Notes from the August 8th Meeting For Review

List of attendees :  August 14 Meeting Minutes

Janice Joseph                          ACJS                     
Nazlee Maghsoudi                   NYNGOC                
Carrie Eisert                             Amnesty International
Rosalind W Harris                    International Social.
AFAF Mahfouz                          Women and Memory
Lloyd Klein                                CUNY
Shikehimichiyou                       JCE
Irene Mellup                                                                      212 722 4063
Sophie de Bellemaniere

Special Thanks go to both Nazlee Maghsoudi and Sophie de Bellmaniere  for taking the meeting notes.

New secretary is needed for the interim before the next elections, as the current secretary has been unresponsive and the Executive Committee decided to replace her. None of the Alliance members volunteered . Sophie de Bellemaniere offered to take on the role of secretary.

 Chairperson ‘s Report:

–  Conference  call with Gary Hill to talk about the Crime Congress. Gary said he is willing to come to NYC to attend and event organized by the Alliance in cosponsorship with the NGOCSW.

So far, there is not yet a deadline for NGO events planned for Doha. If we put together panels and/ or events, he will approve them if there is still space as it is first come first served. Not too many people plan to go to Doha. (Gary had not received many requests) .

– Phone meeting with Maria Idomir (in charge of preparations for the Congress and based in Vienna). She asked if the Alliance members are going to Vienna for the October meeting. She may come to NYC in the Fall. When she confirms her trip dates, we will organize a meeting with her.

– Raised the problem of not being able to include the Alliance members scattered across the world. We don’t have the facilities to Skype nor to call people in. Thanks to our Vice President Karen Smith, those who are interested, can check on our Website for news and activities.

Treasurer’s Report

–  The Alliance has $2600. Most of this amount is in the bank. Some of it is in the PayPal account.

–  The funds are used to maintain our Website, expenses at the Congress, etc.

 Preparation for the Congress in Doha, Qatar:

We should invite the Ambassador of Qatar to one of our meetings providing we make sure a substantial number of people present. We may invite him as a speaker in an event we organize with other NGO Committees before Doha.

Need to continue thinking about what kind of events we want to sponsor at the Doha Congress and in NYC to build a momentum for Doha.

Michael Platzer is trying to have a civil society meeting one or two days before  Doha.

We should find out which events other NGOs are holding and what topics they will be covering.

We need to cover different regions of the world. Comparative approach is recommended.

We need to collaborate on an event planned by the NYNGOC on drugs trafficking and women/girls which will take place in NYC to build momentum for Doha. Gloriana Rodriguez or someone from her organization in Costa Rica may be an appropriate speaker for this , as she can bring a Latin American perspective.

A few NGO representatives based in Doha want to be part of an event which will focus on the relationship between crime and drug dependency from a preventive perspective.

We should circulate a letter to our members to find out who is planning to be in Doha.

Amnesty International will be sending one person to Doha. AI is hoping to hold an event on the appropriate use of criminal law ( i.e. legitimate and illegitimate uses) by applying human rights standards.

Afaf has a few people ready to present in Doha but we need people who are willing to attend from NYC. Financial constraints limit the ability of NGO representatives to participate .

We also need to mobilize the media to be engaged at the Congress.

We will see the possibility of holding a Forum on Thursday, October 9 at 4:00 pm. If it doesn’t happen , our regular meeting will be on Friday, October 14 at 1:00 pm.

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