Register for the 14th Crime Congress in Kyoto

Deadline: February 10, 2020

February 10th is the deadline

Remembering that the UN Crime Congress is a place where representatives of organizations gather, the essential first step is for your organization to register with the governing board of the Congress.

Registration involves a 2-step process:

Step 1.

Your organization should first send a letter indicating its interest in the Congress, its themes and goals. Your organization’s letter MUST reach UNODC by February 10th. This is the information it must include:

Step 2.

Once your organization has been approved by the UNODC/Governing Board, you will be sent a request to identify your organization’s delegation to the Congress.


The UN’s documentation of this is here can be found here on the Congress Registration. We have included information for Individual Experts below as well:

Non-Governmental Organizations
For registration of participants from NGOs in consultation status with ECOSOC who have received the invitation letter from the Secretariat, information on the organization’s participants should be submitted by letter with an official letterhead, together with the duly completed registration form (attached to the invitation letter) to the Secretariat of the Congress, with copy to the host country, as soon as possible, but not later than Friday, 3 April 2020. Kindly copy the host country contact to the submission.

Information for non-governmental organizations

Individual experts
Individual experts who have received the invitation letter from the Secretariat should send the completed registration form (attached to the invitation letter) to the Secretariat of the Congress, with copy to the host country, as soon as possible, but not later than Friday, 3 April 2020.

Information for individual experts

The deadline for expression of interest of individual experts to participate as observers in the Fourteenth United Nations Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice is also 10 February 2020.

If you have any questions about this registration process, feel free to contact the Vienna Alliance staff who are working with the UNODC Civil Society Team in Vienna: hear in more detail, discussion and questions about registration please refer to the unedited, rough transcription / audio recording of the January 15 meeting of the Vienna Alliance.

Audio Recording of the January 15th Meeting in Vienna

Raw Transcript of information coming from UNODC

NOTE: This transcription is raw, with no edits. Transcribed by

Unknown Speaker 0:00
Distribution I wish to distribute them. So, in advance of that. In this regard, I would also like to inform you that the conference decided that three international meetings that he would hold three international meetings. This year, which will focus specifically in the preparations for the special session.

Unknown Speaker 0:24
All those

Unknown Speaker 0:26
mistakes are also relevant stakeholders that have received invitations to participate in the conference will also be invited to participate in their international meetings of the conference and intergovernmental organizations and non governmental organizations are very much encouraged to speak, and to make presentations on what they feel should be included in the draft political integration, which will be adopted next year by the generals and we added special session. So, it will be important. We would like to flag this Tuesday is probably a measure of preparation required in order to make the best use of those, essentially.

Unknown Speaker 1:14
Thank you. Um, if you have any questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:20
Thank you very much, Lydia. I will start with one question

Unknown Speaker 1:26
actually just to inform that the alliance that took part in the WT. So, I suppose the date, which means that we will be invited to participate in intersessional. Since we were among those who participated

Unknown Speaker 1:45
phila has received a formal invitation to participate in the.

Unknown Speaker 1:49
Also, an invitation to participate to intersessional.

Unknown Speaker 1:57
Oh, thank you very much. So this means that the members of the Alliance can

Unknown Speaker 2:01

Unknown Speaker 2:02
make known that if they want to make a contribution so and we can channel. These bozos. These intersession and meetings into video format opportunities that are provided any questions. Any questions for you and have a seat, about the conference of state parties on.

Unknown Speaker 2:28
No questions from the web participants.

Unknown Speaker 2:39
I have a question a yen.

Unknown Speaker 2:43
Thank you. I just had a,

Unknown Speaker 2:45
the logistical question. I haven’t read the identities resolution. And

Unknown Speaker 2:52
you said that the special session on corruption will take place in April in 2021, and will that be in New York, or Vienna and look where, where all the preparations take place and is it the UN ODC that’s in charge of everything.

Unknown Speaker 3:09
Thank you. Yes, the

Unknown Speaker 3:13
special session will take place in just keeping the access

Unknown Speaker 3:17

Unknown Speaker 3:19
six to the 28th of April, 21 will take place in

Unknown Speaker 3:27
general assembly.

Unknown Speaker 3:30
But the preparatory process. as per the original mandating resolution which was

Unknown Speaker 3:37
continuty, or the undertaking under the auspices of the formal consultations for example which is here. The international meetings of the conference also part of the proprietary process, and they will be held for the specific purpose of giving a voice to all those stakeholders. That will not participate in the negotiations political declaration. And so I encourage you to to organize yourselves to make presentations and because when feasible during most intersessional games, so that the member states in attendance. Understand what your views are on structure and the substance

Unknown Speaker 4:30
of the regulation. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 4:33
Just to add

Unknown Speaker 4:34
also that the political declaration will be approved also here again a special session of the conference will take place, most likely in the third week of February, to the purpose of approving it text, which will then be transmitted to the General Assembly.

Unknown Speaker 4:59
This is Karen Smith.

Unknown Speaker 5:01
Thank you. Any other questions.

Unknown Speaker 5:05
Can you can you hear me much.

Unknown Speaker 5:11

Unknown Speaker 5:11
yes yes this is Karen Smith,

Unknown Speaker 5:13
this is Karen. Hi.

Unknown Speaker 5:15
Hi. I’m

Unknown Speaker 5:18
sorry it was not clear. The sound is either

Unknown Speaker 5:21
not good enough for me, or it’s not clear what the processes for people to participate in the, the intercessory process. It’s a process.

Unknown Speaker 5:35
Unfortunately, you were

Unknown Speaker 5:40
in. Perhaps you can type your question,

Unknown Speaker 6:01
engage in the,

Unknown Speaker 6:05
in the intercession on you mean, yeah, shut up.

Unknown Speaker 6:12
If you mean the international meetings of the conference as mentioned, formal invitations will be issued to all NGOs, non governmental organizations that participate in the conference and all those a receipt of such invitations will be more than welcome to participate in the meetings in person in Vienna,

Unknown Speaker 6:40
should you wish to not just here.

Unknown Speaker 6:48
Okay. So, I will just repeat that the ether

Unknown Speaker 6:53
Alliance, we received this invitation.

Unknown Speaker 6:57
Okay. Then

Unknown Speaker 6:58
I asked members would be able to engage and to and to share the information and to share his information. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 7:09
Yeah, no, just to just the

Unknown Speaker 7:11
other questions that I could see you on the screen.

Unknown Speaker 7:16
Knowing your organization’s will be able to protect or other organizations that have not received an invitation to the conference will be able to participate in the intersessional meetings of the conference.

Unknown Speaker 7:29
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 7:32
Yes, and I repeat for the third time.

Unknown Speaker 7:34
That all members of the Alliance are welcome and encouraged to participate, through the Alliance. So, this is a fantastic opportunity for your lines to be heard.

Unknown Speaker 7:48
I would also reiterate our contributions that can be submitted at any time and there are not linked to specifically to the participation to the attendance in the conference and those contributions will be posted on the longest website. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 8:08

Unknown Speaker 8:10
Okay. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 8:13
I think we can move on. I don’t see Toby’s anyone else from the web. No, I don’t see any, any other movement there. Hello.

Unknown Speaker 8:22

Unknown Speaker 8:23
Okay, is Linda.

Unknown Speaker 8:26
Okay, hi. Yes, yes. I wrote my question on the chat

Unknown Speaker 8:31
on the chat.

Unknown Speaker 8:37
We send our release

Unknown Speaker 8:39
to the alliance that we want to include that we want to include it.

Unknown Speaker 8:48
We can, sorry.

Unknown Speaker 8:53
Can I receive inputs consolidated inputs from the Alliance so we can receive and potentially do. So it’s really very much up to you to decide on how you wish to channel, those contributions. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 9:11
Okay, thanks. I think that we will facilitate this as much as possible and the way we planning to do in order to prevent that.

Unknown Speaker 9:26
Too much traffic and to coordinate similar inputs and put in contact organizations who want to contribute to so that they know about others who are interested in. At the same topics so. So you’re welcome to use the line and says the coordinating body is the way it’s meant to be. Any other question because really we should move on the interest of

Unknown Speaker 9:57

Unknown Speaker 10:01
Let’s see.

Unknown Speaker 10:04
See it Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 10:07

Unknown Speaker 10:08
then I would like to give the

Unknown Speaker 10:10
floor to Mira libretti, because we have updates now about the decline call, Congress and we also have some colleagues who are specifically in charge of

Unknown Speaker 10:26
the Secretariat about improvisation and that they can give us interesting mission.

Unknown Speaker 10:35
Thank you Madam Chair. Thank you for inviting me. I was not personally present at the meeting which was held before Christmas, also

Unknown Speaker 10:50
introducing the Congress and the workbench the role of NGO into Congress.

Unknown Speaker 10:57
So, we know that there was this very good PowerPoint presentation, I can repeat you main point, but I’m lucky to have here also our critique from the Secretariat. So I think. Later on the easier question will be handled together or or I will,

Unknown Speaker 11:20
we will

Unknown Speaker 11:21
let them probably say something and something.

Unknown Speaker 11:26
The dates I’m sure they are known to you but let’s repeat it’s coming soon from 20 to 27 acres 2020 in Kyoto. And I know that there was also another very last week in organizational meeting I saw some of the colleagues so everything is getting on track. The main team, as we know, is advancing crime prevention criminal justice, and the rule of flow towards the achievement of the 2030 agenda.

Unknown Speaker 12:02

Unknown Speaker 12:04
program is also available on the documentation on the website, it, it started with a pre Congress meeting underneath the 19th of April. And then, the main session, there will be the plenary for the discussion of the seven item on the agenda. So it goes from the Monday, 28th to the Monday 27 April, including the Saturday and Sunday

Unknown Speaker 12:39
in Berlin, there will be three workshop. Sorry for workshop. And, and many many as Hillary meeting. Actually, it is it reach a record this year.

Unknown Speaker 12:56
248 and Hillary meetings have been accepted, compared to 195 at the certian Congress if you want to have an idea. The deadline was 31st of December, so you are, you cannot. You know, request any additional anything. Gary he’ll is responsible of the logistics of things so I’m sure he is trying to find the space and correct venue to all those 240

Unknown Speaker 13:34
meetings that were requested.

Unknown Speaker 13:38
It’s going to be a very interesting session starting, even with the Youth Forum, which is on between 13 and 15 of April.

Unknown Speaker 13:50

Unknown Speaker 13:52
and many people are also doing parallel activities I have my colleague here Anders who can say something also about a workshop that we are organizing actually with the global initiative, so maybe one of the two to you to decide. But maybe before I speak, I would like to give an anchor of the chair, but it is, it can add something

Unknown Speaker 14:25
wants to go first.

Unknown Speaker 14:29
And those of you.

Unknown Speaker 14:35
Hello, my name is Donna Konishi McEvoy I work for the third to the governing bodies of the division for treaty affairs, I’m a working level focal point of the crime Congress. And actually, we have made my boss Joe detain has made a presentation at the meeting last time so I don’t think I will need to repeat that. But,

Unknown Speaker 15:02
and also as Amidala

Unknown Speaker 15:07
has, I wouldn’t weekly what mirror has spoken, but maybe we can add that we have on our website. We have a official website of the Congress, if you type prime, you can go to that website and also you can jump there from the website of the window DC, and we are uploading you what we think is useful to the participants. For example, the unedited advanced version of information for participants. There you can find all sorts of information on the registration and travel and information about to ban including the transportation, and those issues. So, it will be useful for you to take a look at that information at the advanced version of the information for participants. And also we have been working on the working paper, or the each agenda items and background paper for each workshop topics, and it is. It has been finalized and it’s under editing and translation at the moment. So, as soon as those documents are finalized. We will be also posting that on to our website so that participants could take a look before they come to the discussion at the agenda items and workshop topics. If there’s any questions on the substantive issues or organization, or matters. We will be happy to answer

Unknown Speaker 17:06
those questions. Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 17:11
You. Let’s just see if we receive from the Secretariat at Siena. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 17:21
They don’t want to say anything.

Unknown Speaker 17:24

Unknown Speaker 17:25
To the information from the Secretariat.

Unknown Speaker 17:30
Thank you very much for having me today. I’m Satoshi from the Secretariat to the governing bodies of university. Well I’m mainly in charge of logistical issues on the crash course, and I think you have already received our vacation letters to the Congress, and we are going to start your restoration. And I’m not sure whether you have already sent us your registration form. We are going to start to register or once, once we received the situation. And we put your information into the list racist here, and you will receive an automatic email, which described about for the procedure, including according to your photograph for your security badges and song, and let ultimate email include very important information such as the decline of problem photograph. And also, if you need a visa to go to Japan. The trying of these application. So please be careful about automatic email to receive after you’re sending after sending your information on the UN ODC. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 19:00
Thank you very much, I think, um, this will give us some additional information from the civil society.

Unknown Speaker 19:07
Okay, for those who are on the other side on under sponson from civil society. And we have been lucky enough to have some of you already know about its two Kickstarter projects that involve civil society engagement with the untuck and its really mechanism. We started this project, late last year with the needs assessment workshop here in Ghana in October. We’re doing this project together the global initiative against organized spine is here today. We are hoping to do the first out of two scheduled a trainings with civil society, private sector and academia, in the margins of the United crime Congress in Toronto. We have asked the organizers, if we can have one of the news to be used for two days in Kyoto ahead of the actual Congress. So we are waiting for confirmation that we’re hoping, at the moment, to do 1718 of April, which should be a Friday and Saturday. Proceeding the conference, which starts on the 20th. So this has to be confirmed. And basically, here we are inviting up to 40 private sector, academia and civil society that can benefit from further training on the talk and it’s review mechanism and how we can better prepare these malls, to take a constructive part in collaborating with their respective governments on the review mechanisms each other.

Unknown Speaker 20:42
After the next couple of

Unknown Speaker 20:43
matches. So

Unknown Speaker 20:45
that’s just a two, you know one quick remark for me and I perhaps end up. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 20:56
I don’t really have anything to add other than to say that is one of the main responsibilities, one of the vice chairs, the Alliance’s coordinate with the other members of the boards and publicize.

Unknown Speaker 21:26
I had one question actually for the secretariats team as well, if I may, which is with regard to registration kind of on behalf of my organization but also other organizations that might not have an ECOSOC

Unknown Speaker 21:43
consultation status, so I know there is a deadline at the 10th of February, where we have to submit a letter of application, and then is the process after that once you know how was that approved and. And then when we went to the winner. We then able to register our delegates.

Unknown Speaker 22:05
Thank you for your questions. Very good question. Well, your application, with the leech distributism safety team fast, and sudden, we suddenly such integration of a few optimization, Amber city society.

Unknown Speaker 22:20
When I take it

Unknown Speaker 22:22
to expect it.

Unknown Speaker 22:25
And then

Unknown Speaker 22:27
we are going to send in additional data to you.

Unknown Speaker 22:33
Based on that decision made by society. So,

Unknown Speaker 22:38
yeah, and on the show about the special season.

Unknown Speaker 22:50
A great. I think that we are missing exactly to the core of what everybody wants to know, and the information is already on all the websites, it has been placed for a long time and so the Congress is luckily one of the events. When we’re also organization speaks out across the state to take us can take part. The requirements that are spelled out in a necklace of resolution, 1996 31, there is a paragraph to paragraph, 44, it sets to be the rules executive documentation that is, it’s not impossible. I’ve done it myself, for my own organization feasible. It produces some documentation that proves that you’re doing relevant activity, and some activity reports and some statements that that NGOs that are closer to the work of unit C are most likely to be able to produce. So, the deadline is 10th of February, understand. So, can we just get a confirmation we have here the civil society. So the procedure is that this information should read the reach the civil society by 10th of February, is that correct can get the information from you della perhaps around this will be. And this.

Unknown Speaker 24:29
Your last

Unknown Speaker 24:34
line is.

Unknown Speaker 24:43
Okay, so basically this is

Unknown Speaker 24:44
what they was asking so deadline is August 10 of February, is for NGOs to send you this information, and then you will elaborate and confirm that everything is okay. Right. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 25:02
so this is important because there is not much I.

Unknown Speaker 25:07
Any other questions, because we had a question from the web so there are no specific forms for registration for non ECOSOC. But, if there is the production of this documentation. Right. From right

Unknown Speaker 25:28
from international

Unknown Speaker 25:41
ciliated. Some folks

Unknown Speaker 25:51
got a real problem.

Unknown Speaker 25:53
I think the question is about individuals registration. Then you,

Unknown Speaker 26:05
everybody. You see out there has

Unknown Speaker 26:09
a minimum ratio, we can apply all of your members as well.

Unknown Speaker 26:27

Unknown Speaker 26:28
delegate to UTI

Unknown Speaker 26:32
medical team mental

Unknown Speaker 26:35
practice tonight.

Unknown Speaker 26:37
How’s it going today. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 26:50
You know,

Unknown Speaker 26:54
I mean there is this opening up to the individual expert but it is usually restricted

Unknown Speaker 27:06
to university and this university can

Unknown Speaker 27:10
be registered as a relevant NGO, it is.

Unknown Speaker 27:15
It is what it is preferable. There are always exception because it should be,

Unknown Speaker 27:21
I don’t know who doesn’t

Unknown Speaker 27:23
want government delegation and. And this the Secretariat will decide on the individual exposure the civil society team is not covering this has to be

Unknown Speaker 27:37

Unknown Speaker 27:40
And then it wants to add something.

Unknown Speaker 27:45
So, um, for the individual expert, it will be

Unknown Speaker 27:50
there will be some kind of a kind of an inspection process. Something civil society does what no echo fuck datas NGOs the in those individual expert who need to write to the Secretary and express their interest to participate in the Congress by can be process was on the registration page of the Congress website so you can go to the registration page of the Congress website and then the instruction is there. That’s so basically those individual expertise directly Secretariat of the, of the interest to participate in the Congress and then the Secretary will follow up with the necessary inquiry on that case.

Unknown Speaker 28:46
And I just

Unknown Speaker 28:47
have two more questions with me.

Unknown Speaker 28:52
The first one.

Unknown Speaker 28:55
What will be the opportunity to

Unknown Speaker 29:02
speak, or make our own statement plenary.

Unknown Speaker 29:09
Will they be,

Unknown Speaker 29:11
how, how.

Unknown Speaker 29:21
Yes, I can answer this one because of experience of previous year but also because for the high level segment. And because there are very few slots there will be only one slot for NGOs and we have agreed to have it coordinated by

Unknown Speaker 29:41
the Alliance so this will be the last one of that

Unknown Speaker 29:43
panel discussion on the other items and NGO in the practice of the crime condition. They have to request. 24 hours before to the conference surface, their name on the speaker list, give

Unknown Speaker 30:07
a brief summary of the intervention so

Unknown Speaker 30:11
that, and also prefer translation.

Unknown Speaker 30:15
And, and each time allows, they will be given the core a

Unknown Speaker 30:22
condition which which is member state for a symptom of an organization, and an NGOs, keep last on the workshop, there is not this formality Hi, recall correctly, it’s much more interactive so it depends always on the chair also the workshop,

Unknown Speaker 30:45
so. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 30:52
And yes,

Unknown Speaker 30:53
my last Christians Christian.

Unknown Speaker 30:57

Unknown Speaker 30:59

Unknown Speaker 31:00
I know that you is God given

Unknown Speaker 31:04
to me when the new inner

Unknown Speaker 31:09

Unknown Speaker 31:19
If I may experience.

Unknown Speaker 31:22
Normally the executive director has a kick out the door. but I don’t

Unknown Speaker 31:31
know I think it’s something that can be coordinated with the Secretariat

Unknown Speaker 31:38
executive directors very busy. So, have to see what kind of

Unknown Speaker 31:45
opportunities that somebody wants

Unknown Speaker 31:52
things. Yeah. Nothing so

Unknown Speaker 31:59

Unknown Speaker 32:00
thinking, in my experience, it’s

Unknown Speaker 32:07
obviously the executive director cannot see every single NGO so I would suggest that may be a request is made, at some point, from the alliance to have an immediate briefing with NGOs or an introduction. This could be properly organized

Unknown Speaker 32:28
and efficient letter to

Unknown Speaker 32:32
executive director requesting a

Unknown Speaker 32:36
meeting with the NGOs.

Unknown Speaker 32:40
Yes, actually we have a meeting of the Alliance planned, the beer and obviously we really invite you know DC is the highest possible level, so we’ll see how it works. Depending on availability and plans, I think that previous Congress has said the executive director of this time. We available at one meeting city society. And, but of course, we have to see how it goes. The, the, this time. There were questions about the follow up the so this. The Congress is the same as the other processes where organizations without echo status, make the application. Then, if everything is okay. They are accepted and then only later at a later date. They have to submit to the names of the delegates. So, this is a two step process. So I hope that this answer one of the questions that was posed in writing and previous. So, it is first, the accreditation on the NGO and sec on the list of the names of the, of the participants of the delegates, and. Okay. So, one has to read carefully the information that is on the website and you can see website it’s also on the crime website to read, sometime, and it explains exactly steps step by step but this, this process. And another thing that we heard is about the high number of senior in meetings so those who haven’t seen a meetings approved recently received an email from Gary Hale, who provided some practical information on logistics and suggested everybody to complete the information on SLA meetings completing the list of speakers are completing all the information that is necessary to organize in terms of required the key element required. I don’t know if anyone can have interpretation. But anyway, things like that. And to recommend the organizers of ancillary meetings respond promptly to requests from the people coordinating so that we can proceed smoothly with organizing all of this. I think that this is in everybody’s interest so that the calendar can be established as soon as possible. And that will also facilitating today the trial arrangements and and other things. And is there any other question specifically about the Congress also taking advantage of the colleagues for the Secretariat here.

Unknown Speaker 36:02

Unknown Speaker 36:04
I tried to me I have

Unknown Speaker 36:07
to question one more comment and

Unknown Speaker 36:11
then is that maybe will be decided, discuss later. But the

Unknown Speaker 36:16
comment. I think it’s important to clarify that non relevant, NGOs, I mean the work of civic

Unknown Speaker 36:24
society is is not screening them is just to put

Unknown Speaker 36:29
a list

Unknown Speaker 36:31
that will go to the Bureau, and the Bureau, so its member states will may decide that some NGOs can are not real NGOs or for whatever reason they can decide that they will not receive the invitation.

Unknown Speaker 36:47
So I want to make this clear.

Unknown Speaker 36:51
The other thing. I mean traditionally we did,

Unknown Speaker 36:58
yes organize a briefing with the Alliance for NGOs so this, this would be good to think about it when because I will have to communicate,

Unknown Speaker 37:06
also to our conference service the,

Unknown Speaker 37:12
the modality. And I think there are two things one would be the precinct to NGOs, possibly like on the first day of the Congress, and then there will be certainly our coordination meeting for the NGO I know that there is a lounge, that you know, it’s not enough. We may need to request tools for a sec coordination meeting, especially if you have to coordinate on the joint statement no I mean it’s hoped that the joint statement would be ready before it ever.

Unknown Speaker 37:51
And, again, in case there are like formal coordination meeting with either senior representative, the executive director of you know DC or any answer you know member states.

Unknown Speaker 38:07
So has to be

Unknown Speaker 38:10
taken into account and

Unknown Speaker 38:11
organize at some point. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 38:17
Thank you very much. So this is very good to know.

Unknown Speaker 38:23
Any other question.

Unknown Speaker 38:28

Unknown Speaker 38:30
Hey, then

Unknown Speaker 38:32
I’m Karen Yes. And what is the process you’re using to prepare the city society statement. Okay that is next point on the on the agenda that. And if we are finished with the logistics and the registration, and those are questions we move on, this is point six that starts with discussion of the structure of the statement at the high level is segmented during the Congress. So, as mirela said the high level segment that is only one of the segments of the Congress is the one that is normally the ministerial level. For this there is a very short list of speakers, and the Alliance has been in contact with the Secretariat and secured the slot to make NCD society statement, so that will be delivered by the Alliance on behalf of all menus. So, the structure of the statement last time at the Congress in Dhaka, and largely overlapped to the Dhaka declaration. As you may know, at the moment, there are negotiations in process for the preparation of the chiappa declaration that is the, the political declaration so that member states are negotiating and coordinating, and the structure of this document, which I hadn’t seen unfortunately, maybe some other people make inputs to provide this goat goes by heavies. So it has headings that should largely overlap the team’s the topics of the agenda of the conference. So, the Secretariat has,

Unknown Speaker 40:39
and perhaps a supplement in this, because,

Unknown Speaker 40:44
basically it means putting some some flesh, so the city society reflections on each of these of these topics, so that we can have civil society statement the death, reverse the political declaration with our own considerations.

Unknown Speaker 41:16
untaken consultations interest is.

Unknown Speaker 41:27
Um, so, I think we have already indicated last time that I, for each attendee identity topics I think it would be an extremely

Unknown Speaker 41:44
hard work to prepare for each NGOs to prepare our statement, or each, each agenda and each

Unknown Speaker 41:54
workshop topics or.

Unknown Speaker 41:57
So we were

Unknown Speaker 41:58
encouraging to perhaps provide some kind of joint statement or each agenda items, and perhaps divide the labor between the NGOs on coming up with those joint statements on each agenda items and, and perhaps workshop topics,

Unknown Speaker 42:22

Unknown Speaker 42:25
for your question is about

Unknown Speaker 42:30
when to fight those without any question was just, if you had any any piece about the structure of the

Unknown Speaker 42:41
Kyoto declaration. But, but it doesn’t matter we see here that

Unknown Speaker 42:47
some colleagues are.

Unknown Speaker 42:51

Unknown Speaker 42:56
As for the

Unknown Speaker 43:00
political declaration. The third round of informal consultation is going to be held from 21st to 23rd of January. And I’m for that.

Unknown Speaker 43:20
The zero draft of

Unknown Speaker 43:22
that political operation as being just shared by us, for, for circulation among member states.

Unknown Speaker 43:32
Exact Yes,

Unknown Speaker 43:33
perfect sale that is exactly, exactly do for

Unknown Speaker 43:38
it so. So there is the third the round of consultations among member states and we’re talking about member states and not about the process that is led by UN seat but by Member States a repeat for the third time. So, the need that we have is not to go off with a statement that doesn’t that reflect that work member states and discussing that something that member states can receive, and that is similar to what they are discussing in the Kyoto declaration. Okay. Obviously, this will go item by item or according to the structure that they are discussing but it is very similar to this lecture of the Congress agenda. The in this meeting that they said that the negotiation meeting is next week. So, most probably. By the time of the procession a meeting of the primer commission that is

Unknown Speaker 44:43
possibly the, there will be

Unknown Speaker 44:47
more knowledge about the draft of the, of the Kyoto declaration. At this point, I think that we can start making sure that we have a template something that we can share with, with all members of the audience, so that they can provide input on the, on the areas where they want to contribute and less time. This was a consultative process that okay and just send it some NGOs were not consulted, but again, it could be a matter of making sure that all the mailing lists are used proficiently. For us, we have an updated list of our members, if we want to reach out to two other groups, they will have to make it known that they are interested in joining in the Alliance. And so, we, we think that by next week there will be the possibility to share the template. Right.

Unknown Speaker 46:04
So as regards the substantive content. It is about putting

Unknown Speaker 46:12
text around the various items. So, to supplement the desirey society views to the topics that are already being printed in Kyoto declaration. Hey, in terms of practicalities and point seven of our agenda for today, we have the possibility of establishing and working group, among members of the Alliance for coordinating the drafting of this state. So, is there any volunteer to take part in this working group.

Unknown Speaker 46:58
I would be happy to work

Unknown Speaker 47:02
at another

Unknown Speaker 47:04
national. That’s Olivia. Yes, yes. Okay. Olivia.

Unknown Speaker 47:12
Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 47:14
Yeah. And I’m global initiative. Wisdom.

Unknown Speaker 47:22
The voice.

Unknown Speaker 47:27
Okay, incomes to.

Unknown Speaker 47:30
Okay, okay, we have already two obviously here. The executive board the contribute

Unknown Speaker 47:40

Unknown Speaker 47:44
okay yeah they’re nearly may want to join them that’s good news. But we have to get confirmation. Yeah, feel free to write to mention that he could be interested. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 48:02
they’ll be can take note of this.

Unknown Speaker 48:07
Thank you paradigm if you can confirm with yeldon yearly. Thanks a lot.

Unknown Speaker 48:21
Okay. Someone children’s right children in justice.

Unknown Speaker 48:30
We welcome new members in the Alliance.

Unknown Speaker 48:34
It’s of course I mean, it’s always good to consult the people who know about things, but it will also be very good to have them as members of

Unknown Speaker 48:51
me as comments on this. Okay, so, in practice, I think that we will confirm because defensive this group of around the emails. Over the next few days.

Unknown Speaker 49:06

Unknown Speaker 49:08
yes. And then, I think we can start the drafting basically starting on the 24th to that is the intercession and meeting of the Grand commission where I think that would be an update about the guilt the declaration and about this, the state. The state to server of negotiations. So to BS. Exactly, isn’t about sex. And he made, and these he made with probably with its some suggestions and some materials from previous congresses also to take inspiration from pigness permission. Is anyone who wants to add something.

Unknown Speaker 50:04
Okay. So, we are getting 2.8 of the agenda.

Unknown Speaker 50:11
That is the date of next meeting. So as I said at the beginning, we have quite a lot of

Unknown Speaker 50:21
milestones in 2020. So, we are trying to be proactive in organizing meetings and in establishing deadlines so that we can get things, timely. So, the next meeting of the Alliance. And as a meeting like this one will be held during the CMD Commission on narcotic drugs. That is in the week from the second to the sixth of March, and specifically, we are looking at the fourth of March, at the Wednesday. Around this time again. So we’re looking at 3:30pm Vienna time. And by that nature, we would like to get the expressions of interest. And for three members for the nominations Committee for the next. General Assembly. What is the nominations committee is a committee of three members who looks at candidates for election for vacant board position. We still have a few positions that are vacant in the board

Unknown Speaker 51:55
for board members, and

Unknown Speaker 51:59
we will need to receive

Unknown Speaker 52:03
nominations. Okay. The deadline is a bit further down I think it will be at the end of March for candidates, but we need to get the nominations committee place, and two members for the electoral committee in that the Elections Committee so the people who will actually run the election, at the General Assembly, that will take place during the time permission. That is in the week of the 18th of May. Here in Vienna. And again, we are looking at the 20th of May, the afternoon of the 20th of May, for the General Assembly.

Unknown Speaker 52:52
Here in the end.

Unknown Speaker 52:55
So, most probably, we will also have a meeting in between the 50.

Unknown Speaker 53:02
Before the Congress, they repeat the debates of the Congress has 2227, April. So we’re thinking of having another meeting of the Alliance on possibly the second of April. So, this is an era of calendar, we will repeat all these dates in the minutes that we’re going to send around so that you don’t get lost. But it’s interesting to start looking at this as a as a process. So that one can plan in advance also topics to be put on the agenda for the presenting that that members want to discuss, so that we can prepare in advance and we invite speakers if necessary. So, that we come to Kappa, you know, something like unexpected meetings but but that process where everybody can put you any comments on this.

Unknown Speaker 54:19
Good. Any other business. Has anyone, any as a business

Unknown Speaker 54:25
to suggest to government.

Unknown Speaker 54:33
Your clients will. Okay. Yes, the New York Alliance is very active. And so they became a calendar of the meetings, they did.

Unknown Speaker 54:47

Unknown Speaker 54:49
On Valentine’s Day. Oh that’s very nice.

Unknown Speaker 54:54

Unknown Speaker 54:57
So if anyone has anything else to say no, no one, no nothing good.

Unknown Speaker 55:03
So then I think that we managed to close the meeting on time to respect this lot that people even. Thank you, everybody. Thank you for your participation. And we hope that the next time when we will be able to make all this machinery work.

Unknown Speaker 55:24
Thank you and good afternoon.

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