Academy, which is headquartered in France, southern France. And Carolyn, thank you very much for inviting me over for this opportunity. And this, I have been participating the organization with you killing for years, but now recently, I’m appointed as a New Yorker director of the Martial Arts Academy, which is a United Nations consultative status NGO. We got the status, and we participated listed to the Kyoto Congress next year. And my focusing is how To avoid the crime scene using the the self defense technique of the martial arts, and I’m very happy to discuss for the Kyoto and I need a lot of opinions and a lot of advice, how to create a successful and silly meeting there. Thank you so much.
Thank you, Sheila.
So, Michael, I’d like to unmute you and invite you to speak sorry. Other meetings. I know that we’ve been on you stayed up late at night. Did you get up early this morning for this one? Are you just still not sleeping at all?
And can you hear me right?
Yes, very good. So
I got up early. I have three grandchildren, hence the headphones just around the corner from me. So I apologize for being late. I had to go and take some in. So I’m the second Attorney General for the world Society of victimology. I also am a vice president of the NGO Alliance component or group that is associated with Vienna. And I’m the current administrator, Executive Officer for victim support Asia. In terms of consultative status, the world Society of commodities had consultative status since 1987. I think, and we organize ancillary meetings and side events. And in fact, at this particular crime before coming crime Congress, in total, I think the word society victimology is associated with either as the leader I organization or as a co possession with somewhere between six and eight and salary events. And I have two more to register. I want on behalf of it to a support bureau victims. support an award society and possibly the UN ODC as a partner.
Good morning, everyone.
Good. Good morning. I guess it’s morning. afternoon, evening, wherever it is. Yes. And thank you very much. Yeah. Thanks so much for getting up Michael. much appreciate.
So I think Dr. Garth, James. Hello.
Yes, we can, we can hear you. Hi, Karen. How are you guys this morning. Thanks for having me. I’m Kimberly Garth James from the NGO with consultant status with United Nations on partnerships and reforms through work and education. serving on the United States Sentencing Commission, we tried to look at some changes to the correctional system to expand opportunities for offenders to gain education and work experience. It’s been an area that I’ve long since been interested in, as well as violence against women. My day job, I guess I could say is serving as an associate professor with Azusa Pacific University. We established a Center for Public Affairs here in Sacramento, California to try to have an impact on policy to help women offenders and offenders in general, I guess, with rehabilitation and reintegration in society. Thank you.
Thank you very much. I think is there a somebody, anybody that we missed on this round? I think we got everybody for now. So I also want you to just send on some notes. Yeah. l Danielle Lee, who is one of the former chairs of the New York Alliance. sent in her apologies and excuse my, I finally some succumb to the the cold of my husband that he’s had for a few weeks. She said, She’s thrilled that were getting the New York Alliance reinvigorated and wishes that she could be here. But she’s moderating and presenting a roundtable on understanding the trends, multi dimensional nature of multi generational legacies of massive trauma as the context for sustainable prevention. And she’s doing that at Columbia University today. And the overarching context of that, that meeting that she’s presenting is on prevention activism, advancing historical dialogue in post conflict settings. So I know that she did a very, very large scale,
survey and analysis of the multi dimensional nature of
trauma A number of years ago. So she expects to be available for in future times for meetings. So and she passes on her best wishes to everybody. So that’s what we have at this stage. So let’s move on to the the topic that we have now of the crime Congress. So I think we’ve got two parts and I’m Ingeborg was at a meeting just two days ago with UN ODC when they presented a lot of information from the government or whomever Anyway, I’m going to hand it over to Ingeborg. I’m going to share my screen, because I’m going to have I’ve got the PDF that is that she’ll be addressing so Ingeborg just if you can. I’m unmuted you I will now share my screen. So then you can just tell me when to scroll down and things like that. First of all, Can people see my screen?
Yes, thank you, Karen. I see the screen now. Glenn.
Good morning. Good afternoon, everybody here
on the Vienna based international NGO representatives, and today they
gave us a
half an hour presentation of the preparations of Congo clear to Congress. By the way, today she did the same. And she used the same presentation for the delegates and they reconvene session of cc PC to see G. There are no more new information just some from the host country. I will tell you later on. Perhaps you can put the next slide please. She Yeah. She referred that the Congress in Kyoto will have the same set up as the Doha Congress. And it refers to the resolution 72 slash 192. And what it was decided of the overarching theme of the 14th Congress, this is advancing crime prevention, Criminal Justice and the rule of law towards the achievement of the 2030 agenda. And this should be stressed in this substantive items and the workshop toppings. You see, she has a very good graphic here, where you can read what relates to one to another, and she recommended us very much to look every time and on his website. Everything will be updated as soon as possible. Especially what are the workshop topics and the technical advice is you can get for site events and so on. It will be posted as soon as possible it’s available, and that perhaps we can use the next slide, please. This is the preparatory meetings for the 14th camp crime, grand Congress. She’s dressed that this time in all un regions, there were preparatory meetings. And they got a lot of input with recommendations for the JATO declaration, and therefore, then put it into one document. And this is on the next slide, please. Yeah, they prepare the reference paper, you have the link here, where you can find the summary of all the recommendations from all these preparatory meetings. And this leads us to the Kyoto declaration the timeline of the Kyoto declaration you can find on the next slide And you’ll see it started already in September 19 2019. And with the government and expert group meetings and preparatory meetings and the informal meetings are already finished now is adopted this afternoon, all these preparations and announced that there will be on the 24th of January and intercession and meeting with input and she stressed at that time that NGO can give input to that meeting to give statements and resolutions on relevant issues, what should be considered by the member states and it was asked when this co draft of the Kyoto declaration will be available, she said it will be a midst of January to the It was said it should be the ending of January, but as opposed this will be the first draft sent to the member states and not for distribution official release voted, but nevertheless she stressed that the 24th of January will be important for NGOs to to give some input to that. And we will have another info, former meeting on the 15th of January in Vienna, where we will organize this as an online meeting with the civil society team and we are already working on the agenda with Mirella but mirela and most of the society team, civil society team is at the moment PC with the apple Tapi Congress. So they are not available now. But tools thought it will be better in two More questions will be erased in the January meeting. So, we have time to collect questions to be answered in January. And we have done the crime Congress we know already that this is in April and the adoption of the at the opening of the high level segment
should be under plenary session executive on the opening session, and then is coming back to the draft resolution to be the session 29 session in May and go further to the General Assembly to get in fourth. So, may you come to the next year. Here you see the working plan. There are two committees and the trial. to chill said it’s a more elegant to have the declaration at the beginning of the Congress to have everything free for working groups and workshops and so on. And they have in the morning high leverage segments sessions and workshops in the afternoon or workshops corresponding to to the sessions in the morning. She you can scroll the Next please. So, this is not filled in with concrete data now, but they are working on that and we should look at the homepage to see what’s going on and how it’s proceeding there. We all know that the Congress is a conservative body and that the decision of the declaration is perfect to the CCP such a mess. that already. And we will have at the next slide please.
The workshops, how they will be
organized, there is a document already that you can
download and have a look at that as well.
It’s more or less interesting information for us.
The same with the high level side events, they want to invite high level speakers and therefore they have more high level side events. Want to organize more high level side events to have a great Congress there? They are expecting at least 5000 participants at least the same as the headed into her. Yes, please for the next So the ancillary meetings that is, I would like to hand over then to carry him to recommended to contact him early as the deadline is already 31st of December. And there are a lot of requests for organizing and salary meetings. But this is scary hills part later in this discussion now. And then the next slide will be very important for exhibitions. There is also a space for exhibitions. I don’t know whether you are interested in organizing exhibitions. So she said, one have to contact the Congress email, as you see here on this slide. And the next one is what’s the invitations sent out to all ECOSOC
to express their interest in the two in yes can you cannot wait register now, you have to express your interest and send it to the civil society team or to this legislation homepage. And if you are a non governmental organization in conservative status, with echoes of you have not received this invitation and all non governmental organizations not in consultative status with echoes of have to apply to the civil society team. And there is also the email address here in this slide and you have to apply by 10s of
paper and we all have to First,
for registration, and we get the con. Yes, I forgot to say the individual experts have to apply directly to the Secretary of the Congress. But all others have to apply to the civil society team. I have got a list of all eco socks that tools and tools where the invitation has been sent. If you have some questions, please contact me and I can check the list and tell you where the invitation has to be sent. We figured out at the Monday meeting, that some organizations were wrong email addresses, especially past presidents in and the email doesn’t work any longer. So not to miss deadlines. Please get in context early with disability Society team for non ECOSOC status and it’s meant for a cause of status. The deadline for registration will be the third of April and visa application is earlier at the 20th of March. And we are asked today it was said again, you should not only register early You should also book early hotel. patents on the next slide. I’m not quite sure. Karen, can you forward this? Yeah, this language and documentation. This is more or less just information, what kind of and if we want to submit background information, we should only send products that will not be changed. They don’t like to have submitted brochures or things that return and revise. Document sent in so really should be a way to send on the final edits to the Secretariat. And you see the mailing addresses their submission of written statements. It’s only for NGOs in consultative status with ECOSOC, there is a deadline of 20th of March. And you see at the word length is 2000 words for general and 1500 words for special consultative status and you have a checklist what should be included in this submission, and it was discussed in the roundtable afterwards, that it’s to recommend to make China decrements and as it should be only on one topic, this statement should be under on one topic, so we should share topics and so that not only statements on one topic sent in so that there is a broader that all topics are covered at the very end. And, yes, we will discuss this at the 15th of January and prepare some pages perhaps, before this meeting. And, yeah, if we have questions, we can send it to this Congress. First of all, we should use the Congress website. There’s a lot of information there. And if there are questions, you can come up to us to the Alliance and then we are trying to figure out with a civil society team and so the problem hopefully
we had a very
lively discussion. And at the end, by the way, the president of Congo, Libby Batiste was there as well. And he and some other NGOs complained that the US forum is 10 days ahead of the official meeting. So that not included in the Congress because nobody can expect that they are hanging around for five or six days to participate them in the Congress and showed us that it’s not that it’s organized by the host country that cannot influence that, but as the strong request from the NGOs on Monday, she will bring it back to the host country but she was more or less sure that she cannot change anything. But Mr. Batiste made a very good suggestion that Should be a focal point at least in during the crime Congress during this session, and that you should be able to bring back their recommendations to the audience. And that it is shown that their voice is heard as well. And she was very enthusiastic about this topic and she will bring it back to the to the crime Congress to the organization parts as well. So it’s we are hoping that youth is more included, then it’s now looking like
She has a Twitter
account so we can follow every on different media components what going on for the Congo, Congo Congress. Today the host country made some announcements that’s perhaps quite important for us, first of all, to book early a hotel. And as its cherry blossom its high season at that time in Kyoto as well and they are expecting not only 5000 participants but also of tourists. So the VIP sight of the host country has a section for hotel reservations, we should use this section to get in hotels to sit consider a price. And the delegate announced as well that there will be free shuttle buses from April 8. teams to April 21, from the airport to the main hotels and to the Congress International Congress center. And from 22 to 27th of April, there is free shuttle transportation for participants from the main hotels, assume from the hotels that are mentioned in this session. website. I didn’t receive this website because I just came back from the session and opened my computer to join you for this meeting. Yeah, this was more or less everything was told. According to the preparations of the Congress Up to now, you can also visit the crime website. That is everything
on the website is when what we could
On informations on this Congress and as well as the court or Congress starting next week, then it was recorded this meeting was recorded, but the recording is not very loud as the room was overcrowded and Joe moved along this table to another side, so the micro was not so, we you can hear but I suppose the most information is on this 18 slides of her so, that you can follow what is going on now. Thank you for your attention.
Thank you Ingeborg that was very helpful to have that conveyed to us and that PDF i is probably already up on on on your website, and I’m assuming I’m just dropping in here. Maybe a few of the Yeah, I I’m assuming yours is crime I just dropped them in August, but it is also on the
Congress. Un ODC. Congress. Yeah. Right. She has it there as well. So
anyways, the information needs to be accessible to people. So if it’s in multiple places, that’s good. So thank you very much for that. That was definitely very helpful to see how all of the the governments of preparing and what stage you’re at the timelines are very important and helpful for us all. And so then you will be hosting in in Vienna, that 15th of January
as an online meeting, yes. And all are invited.
Yeah. Thank you. Thank you, because a lot of us can’t walk down the jumping up an Uber and get there
so easily.
Thank you very much maybe, to continue on with the crime Congress theme. Gary, would you go over some of the deadlines, the issues and the information that you uniquely have? Okay.
For that was an excellent slide presentation. I have not seen it on the UN ODC website yet. So I’m hoping that there’s a good light to it because some information in there is new to me. In terms of ancillary meetings, and just to we’re all on the same wavelength. There are ancillary meetings, they are not side effects. The reason is I give the designation of the Crime Commission people are used to side events, which means on a first come first serve basis, whoever gets in first gets to Room on just about any subject they want. And there’s no real official recording our our tie with the side events to what’s going on in the planner. ancillary meetings on the other hand tied directly to the Congress, the Congress agenda and the workshops. And we picked the the ancillary meetings based on a number of factors. We’ve got a very complex coding sheet. And a basically it has to be in conjunction with the theme of the Congress, we now tie into the sustainable goals. We tried to get the ancillary meetings, subjects prior to the workshops and prior to the discussion and the planetary so the delegates can use the information from the ancillary meetings in their deliberations. When there’s an ancillary meeting, we do have repertory has been mentioned the right But within a couple of hours after the meeting, take all of the copies of the formal papers, the PowerPoints, and a summary that they write of the general discussion. We put that together in a summary form and have it available, hopefully within four hours, but the latest by the next morning for the delegates to use in summary form for their deliberations during other meetings of the Congress. We also have what’s called a Knowledge Center, which is a place where all of the institute’s and other information sources will be located will have staff there. The material from the ancillary meetings will be there almost immediately along with other information. So if people want to fact check our get more information on items being discussed or about to be discussed. They’ll be able to come to the Knowledge Center and from there they’ll get the information to take back and we’ll have staff in all of the UN languages. Plus we’ll have people speaking Japanese, Portuguese and Italian. We will provide for the ancillary meetings as much as possible interpretation simultaneous in the official un languages. For a couple of sessions we’ve added Italian and Portuguese because of three requests and of course on Japan or Japanese, not an all the sessions but in some of the sessions, in terms of the sessions themselves and many of you have already submitted sessions currently have about 100 are about 250 who have requested sessions. We will only be able to host a little over 200 because our rooms are limited as Time. During the next two to three weeks, I’ll be sending emails to all of those who have proposed ancillary meetings, asking that they make sure they get all of their information in their application, because we will start selecting time slots and some meetings will be told. We don’t have room for him even though they’ve received a preliminary accepted the information we can wait until much later. And the deadline by the way for the last submissions of ancillary meetings of December 31. We had to move it up originally it was March. But again, the lack of rooms and the number of official presentation from the Government of Japan and you know, DC has really limited us and we did not have that information until about a week ago. So we’re we’re wishing things together. We’re going to be working as hard as possible for groups that have presented the same subject matter to coordinate together and possibly join in in one meeting, the normal session is 90 minutes, which is which is pretty long. The
only other information I think that that might be useful at this stage is that, as I started to say the information we can wait until much later, are the speakers on the panels. If we have a good summary of the subject matter, and how it ties it ties to sustainable goals, and who the host is and the accurate name of the station, then we can schedule but if somebody needs to add speakers later or change panelists, we can do that up until mid March. So we have it on the calendar that people can see and I Actually, because of the nature of the Congress, some people won’t be able to show up speakers will have to change will have an online vehicle at the Congress where people can look at speakers at the last minute. So we can even accept speaker changes up through and during the Congress itself. Basically, we have about 90 different subjects that have been selected. And we’re doing a lot of our putting together of the agendas based on the subject matter. I think that’s the overall up couple of comments and regard to some of the information presented last week in Vienna and I was not there. But the Youth Forum will be three days before the Congress it will now be through The 13th 14th and possibly into the 15th. So that’s about four days, five days before the Congress. I don’t know that they’ll be able to change the date, but they may be able to make some arrangements. If you have youth and would like to attend, they may be able to help with their housing. The Japanese government has been talking about that. And so that may may be helpful. So, because the airfare is going to be the same, and I know that the Japanese Ministry of Justice is still looking for participants in the Youth Forum, mainly people who are not currently housed in Japan, they’ve got a lot of people from Japan, but they’re looking for a good mix from outside the country. Oh, let’s see what else have I got? I think that’s about all I’ve got in terms of formal presentation. And I’m available for questions.
I have one quick question, Gary, what was that data again, that you will be reviewing the applications? When will people hear whether or not they actually got the space or not? What date was that again?
Oh, we will accept the last formal applications December 31. Therefore, starting not actually in a couple of weeks will be letting some know that they’ve already been locked in certain ones that are acceptable. But I would say during the first period of three weeks of January,
okay, that’s helpful. Thank you. Thank you go.
I have a question, if possible, as well. To Gary. Yes.
Gary, so my working group or within the Alliance was a preliminary really accepted to all the session during the current Congress. And so you mentioned That preliminary confirmation does not reflect to Lydia opportunity for us that ultimately hold the session. Have I understood that correctly?
Yeah, we will be reviewing some those who have pretty much confirmed that they got the speakers they will definitely be attending and they have the subject matter well spelled out. Well, in my opinion most likely not be changed if they’ve already been given preliminary acceptance. The ones that will probably change are a few that have come in with a single speaker who is in effect trying to present a paper like they’re at a university conference. And those we will ask to join with others. But we’re not a forum for publications for universities and others were more of a, of a discussion on the practical set. So My guess is there about 30 that will have to pare down of those about 20 are probably pretty obvious the other 10 will try to work and other panels.
I understand that. I’m sorry. The very last question you mentioned. There will be a body you will be helpful with the housing. But I do not understand that. Well, would you mind to repeat?
Ask it again. I’m not sure I totally understand.
You mentioned that there is a body I’m not sure I started stand up extended by economies throughout Japan as well. But you said that can support with housing.
Ah, ok. Off the participant to the
okay the own the Ministry of Japan, which is asked to you some of our volunteers in their Youth Forum to help fill out okay. told me that for those volunteers I have that we might bring in early because there’s that four or five days that are beyond my housing budget. They would help with housing based on. I think if you’ve got people who you would like to attend the Youth Forum that are handling their own airfare in and out of Japan, then you might contact the ministry they’ve got on their website, link to the Youth Forum, and tell them that you’ve got two or three people they would love to attend, but they would need help with housing from the 12th of the 13th through the 20th. And see if they say yes, I think they’re amenable to it if they can fit it in their budget.
Understood. Thank you very much for clarifying.
Does anyone else have a question for Gary?
Yes. Hi, Gary.
Okay, I submit the the basic proposal through the website you mentioned and I believe the next next the next step we have to do is because we are preparing for the the, the speakers and also the basic the workshop, how to using the martial arts for the self defense tours against the criminal criminals. And in this case, what kind actually what kind of document or what kind of material is the good to have naked December 31. We have the very end before our very, very brief brochure and
Description how we can create this insanely event.
Okay, in your particular one of you remember what those what the formal name was on your application?
Yes. Being a Martial Arts Academy that’s doing an organization name
Martial Arts Academy,
okay, I’m just trying to pull it up. If you’ve submitted your application, which I believe you have, yes, then there’s really not much else that you need to do. Okay, other than if you if you have not filled in all of your speakers and stuff, I very much suggest, okay, that during your session, you’ve got 90 minutes in addition to whatever verbal presentations you have, if you’re able to say you will have some demo ministrations because Yours is the type of session that is amenable to that night are some practical application, I think that will have a major impact on the number of people that come to your session. Okay, opposed to somebody else’s. So the more demonstration practical, okay, if you are going to be using videos, if you can send us a copy in advance or even have it there, and it’s available for distribution to the delicate, okay, then we can make, make sure through either our website or through our knowledge base that people can have the videos to look at either before we would hold them till after your presentation, your choice. So the more you can make it a demonstration and a practical presentation, the better I think it’ll be
Blow your mic up.
mic dropped off. Did you?
Well, it was muted but it’s, it’s her mic has disappeared.
Okay. Hello. Hello Hey go.
Gary one more question is when they submit the proposal, the basic proposal to the website to your website, I the address, probably we using the 50 people capacity classrooms however, we organizing and and desync a little bit and we might want to get the 250 people capacity auditorium for one day, which we can get to the speaker and also the the person who are teaching the martial arts to the law enforcement people. And then we can do some demonstration to which we really want to do. We also try to get the public Korea from Japan, she is wheelchair person, but kind of probably configure over Japan and I thinking about to invite her as a speaker and talking about the disability people how they can against criminals using the martial arts that seems to and also that that seems to we can do some demonstration to so in this case, how we can determine which date and which size of the room we can get. Is this your decision to let us know or we have to resubmit our request again,
know that that’s my decision and one of our issues is we only have six rooms Which are close to the 200. We lost all of our 250 auditoriums and we’re down 125 and 150 and the others are between 50 and 75. People probably set up in a better configuration for what you want to do. But we are really limited in terms of the rooms and our flexibility. I will let you know what rooms what dates and what times we have available and that we put you into an affair causes a problem that we can be under discussion to see about changing the time of the day.
Thank you so much, Gary. Ingeborg. I have another questions to you because of the the character of our ancillary meeting. Probably some of the just Regular citizen wants to participate to our event or we need to have a civil people like five to 10 people will on to people in Japan in this case, how they can register. They all register under our organization, our NGO, or do they have to the civilians, they have to register one by one.
Everybody has to register on their own. Okay? If you’re a member of an NGO that in consultant status, okay, and then I think a list will be sent to the NGO and consultant status, and they will submit their names just as they do for the crime. Prime Congress if the meeting in Vienna indicated something different than that much more Want to go back and look at those slides? Then somebody should jump in and correct it. As I understand it, the list submitted by the accredited NGOs will be handled automatically. I know for all of our volunteers and all of our independent people, we’re telling them they must register individually on through the registration website.
Okay, thank you, Gary, another word, if organization Martial Arts Academy, create the list of the people stops and blood to people, and then submit all under us is that they also possible
as I understand it, if you’re in consultative status, you will get a letter, okay? Or No. Do you see like your word for the Crime Commission? Okay. They will ask you to submit the names of the people.
Are there limits on numbers?
Cuz that would be an issue for Sheba.
As far as I know,
it’s only 10 persons per acre substitute. A bit might be different to the Congress.
I have heard of no limit. But let’s take the worst case scenario and say that they tell you you’re limited to 10. And you’ve got another five that you would like to attend. You can register them as individual experts, but they would have to register individually. Okay.
Okay, thank you. Um, any other questions for Gary will get to you in a moment, Luigi.
I just want to say hi to everybody.
Yeah. When will will let you win if we’re not going to stop you from doing that. But we’re just to finish up this segment of the session. Any other questions for the Are we good? I’m not seeing any waving hands or. Okay. So Gary, thank you very much for that. And I think between Ingeborg on one hand with the the presentation from Joe at you and ODC. And, Gary, we’ve we’ve got a much better understanding and of the process between here and April in Kyoto. And so I know that I dropped a bunch of the URLs in the chat. And at the end of this if you like, you can save the chat and I’ll explain how to do that later. But also then these these links will be posted up on the on a couple of websites so people can go to the Alliance, New York website, the lions and the website will have this in plenty of places.
So those of you enter where’s the Vienna have a website now?
Yes, we put that put that up there in the chat. And that is called so Luigi, please introduce yourself and we welcome you to our meeting.
Hi, guys. Hi, Jay. Nice to see you, Michael.
Elvis, thanks for coming. coming on.
I’m with the global anti corruption Task Force. And I’m also running a new a new platform called geo DC. And I’m working with Karen to reestablish the New York Alliance. So I was yesterday. I was yesterday in New York, I met with quite a few people. I met with a lot of member states yesterday. And just the interest of the New York Alliance is still very, very, very alive. And obviously they’re they’re looking for they’re looking for work that needs to get done. I didn’t have a chance to hook up with Rachel yesterday, because she was a She was also quite busy. And we’ll hopefully we’ll hook up some time now. week when I go back. So basically, North America needs this platform more than anything else. And as Karen knows, I’ve always been a strong believer that there should be the two platforms working hand in hand together. And the reason why because of the hemisphere and the time difference. So I think and I’m very happy to see
that he’s attending this meeting.
I think there’s, there’s room for both of us to exist and coexist, and to have the same, the same dealings that we need to have with you and ODC. I spoke yesterday, I met yesterday with the mission of Egypt and the I kind of voice to what was our intentions and what was our concern about how things are being handled in you, NBC and I spoke to the gentleman who’s the head of the mission here, who happens No, the new director, the new executive secretary. So when I spoke to Kuwait and I spoke to Nigeria, and I spoke to ganda the we were all in the analysis spoke to Cote d’Ivoire and I spoke to Molly. So having the New York Alliance for them is also very important to make sure that things get communicated from one side to the other. And always don’t forget that that the New York Alliance is going to have a possibility of getting scholars and and burn associations, but criminologist and also what we call corporate partners. That’s where I’m going to have corporate companies join as an NGO or as members of of their corporations join as experts or individuals that will help probably bring a new structure in and and sustainable. Funding for these NGOs that continue, we cannot work any longer and hope for money to come from the sky, we need to generate some kind of some kind of funding that is on a regular basis. So this is the the the the wheel that I’ve been taking on. More More importantly, I believe that we need to have someone that is continuously speaking to people and trying to bring people on board. The the structure needs to be put forward. Obviously, you guys know that the UN is in a situation that’s not exactly most pleasant right now. So we need to kind of turn away from the way things have been done in the past and we need to be more open minded how we’re going to attract and receive people not to make something confirm it. Cecilia, maybe you weren’t aware of it. Congo is no longer part of the United Nation. Church center So it was impossible for us to get any rooms there. I took the time to go see the people there. And it was not. It was not doable. So I made arrangements with some people there. There’s a law office not too far away from the United Nations called McCarty something, one of my buddies work. And they have they have a conference room of about almost 75 to 80 people that are willing to give it to us on a regular basis as long as we advise them two or three weeks in advance with free of charge. This is what I’ve been doing. Karen, I don’t know if anyone else want to add
No, well, I think that was a pretty decent introduction of yourself. So anyway, thank you for approaching Makati. I don’t didn’t quite catch the name properly but to have access to a space has been is is one of the challenges in The New York area because not everybody, historically, the the the New York Alliance. You know, in addition to people having a challenge to get all the way to New York, once they do get there often it’s been hard to get a room because you and headquarters doesn’t provide NGOs space quite the same way that Viana is able to. Its Vienna’s a little bit different. So finding a way we’ve often met in all different kinds of place from Uganda house to hotel lobbies, to largely in the church center, as well as sometimes inside the inside the UN itself, but that limits who can get in so easily. Access is a challenge. But anyway, before we get into those kinds of details, because I do want to go, one of one of our points is to look at the plans for the New York Alliance for 2020 Just to briefly finish up this year from the point of view, there have been two working groups of the New York Alliance. That’s on partnerships, which is the one that I’ve been hitting up for the last couple of years. And, Cecilia, I’d like to start with sincerely if you’d like to give a brief report on the working group, working groups just in case, though some of you may not know, working groups are one of the ways that the substantive work is is done in the course of
over over time, they often come into being and
phase out, depending on the type of work that they do. Some, for example, some have resulted in handbooks on restorative justice, on on dealing with victims. And, and Michael O’Connell can speak to that kind of outcome. But a lot of the a lot of the working groups of the Alliance, some sustained for quite some time and then they drop back. But that’s one of the places where we gather we gather during these meetings all together. And our specific interests may vary greatly. But this is where we can come where we can share what we’re doing, where we can invite other people to cooperate with us, but the working group, so where the substantive football focus work is done. So Cecilia, can you please give us a quick rundown on on the work that you’ve been doing for the last year?
You’re unmuted Cecilia.
Thank you.
Um, so November last year, I established under Karen’s trimming sheep. They’re working ru countries were recruited by terrorists and violent extremist groups primarily following the need to address violent extremism through third approaches, as well as to implement comprehensive strategies to prevent violence against children. The strategy as we call it, is currently a coalition of international NGOs, institutions and international experts fighting against the recruitment of and the use of children by these actors. In Syria to G. We particularly emphasize the necessity of assured international commitment to an effective, sustained and multilateral response to the issue of two by three groups. And therefore, we serve as a cross sector platform that connects United Nations Member States, United Nations agencies, professional practitioners and abroad civil society to announce coordination and efforts in the prevention revolution. Our mission before is to announce cooperation and synergies in the fight against this phenomenon. And we are working to our we lay the foundation to be the go to platform where the public and nonprofit and private sector leaders cooperate to develop and implement solutions. And in particular, we believe that comprehensive strategies to prevent violence against children consist of the commitment of state and our state actors, including civil society and community based organization and we therefore actor as a conveyor of civic society action, and we work to increase the capacity of civic society to fully contribute to existing international efforts India child protection and prevention and countering terrorism and violence. extremism. We develop activities under three main areas of intervention, including research and analysis, advisory and advocacy. And we are currently focusing on the development of a research project on problems that have been developed by civic society contributing to the prevention, rehabilitation and social integration of children associated with terrorist groups.
And we are also as I mentioned before,
working on our workbook se, action through the UN and Congress, and we will have a session there called the violence against children between better is the moment extremist groups the cycle of victimization, and look very much forward to welcome all the interest on that occasion at present award.
Thank you, Cecilia, do you want To drop your email address perhaps just into the chat, so they’ve been buddies got any questions on your on your work. And then if I may just share while you’re doing that, what I want to do is just to share, we’re on the Alliance, the New York Alliance website. This is the main website, we’ve got the preparations for the crime Congress. And so information is being accumulated here and you’ll be able to find that PDF that was that inable brought from you and ODC and there are links here to the yet for the ancillary and professional sessions right there. Then, but just to come back to the working groups, under our working group area here, we’ve got this. This is where Cecilia, his area of work can be found if other people wish to start working groups under under the new york Alliance. So you can do that at any time. Part of it is submitting your information about what you want to do what you want to focus on who you’re going to work with your timeframe, your outcomes expected and then to report routinely, as Cecilia has done, and the partnerships. One has mine has been, is following a three year arc. And it began with us with a an event in the side event in in the 2018. commission, a small session in the the 2019. And we’ll be looking at some activities in the crime Congress. The particular agenda of this one is to pull in those words. Emerging Technologies, whether it be a VR, that’s augmented reality, virtual reality, for training purposes, whether it be technologies that are used for assessing human risk in large populations, like in refugee groups or just in general, all different areas, there are emerging technologies that are radically changing how we society can address many of these issues and getting them to connect with technologists to connect with global policy makers. And global policy makers vice versa and policymakers to better understand the resources available as part of what this whole project is about. And will culminate in some sessions at during the prime Congress. But again, that’s an ongoing work of seeing that in order for the un un ODC to be technically highly effective, etc. It does need the resources that are out in civil society. Because these the resources provided to the UN by the member states are often limited. And with decreasing reased financial resources they can’t always manage to be, they can always manage to simply go and do what they feel they need to do and to get done. So it’s building that endeavoring to build a partnership platform that enables the facilitation of this engagement more. So that’s what this is what the pot partnerships Working Group has been working on, and will continue for some for a little bit longer, at least. Next, I think I We haven’t had any other working groups. But I hope that you know, some of you may decide that in the course of this next year that you want to start to pull together a group of people who would like to work on a project with you. And then this is one of the ways that that the Alliance can help facilitate this and then provide connections with you and ODC member states, etc. So, I hope you will consider submitting a a your recommendation for a working party. Okay, so we were keeping an eye on time I knew it would be a longer meeting this time, but
so somebody’s pushing buttons here.
I don’t know what’s going on there.
Did you you’re viewing I’m viewing Louie. Louie. Did you try to share your screen
Can everybody see? Can you cancel out of that?
We’re trying to show something but we’re not able to we’re having a bit of a technical issue out here so
yeah, can you can you Well, if Did you did you want to show something now? Is that what
you wanted to do? I was thinking what the show the girls that are with me here the
day all they have to do is stand behind you. Okay?
Can you you all sharing your screen? Can you cancel that please Luigi.
How do we cancel?
You should see a red a red dot somewhere.
Okay, have the girls come behind you?
So that the camera can see them and then that way you can you can?
Very well.
They must be shy because they’re not using cell phones. Oh wonderful. wonderful to see you.
Briefly. We have some we have one of them underneath the table doing something.
Okay, good. Go ahead.
Okay. So next I just want to very quickly go over the arc of planned activities for the new clients. And then I’m going to invite him back again, to give a brief update on how the progress has gone in Vienna and where the Vienna Alliance is now. But so for the New York Alliance as far as where, sorry, I’m just going to do a little technical thing here. I’m trying to get this. I’ve lost my manage. There we go. I’m just going to
know. There we go.
Okay, you’re muted. Thanks. Thanks, Luigi.
Now, the We’ve kind of getting ourselves going. We went, we had a little bit of a hiatus for the past year as we sought to understand what was happening in Vienna. But very quickly, it kind of became clear that we still need the Vienna Alliance was not quite ready to launch into a two, two location entity. So rather than say everything is only in Vienna, we are keeping the New York Alliance going. And so hence we have kick started it again, in terms of ongoing meetings. So, my hope for the New York Alliance because I was hoping to step back from it about a year ago, I was getting ready to hand it all off to Vienna, but that didn’t quite happen. So in the next few months, we will be working to ensure that we have a group of people who are willing to step up and become the board. You know, the executive committee of the New York Alliance. I’m still sitting in as the chair. Lloyd Klein has been on the call. I don’t know whether he could stay all the time. He’s a professor. And he’s, he’s there. Lloyd. Do you want to introduce yourself?
If you’re still with us,
are you there? Okay, I can’t see me. Can you hear me? Yes, yes, I can hear you. We were I was probably on mute. Yes, yes. Go ahead.
Go ahead.
I’m having computer problems over here. Anyway.
Hope and whatever capacity you need me to at this particular point, I think we really You need to come back. Are there a lot of issues that need to be tackled, and we need a good team to kind of get a good footing and start moving forward? I think.
Right, thank you. And, and Lloyd has agreed to, you know, sustain his position as Vice Chair until we get to the next point where we have a new elections. And I would hope that that could be, you know, almost as as soon as possible, but we do need to take into consideration people are really focused on the crime Congress at the moment. What we would be looking for in New York, in the me in definitely are are a couple of people who could, who would be willing to step up and help out with either, you know, just to be a group, a small group of people who can talk about what we’re going to do next. So Luigi, I know has offered his support. I think he’s still offering his Support. He’s out there doing the work.
Whatever you guys need guys, I’m a great and I’m not I don’t want I’m I’m good at operations in the background, and I’m good at getting things done. I don’t know. But I’m I’m good at putting people together and operation wise and mechanic wise, I can get things done. And that’s where I think we need we just can’t be speakers.
Yeah. So wonderful. It I mean, and if if that if you’ve already confirmed that we have meeting space and you can even be responsible for that meeting space. That’s, that’s a huge step forward right there. Thank you. But if anybody wants to anybody want to step up and help out, or just identify yourself as somebody who would like to join our Executive Committee, just so that it’s a small group of people that are working together to plan our way forward towards The elections and to take it from there.
I’m going to unmute you.
Oh, I was just volunteering
to help if I can. Wonderful. I will.
I know I can’t be there in person. So it will have to be
via teleconference.
Yeah. So in terms of essentially what we what we will have is an ad hoc group. That will function until we again have our formal elections again, which I hope and we’ll discuss, saying, you know, when that will be, that’s something that this ad hoc group can discuss and determine. And wonderful Kimberly has indicated that Kimberly goth James, she’s actually out here not too far away from me. That would be wonderful.
Anybody else raising their hands?
You unmuted yourself Jade. Was that was that a? a comment or an accident?
I think I’m still muted.
Oh, I just unmuted you. Like, yeah.
No, of course I’m willing to help out in any way that can be productive. You know, the aim of the group is an important one. So I’m always willing to offer advice and some time.
Wonderful. So I think at this stage, anybody else am I missing? So we’ve got Luigi.
Cecilia, are you?
I didn’t see I know you have said in the past that you would like to.
Sorry, I’m not seeing Yes.
Hear me.
Yes, I can hear you?
Yes, I’m available. I’m available and happy to provide support.
Okay. Wonderful. So though there’ll be many nitty gritty discussions that have to be had, we functioned as an unincorporated Association as a Congo committee for a number of years. So that’s that will be our beginning point. And then we’ll take it from there as we move forward. But the main thing will be to facilitate engagement by by people and to encourage and disseminate information and provide ways for people to gather and contribute more effectively to the the enormous issues that our global community has in this area that we have chosen to work in. So at the moment, let me let me just confirm if anybody if I missed anybody, we’ve got Lloyd Luigi. Kimberly, Jay, Michael, and Cecilia. Is there anybody else who would like to be involved in the the discussions about how to move forward to the main discussions of this group will be moving from here to a formalized, a more formalized, reinvigorated New York Alliance again,
Karen, I like to speak to my colleague Elvis Elvis, can you hear me?
He can hear but from what I can see, he doesn’t have a microphone. Okay, and so cannot speak.
Elvis. Elvis is based in Ghana. He’s a professor at the University of Ghana. And I think Africa, like Michael always said, we cannot we cannot forget Africa. So I’m going to ask my colleague, Elvis with with Jerry and organda if they can help us recruit people in that area, so we can complete the global aspect. how we’re going to do our face is going to be shown as the Alliance Whether it be New York or Vienna, whatever the case may be, but we cannot exclude the Africa, Nigeria and Uganda yesterday, when I met with them. were quite concerned that we are not, you know, paying
us to Western.
Exactly. So so when I met with when I met with Nigeria, yes, they presented me to the delegate to the mission of night of Cote d’Ivoire. And Molly. And Molly, as you might know, has some serious issues. And I’m sure to Jay is also aware of it, especially with transitional crime in Mali is high and we’re never in peacekeeping. So we want to make sure that the civil societies there, they can hang on to us in order to get their messages cross through. So we don’t have to, we have to make sure that we can really try to blanket Africa, that there they have a voice through us, whether it be Ghana, or us in New York, but we don’t forget Africa, very important.
And so then, on this if I may until says no, we will include him in an ad hoc group. And then if he’s unable to do so then he can choose not to, but by default will will add had it we will add him in to ensure we have at least one, one. African voice. Representative. Very good. Okay.
Wonderful. That’s fantastic.
Now in terms of so now I think we’re at we’re, we’re almost done accepting. Yeah, we’re pretty much almost done with one last piece of work to be done by Ingeborg who can tell the story about how the Vienna alliances you know, it’s been a challenging course for and there’s probably many reasons and many parts of the story that won’t ever be told. But it’s been a challenge and but now they have formed their organization and it is now I think it has The it has is the the key contact touch point for you and ODC. So Ingeborg, it’s yours.
Yeah, I’m a bit surprised. But you were on the transition team, you know,
more than a year ago, we started
right to form one big Alliance. And this should be under the statutes incorporated under Australian authorities. And it was a long way to finalize the statutes as you know, and they were accepted this August with all of us as part of the transition team. It’s to the transition team was not always on the same level. informed because the communication did not work every time. And at the very end in September, we could send out the first invitations to join the Alliance, that incorporated Alliance. And you kindly supported us with membership of your alliance members. And I didn’t count today, but we are more than we were more than 59. A week ago. And at the meeting in Vienna, we had new interests given to join the Alliance. And as you said, We are the focal point to UN ODC and of course, we will try to serve all members and globally and the board members are the first part of board members elected from different parts of the world and even if I’m in Vienna, I’m not really an expert for crime prevention, net justice, but my organization is working at marketing for women and empowering women for advocacy and we have competitive status since 1967. So, we are quite an experienced organizations all over the world in 63 countries. So, there is can be input as well from our organization. I personally am the treasurer first because this is what I can do without having an experience in crime prevention and Criminal Justice and the yes you can see we have developed and Simply website now and starting to have regular meetings in Vienna. And to inform everybody, we are the website as well. First, we have, it’s just uploading the stays. And the database is also in consultation. So we will send out a letter at the end of the year to confirm all the members who applied for this alliance as well up to now and to tell them how we will continue. But our chair is at the moment in Rome and on the way I don’t know exactly to Abu Dhabi now or to another event as you know, she is senior a small servi and she is based in Geneva.
Thank you I think down the road one of the things that will will eventually get coordinated is is how we deal with the membership area. So because we really needed to be one with two chairs, one in New York and one in Vienna, that didn’t quite happen yet maybe it’ll still morph into something like that down the road. But at the moment, we we are where we are.
So, yeah, you’ll know that when we discussed the statutes, it was decided to have a chair and up to Vice Chair. So it the chair master p from Vienna based and it is not we are not based now. So we are thinking globally. I do hope so.
Good. So, anyway, then we’ll we’ll figure out how since it didn’t didn’t happen in the first round, maybe it’ll happen in the second round. So we’ve got an ad hoc That can work with to sort out the the the challenges that have been. But there are a few things that do have to get resolved
in order for us to move forward, but that being said, the New York group
will continue to meet. And I’m suggesting that we meet about in the second Friday out traditionally, historically, we’ve met on the second Friday of the month, and it’s just a way to keep the time the same thing. One o’clock in the afternoon, New York time. So that we meet again, the proposal is to meet again, the same time in Gen in January, February and March until until the Congress so that we’ve got at least a place where we can communicate and know what’s going on and keep keep connected. So yes, Luigi is very important what I have to say here, okay, because,
yes, that when I wasn’t when I was at the UN, I stopped At the ECOSOC trusteeship meeting there was happening there and I spoke to the people at ECOSOC, okay. And the one thing we have to decide, okay is who is going to will get the ECOSOC status. The history right now lies with the New York Alliance and this is the way it was explained to me. Okay. With the new regulations that are coming on board now, okay. The the status, it has to be done in a certain way that the, the documentation and I’ve asked and I’ve asked Stephen fields, the lawyer that works for McCarthy to give me a hand on this. We have to write up how the history of the Alliance progressed over the years. I researched a Bible three that was dissolved in 1975 or 1978 Okay, that that ran the run until about the 90s that can be reactivated again. Because Because the New York Alliance is actually a corporation under the fiber three. Okay. So dvn Alliance, okay, has to apply for some kind of special status because it doesn’t have the history of the of the three years. Okay. So they can get it as a special special endorsement where you went to DC I have no idea how this is going to work, but the new regulations of ECOSOC, okay. You have to show you have to have shown what you have been doing for at least three to four years now, and that’s why the corporation is important that has a history has what we call a reiterated date on it. Because the date is like a shell Corporation. It could be shouting 1980 but it just it picks up, it picks up time it’s like wine. Okay, as it as it gets older, it gets better. Now, we need to come to some kind of agreement as fast as possible, how we’re going to coexist together. Okay, and I don’t think you went to DC should be the one deciding how we exist together. I think it should be existing we should decide among ourselves with in conjunction with Vienna, but there has to be a little bit of water and everybody’s wanting, how is this going to work? And I and I encourage the people have been there longer than we have. I encourage that the people who have been there longer than we have a right to take that rule and to make it apply transparency, and more importantly, the applied for to everybody to be in conjunction with each other. Because if we’re going to work two separate silos, we’re just going to, we’re going to keep hitting walls and and and and it’s going to end we’re not going to get our objective done is what we want to come out as a message globally. And I think It’s important that we do that. That’s only my opinion. You know, I’m not as intelligent as all everybody else on this panel. So I’m just, I’m just observing what are your on the streets?
Thank you, Louis. Anyway, I think where we go from here, we’ve got it. We’ve got our focus on the crime Congress at the moment. And that’s the concern in Vienna and the concern here and you know, we have common concerns. So we will move forward and then I have now we have a plan at least to meet every month until the crime Congress itself then at that point, perhaps we can go back to our every two months, but we just might be having so much fun that it’s really good to meet every month. And and which is totally acceptable. If Luigi if you could secure a room for that second Friday, in January, which is the 10th, I believe.
Let me I’ll just quickly pull up the
The second Friday is the 10th of January. So if it’s possible two weeks out from that, to get a two to endeavor to get that, that room, then we can have a blended meeting from there. Beyond that we have a small ad hoc group that can discuss issues such as increasing corporate reinvigorating the the existing 501 c three or not, but, so that they’re, you know, we have to decide how we’re going to move forward in New York. But of course, the total focus on all of this is to keep keep information flowing to those who need needed and keep connecting people. So if there’s anybody else wanting to say anything, add anything didn’t get a chance to make any comment has still got questions. Please open your mic and or wave at me and open your mic.
Okay, I’m not seeing any anybody waving. No, nobody waving. Nobody open. Oh, yes Sheba.
Yeah. Thank you, Carolyn. Can I participate? The January 10? Meeting by Jim? Probably, I will be in Japan and then the father preparation for the Kyoto Congress over there too. So I think that that’d be
great. Yeah, the short answer is my assumption is that all meetings, whether they’re in you know, even when we have meetings in a room, there will always be a zoom access as well, because it’s just, it’s just not possible these days. Additionally, there will be so for example, you know, will, the, the whole video from this meeting will be is on our Facebook page. So you can go and scan back and re listen to any segments I will make sure that the audio and the transcription from this meeting will be posted onto a post on the website so that people can go back and listen to and on that post, they’ll be the the links that will have been provided, and the PDF that was provided. So that again, the main point is to ensure that information can be communicated to everybody and you can can know where to go and find it. Because that’s one of the biggest challenges for most of us with respect to the United Nations is we know the information is out there somewhere. But curating that information into and making sure that it’s in one place where people know where to go and look for it. So that that’s the endeavor of the alliance of NGOs website that we’ve had since that website has been around since 2002. So we do have a legacy. The New York area has quite some some legacy and area. And so I think that’s about it. If anybody wants to save the chat or Michael, go ahead.
Oh, that was gonna be my question. How do you save the chat?
Okay, so if anybody wants to save the chat, can you see down the bottom where you would go and type in your comments? There are three little dots to the right. When you click on that
there’s a little thing that says save chat.
I’m not sure that I can show you my screen and do this at the same time. Because when I share my screen, I can’t see the chat. I think.
Can everybody see that? Yeah,
yes. Okay. So pretty much that needs to be saved prior to leaving, because once once we leave the chat disappears. But we don’t save and post the chat because sometimes people make comments to one another in the chat that are not that are inappropriate for public consumption. I mean, I know you guys are appropriate, but, you know, privacy issues there. So the chat is always available for you to save for your own purposes, but we won’t post the chat online.
Any other questions?
Well, I,
I think with that, I’d like to thank you all very much for taking the time. And especially for those of you who volunteered to help us just simply, sometimes it might be just as simple as just having an online zoom call to you know, confirm what we want to do and any recommendations that might be had. And we look forward to seeing you next time. If we don’t see you before. We’ll look forward to seeing you on January 10. And I wish you In the meantime, each one of you a wonderful holiday season and you here you know what this is the end of the decade, right? So the question is not where are we going to be in 2020? The question now becomes, where are we going to be in 2030? Our next decade. Anyway, I wish you all the very best, and we’ll see you soon.
Bye bye. Everybody can unmute and say goodbye.
Bye bye. Thank you all. Bye.
From down under thanks


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