Pre-Meeting Information

Time & Location of the Meeting

Friday 13th, 2020 at 1:00 PM New York (EST) / 10:00 AM San Francisco (PST) / 7:00 PM Vienna (ET)

Location: This meeting was held only online due to Covid-19 concerns.

  1. Introductions
  2. LIGHTNING TALKs Introduced:
    We plan to provide time for one or two short talks (3-7-minutes) by Alliance members highlighting their work on a sticky CPCJ issue. 
    We will open the sign-up form at the meeting.
  3. Crime Congress Updates
    • General info
    • Will coronavirus impact the Congress?
    • Networking
  4. News from Vienna
  5. What Do We Bring to the Table?
    Exploring the possibilities of what we can do together: Alliance Membership Discussions Part I
  6. News from Members
  7. Next Meeting of the CPCJ Alliance @ UNHQ:
    We will return to our regular meeting schedule of the 2nd Friday of every 2nd month., NY
    Friday May 8th, 2020.


Links Referenced

Vienna Alliance 


Minutes of the 2nd Informal Meeting of the Alliance for Vienna-based Representatives of International NGOs

Download the: Call for Nominations  form / document (due by April 8, 2020). This is in preparation for the October General Assembly.

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