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ThumbsUpWe have received your application and are delighted you will join us in Vienna.

Please review all the materials on this page and in following emails in the coming weeks carefully!

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A big WELCOME to all SOLVE2018 participants!

We’re so glad that you’ll be joining us to help explore how this kind of engagement and augment the value of the Crime Commission. We look forward to seeing you in Vienna.

To-Do List

  • Review the information on the about #SOLVE2018 page to ensure you understand how you can contribute in new ways to the work taking place during the 2018 CCPCJ
  • eSign your Consent-to-Publish form when you receive a link.
    • The Alliance requires a signed consent form from all participants, which allows us to publish the audio and/or video of your work with your team and your teams outcomes.
    • The Alliance makes the outcomes freely available to the public, as part of our commitment to open access. To review this the form, follow this link.
    • Clarify your level of representation.  Discuss with your NGO or organization whether you are participating as an individual who is a member of the organization or if you are a FULL representative of your organization. This may make a difference in discussions and debate in terms of commitments (if any) being made. You will be asked to clarify this point during the orientation on Sunday 13th May.
  • Email your resources you can provide (after the conference).
    • In order to make any of your resources available on the Alliance web site immediately after the CCPCJ, please email your electronic files to as soon as possible after you indicate you have resources to share. We will post them on a daily basis throughout the event.


If you have questions, please contact or the Program Chair Karen Judd Smith,

Meeting Resources

  • Internet access will be provided throughout the duration within the UN buildings.
  • Sprint supplies (stickies, white boards, pens, timer, etc.) will be provided and available for use in the sprint space.

Laptops and printing services are not provided. However you will be able to use public computers to access your email etc.

Promote Your Work and the Event on Social Media!

Please help us promote the conference on social media with the #solve2018 hashtag. Attendees come from around the world and from diverse sectors to find ways to work better together. Here’s your chance to get others excited about what you are doing.

PLUS, since this is the first working event of its kind on the edges of the 2018 Crime Commission, we will need all the help we can get to inform people about this new initiative and to look for its outcomes. Please use the hashtag  “#SOLVE2918” whenever you can on your social media and send people to this event on the Alliance website using this url:

Suggested Tweets

I’m participating in #solve2018 in Vienna, Austria, May 13 – 19, 2018. Join me! 2018 Crime Commission

Join me at #solve2018 in Vienna, AustriaMay 13 – 19, 2018! SOLVE2018 is taking place during the 2018 Crime Commission.


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