UNODC Secretariat Issues NGO Guidelines

Sep 13, 2018

The UNODC Secretariat prepared some information on how NGO representatives can best take part in the work of the Vienna-based Commissions which is now available.

The guide contains practical information related to accreditation, attending sessions, making statements etc., but also general information on the work of the Commissions, documentation and other resources, and last but not least the latest contact information of the Secretariat to the Governing Bodies.

They have also now provided detailed registration guidelines for the sessions, including for NGO participants here:

They have also revised the number of participants per NGO per session to 10 per delegation (replacing 5 per NGO plus head of organization). We hope this will facilitate the participation in the sessions of the Commissions.

Should there be any questions or need to further information, please contact the Secretariat: regina.rohrbach( at )

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