As noted in our mailing to our members and the post Alliance members and associatees were invited to send in recommendations for the draft document by June 9th to Dr. Yael Danieli and Michael Platzer. Based on those materials a small group worked to integrate the concerns voiced into a document to be brought to the General Assembly on the 26th.

This document is now being circulated so that you have time to review the document before we meet at the civil society preparatory meeting scheduled for 2:00 PM Monday 25th June at the Bahai International Community office in 866 UN Plaza, New York, NY (on 1st Avenue and 48th Street).

Please do not forget to RSVP for this event (it just helps us with preparations.)

Here are the documents relevant to the NGO meeting on Monday 25th:

Draft Statement of the Alliance (NY and Vienna)

Draft Agenda for 2:00 PM NGO Meeting

Draft Statement of the Committee on Drugs