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On the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (25 November), the Academic Council on the United Nations System and the Small Arms Survey organized a symposium on Femicide, which took place on 26 November 2012 at the United Nations in Vienna. The symposium gathered international experts and women’s rights activists on the question and definition of “femicide”; a crime that contrarily to the general decrease of homicides in the world, is steadily increasing.

An important outcome of this symposium was the signature of the “Vienna Declaration on Femicide” by over 150 individuals, including a number of ambassadors and some 10 Member States.

On the last day of the May 2014 Crime Commission, NGO, UNODC and Member States representatives discussed the progress made in implementing resolution A/C.3/68/L.8 on “Taking action against gender-related killings of women and girls”, which called for “an open-ended intergovernmental expert group meeting (IEGM) to discuss ways and means to more effectively prevent, investigate, prosecute and punish gender-related killing of women and girls”. Participants were informed of ongoing preparations for the organization of the IEGM. Two conference room papers (CRP 4 and CRP 5) summarizing the contributions made by Member States and NGOs to the discussion guide of the IEGM are available here.

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The following is a list of individuals, organizations and articles from the early stages of the UNODC-related work on femicide.


Amos A. Alao “Lack of Mutual Respect in Relationship The Endangered Partner (Botswana) Annals New York Academy of Sciences


Naeemah Abrahams, et al “Intimate Femicide-suicide in South Africa:a cross sectional study:


Claire Mc Evoy “Battering, Rape and Lethal Violence, A Baseline of Information on Physical Threats against Women in Nairobi” Small Arms Survey “; OFFICIAL MURDER CASES AND MANSLAUGHTER OF WOMEN


Naeemah Abrahams, “Injury Patterns of Female Homicide Victims in South Africa      (Journal of Trauma, Injury, Infection and Critical Care, July 2009)

Naaemah Abrahams,et al “Mortality of Women From Intimate Partner Violence in South Africa: A National Epidemiological Study (Violence and Victims, 2009)

Naeemah Abrahams et al “Intimate Partner Femicide in South Africa in 1999 and 2009 (PLOS Medicine, April 2013)

Naaemah Abrahams et al, “The epidemiology of child homicides in South Africa”

Naeemah Abrahams “Every Eight Hours: Intimate femicide in South Africa 10 years later” (South African Medical Research Brief, August 2012)

Waheeda Amien, “Recent Developments in the Area of Women’s Rights in South Africa: Focus on Domestic Violence and Femicide  (Legal Aid Clinic, University of Western Cape)

Asia - Pacific

DESMOND ELLIS and WALTER S. DeKESEREDY: “Rethinking Estrangement, Interventions, and Intimate Femicide”

Rita Banerji, “Strategies to Tackle Femicides in India”

Mangai Natarajan, “Understanding and Preventing Burn and Acid Attacks on Women”

RAHAT and Gov. of Maharashtra:

Consultation between Stakeholders on dealing with Cases of Sexual Crimes 12th

September 2013, “Providing Support, Ensuring Dignity and Securing Best Evidence in Cases of Sexual Crimes”

Western Europe

Barbara Spinelli, “Femicide and Feminicide in Europe Gender Motivated Killings of Women as Result of Intimate Partner Violence

Shadow Report of Italian Platform with reference to the 6th periodic report on the Implementation of the CEDAW Convention submitted by the Italian Government 2009 (2011)

Charlotte Triggs, Crown Prosecution Service (CPS): “The CPS Violence against Women and Girls Strategy in England and Wales”

Latin America & Caribbean

Ana Maria Fernandes Fernandez, “Gender violence: Femicides in Argentina” Interdisciplinary Journal of Family Studies (2012)

David Carey and Gabriela Torres “Precursor to Femicide: Guatamalan Women in a Vortex of Violence”

Melissa W. Wright: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 2011,

The University of Chicago. “Necropolitics, Narcopolitics, and Femicide: Gendered

Violence on the Mexico-U.S. Border”

Karen Musalo, Elizabeth Pellegrin, Shawn Roberts “ Crimes without Punishment: Violence Against Women in Guatamala”

Alice Driver “Femicide and the Aesthetics of Violence in Juarez : An Interview with non fiction author Charles Bowden,  Hispanic Review Journal

Lourdes Godinez Leal “Combating Impunity and Femicide in Cuidad Juarez (NACLA Report on the Americas)

Simona Domazetoska, Eniko Dekany Nina Kakner, Aleksandra Milicevic, Zuzana Vodnanska: “The UN Approach to Combatting Femicide in Latin America”

Mercedes Olivera “Violence against Women and Mexico’s Structural Crisis” (drug wars, youth gangs, misogyny, exploitation of migrants, non-functional justice system) LATIN AMERICAN PERSPECTIVE (2006)

Middle East

Nadera Shalhoub “Mapping and Analyzing the Landscape of Femicide in Palestinian Society” (submitted to UNIFEM, 2000)

Nadera Shalhoub Kevorkian “Femicide (honor killing) and the Palestinian Criminal Justice System: Seeds of Change in the Context of State Building?

Rae Taylor and Jana L Jasinski “Femicide and Feminist Perspective”. Homicide Studies

Nadera Shalhoub-Kervorkian and Suhad Daher-Nashif: “Femicide and Colonization” (Palestine)

Justice for Iran: “Disposable Victims: Laws and Practices on Gender-related Killings of Women and Girls in the Islamic Republic of Iran”:

USA / Canada

Nancy Glass, Jane Koziol-McClain, Jacquelyn Campbell, Carolyn Rebecca Black

“Female-Perpetrated Femicide and Attempted Femicide” VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN (Afro-Americans in the US)

Lisa R. Muftic and Miranda L Bauman “Female Versus Male Perpetrated Femicide” Journal of Interpersonal Violence”

Jaquelyn C. Campbell et. al, “Risk Factors for Femicide in Abusive Relationships: Results From a Multisite Case Control Study” (USA) American Journal of Public Health

Nancy Glass et al “Young Adult Intimate Partner Femicide” An Exploratory Study, (US) Homicide Studies (May 2008)

Eduardo Azziz-Baumgartner, Loreta McKeown, Patrice Melvin, Quynh Dang, and Joan Reed, “Rates of Femicides of Different Races, Ethnicities, and Places of Birth: Massachusetts, 1993-2007 Journal of Interpersonal Violence (2011)

ISA International Sociology: Lisa R. Muftic and Miranda L. Baumann

General / Inter-Regional

Barbara Owen, “Femicide Bibliography”, California State University-Fresno


International Council of Women on Gender-related killing ( Australia: Dr Manjula O’Connor and Elisabeth Newman, Vivi Germanos-Koutsounadis;

Austria: Hauer-Rona

Great Britain: Elsie Leadley



South Africa:

Marco Palma-Solis, Carmen Vives, and Carlos Alvarez-Dardet “Gender Progress and Government Expenditure as Determinants of Femicide” Ann Epidemiol 2008

Hertha Maria Toolsie (WFWP): “DIFFERENT WAYS OF Gender-related Killings and BACKGROUND TRIGGERS”

Michael O’Connell, The Secretary General of the World Society of Victimology:


Soroptimist International (England): “Femicide in the Sub-Continent, Infanticide and Female Foeticide, Female Genital Mutilation, Child Marriage, Dowry Deaths, Acid Attacks, Honour Killing, Widows of Vrindaban, Trafficking, Devadasis, Domestic Violence, Rape”

PATH CONFERENCE, together with WHO, InterCambios, Medical Research Council of South Africa – Washington, April 2008, “Strengthening Understanding of Femicide: Using Research to Galvanize Action and Accountability”

Monique Widyono ”Conceptualizing Femicide”

Diana Russell “Femicide Politicizing the Killing of Females”

Shanaas Mathews “Every Six Hours, ”Intimate Femicide in South Africa”

Ana Carcedo ”Femicide in Central America, 2006-2008”

Glendene Lemand  ”Femicide in Jamaica

Maria Jesus Pola Z “Feminicide in the Dominican Republic”

Jaqueline Campbell “Risk Factors for Femicide and Femicide Suicide: Multisite Control Study

Rebecca Emerson Dobash, “Murder of Women in Britain”

Margo Wilson and Martin Daly “Spousal Conflict and Uxoride in Canada”

Julia E. Monarrez Fragoso, “Analysis of Femicide in Ciudad Juarez 1993-2007”

Rana Husseini “Honour Related Crimes in Jordon”

Virendra Kumar, “Dowry Deaths (Bride Burnings) in India”

Soledad Rojas Bravo, “Femicide in Chile”


John P. J. Dussich Ph.D. Director Tokiwa International Victimology Institute, Japan and California State University, Fresno, USA:

Harald Otto Schweizer  “Crime Victims of Domestic Violence: Governmental Response in Latin America”

Thomas Gabor and John Kiedrowski  “Crime and Abuse Against Seniors: The Canadian Experience”

Paula Wilcox and Helen Jones “Domestic Abuse of Older Women in England and Japan”

Bernadadette Muscat et al, “Abuse on the Inside: Exploring Incarcerated Women’s Experience with Intimate Partner Violence”

Patricia Yost ”Elder Abuse Prevention: Emerging Trends and Promising Strategies”

Participants in Femicide I

Susan LeJeune D’Allegeerscheecque” Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Situations”

Sandeep Chawla, “Global Study on Violence Against Women and activities of UNODC”

Ms. Diana Russell,”Femicide- the Power of a Name”

Rita Banerji, “Strategies to tackle Femicides in India”

Maria Isabel Vicandi Plaza”Best Practices in Spain to Combat Femicide”

Francisca Perez-Cotapos Valenzuela, “Best Practices and Strategies in Chile”

Ranjana Kumari”How Do We Fight Femicide:Best and Strategies in South Asia and India”

Barbara Spinelli “Femicide in Europe”

Gulcan Karademir ”How Do We Fight Femicide: Best Practices and Strategies from IFWF”

Anna Alvazzi ”Femicide in Global Perspective”

Leah Norris” Femicide as Result of Domestic Violence”

Allison McClelland, “Honour Killings”

Andrada Filip”Dowry Related Femicide”

Loes Van der Graaf “Organized Crime Related Femicide”

Bruno Monteiro “Targeted Killing of Women in War”

Christiana Hitrova “Female Infanticide and Gender Based Sex- Selective Abortion”

Caroline Sesay”Genital Mutilation Femicide and Killing of Women accused of Witchcraft”

Simona Domazetoska”The Mysogynist Slaying of Women”

Femicide I Resources

Vienna Declaration on Femicide

UNODC excerpts Global Study on Homicide “ Intimate Partner/Family related Homicide”

Excerpts Secretary General Study “Ending Violence against Women:From Words to Action”

Human Rights Council Joint Statement on Gender-Based Killings”

Report of the Special Rapporteur (Rashida Manjoo) on Violence Against Women, its causes and Consequences (23 May 2012)

Agreed Conclusion of Commission on the Status of Women (57th session) “The elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls”

Excerpts of statements delivered during 57th Commission –Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Finland, Guatamala, Honduras, Italy, Mexico, Namibia, Niger, Norway, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uruguay, Michelle Bachelet

Femicide II (ACUNS)

Remarks by Secretary General to the Security Council Open Debate on Women, Rule of Law and Transitional Justice in Conflict-affected Situations

Statement of Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka to the Security Council Open Debate

Remarks by Ivan Simonovic, ASG for Human Rights

Mart Santos Pais, Special Representative, Violence Against Children

Marcia Kran, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Rashida Manjoo, Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women, Address to CSW

Farida Shaheed, Special Rapporter, “Traditional Values, Culture, Religion- Women’s Human Rights” Side Panel at 23rd Session, Human Rights Council

Raluca Popa, “Using the Council of Europe Convention on Prevention and Combating Violence Against Women and domestic violence to address Femicide/Feminicide”

Lisa Morawek and Mona Zaher, Summary of Council of Europe Convention

Ines Stilling, Austrian Ministry for Women “Emergency Accomodation for Women and Girls at Risk of Forced Marriage in Austria”

Edilberto Loaiza, UNFPA, “Child Marriage: A Violation of Human Rights and Deterrent to Development”

Ayoob Erfani, “Child Marriages in Afghanistan and Law on Elimination of Violence against Women”

Adwoa Kufor, OHCHR “Human Rights Standards pertaining to child and forced Marriages”

Serin Duzdar, Orient Express: NGO in Vienna for Counseling, Education and Cultural Initiatives for Women”

Somah Ibrahimi, “Fragile Achievements of Afghan Women”

Massouda Jalal, “Child Brides in Afghanistan, Overview, Challenges and Options”

Alev Korun, “Violence Against Migrant Women- Dimensions in Europe”

Barbara Stelmaszek, Women against Violence in Europe, “Promoting and Strengthening access to Women’s Servics including shelters, for undocumented migrant women survivors”

Evelyn Probst, LEFO- NGO in Vienna for Migrant Women “Forced Prostitution and Trafficking”

Sue LeMesurier, International Federation for Red Cross “Violence Against Migrant Women is a Global Challenge (South Korea, Philippines, Jordon, Haiti, Kenya, Somalia, Iraq, Liberia)

Dubravka Simonovic “Istanbul Convention Objectives”

Feride Acar, CEDAW Committee

Vanja Macanovic, “Co-ordinated efforts-Toward new European Standards in protection  of women from Gender-based Violence”

Gisela Wurm, Parliamentary Assembly, CoE, “A World Free From Violence Against Women”

Claudia Baroni , United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Justice Section,

Lilly Sucharipa, Austrian Committee for UN Women

Liri Kopaci-DiMichele, Gender Division, CoE

Jose Mendes Bota, Rapporteur on Violence against Women, Parliamentary Assembly, CoE

Patricia Jimenez, Heinrich Boell Stiftung, “Why do States Continue to Fail/”

Janice Joseph, “Intimate Femicides in the US: The Black Experience”

Witold Klaus, Polish Academy of Sciences “Forced Female Migrants as Victims of Violence in Poland”

Magdalena Grzb, Jagiellonian University, “Why is Violence against Women such a politically controversial issue”

Nora Gerdes, University of Vienna, “Sex selective Feticide in India”

Femicide II Resources

General Assembly Resolution 68/191 “Taking Action against Gender-related Killing of Women and Girls”

Security Council Resolution 2122 “Aiming to Strengthen Women’s Role in All Stages of Conflict Prevention”

Human Rights Council Resolution 23/L.28 “Accelerating Efforts to Prevent All Forms of Violence Against Women: Preventing and Responding to Rape and Other Forms of Sexual Violence

Human Rights Council Resolution 24/L.34 on Child, Early and Forced Marriage

UN HABITAT, PLAN International, Women in Cities International, Findings from “Because I am a Girl”, Urban Programme study in Cairo, Delhi, Hanoi, Kampala, and Lima

Latin-American Action Protocol for the Investigation of Femicide, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, (unofficial translation of sections)

UNFPA, Child Marriages

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