Transition Team Meeting Replay & Minutes

Aug 2, 2019


Meeting of the June 2019, 4:00 pm Alliance Transition Team

Decisions made at the meeting

  • Statutes were approved and were to be presented to the Austrian authorities by Tobias Krachler and Ingeborg Geyer. 
  • Vision statement will be prepared by Anna Alvazzi del Frate, this will help determine membership fees.
  • An audio recording of the meeting to be uploaded to Slack by Karen Judd Smith (and posted on the website).
  • Invitations for the General Assembly on 11 October 2019 should be sent out by 15 August 2019 to ensure enough time for registration.
  • Michael Platzer and Marlene Parenzan will constitute the election committee.
  • Interim Board for the application to incorporate the Alliance and to oversee the preparations for and elections of the first elected board of the new Alliance being formalized in Vienna and scheduled for October: Anna Alvazzi del Frate (Chair), Cecilia Polizzi (Vice Chair), Tobias Krachler (Secretary), Ingeborg Geyer (Treasurer), Ian Tennant (second Vice-Chair).
  • Sample call for nominations email will be uploaded to the Transitions Team Slack documentation area by Karen Judd Smith.
  • Decision to keep the website was left open and final decision will be decided at a later date.


The next meeting will be determined at a later date.

These notes were provided by the UNODC Civil Soceity Team with some edits by Karen Judd Smith.
Meeting notes are still open for correction.


Audio Only: MP3

Some links referenced

  • Transition Team as decided during the 28th Crime Comission
  • A 2018 sample “call for nominations” email is also in Slack

NOTE: A raw transcript of the meeting is available below. Click on the Toggle Link


Raw Transcript of the June 28th Meeting

Raw Transcript of the Meeting by

Unknown Speaker 0:02
The NGO, NGO, maybe on drugs, there’s an intercession on meeting of the end. And

Unknown Speaker 0:12
we’re very fortunate to get their advice and guidance.

Unknown Speaker 0:18
I didn’t take the time to look at your website. And what I found is actually the the rates that you were proposing to charge the different membership are very similar to what the VNM job committees. So I think that’s really what we wanted to get settled before we move on.

Unknown Speaker 0:48
They they charge

Unknown Speaker 0:51
for free for for NGOs that really cannot pay or less than 10,000 or zero budget, then they have something for 51. That’s yours. I’m sorry. There was a 60. And yours is 50. euro. And the next one is 90 or $100. Up. So we’re not talking about different amounts. There is a top for them for 120. And I see you proposed $500

Unknown Speaker 1:34
Oh, no, there’s no top one what people can give?

Unknown Speaker 1:38
Okay, no, no, I know that. There’s a $500.

Unknown Speaker 1:45

Unknown Speaker 1:46
we accept as much as anybody gets. But I think we can settle on this, this range from zero to 100, or zero to 90

Unknown Speaker 2:00
90 events, or

Unknown Speaker 2:05
my preference is we stay to aYRo because we will probably use the main bang.

Unknown Speaker 2:14
Good deal with dominance

Unknown Speaker 2:17
assessments or

Unknown Speaker 2:21
so is that is that a fair?

Unknown Speaker 2:25
membership fee? Basically yours. Is that

Unknown Speaker 2:41

Unknown Speaker 2:42
Yes, I was saying that, that I provide consensus for what he regards to the range of, of the membership fee. That I also think that they should be proportionate to the type of services that the Alliance provides. And because it is a surprise sure that he was existing in the past.

Unknown Speaker 3:10
I think membership what this is Karen, or whatever offer is going to be, you know, we probably discuss down the road a little bit more.

Unknown Speaker 3:25
That maybe that’s the conference services, making

Unknown Speaker 3:29
some extra noise on the microphone.

Unknown Speaker 3:33
We were actually not doing anything.

Unknown Speaker 3:41
Absolutely no way around that microphone.

Unknown Speaker 3:52
I agree with you, Karen. I think that

Unknown Speaker 3:55
we discuss what you

Unknown Speaker 3:57
get for those 16.

Unknown Speaker 4:02
Later, I mean, we have to move forward. And perhaps we can, you know, find the transition team or the first ones to sign up to a

Unknown Speaker 4:15
multi year contribution.

Unknown Speaker 4:20
Three times, or five times? Just to get us going.

Unknown Speaker 4:27
So my question is did, I dropped into the slack area, a couple of pieces of information that were promised last week number one was the list of annual dues that paid by online folk not I didn’t put in all of their privacy information, reasons until the Alliance actually exists. But to give you an idea of organizations and individuals that have signed up online in the last year or so, number two,

Unknown Speaker 5:00
I I put up there

Unknown Speaker 5:03
an alliance budget document with various spreadsheets to give you an indication of the considerations that are going on. I don’t know whether you’ve looked at those, but just want to bring those to your attention, I do not put them on the email, because that’s because we’ve agreed or I had understood we have agreed,

Unknown Speaker 5:27
just easy to find those documents, download them on the on the transition panel,

Unknown Speaker 5:35
I would recommend that people have a look at those.

Unknown Speaker 5:45
Alright, so the corporation fee is

Unknown Speaker 5:50
required, we hope we can translate without running across

Unknown Speaker 5:58
the registration of the alliance in us in Geneva we haven’t really thought about and the cost of a CPA to prepare an annual financial statement. Well, we’re hoping the treasurer can do that. With the auditors.

Unknown Speaker 6:19
You think we need printing checks for the for the airlines.

Unknown Speaker 6:24
these are these are not absolutes, these are things that I wanted to make sure that you’re in that are at least in people’s minds, because the expenses are going to end up way more than this, I’m confident. But just as a starting point and something to consider as as you think about the kinds of income that are needed, membership that is needed, and how we’re going to go about doing it without any kind of financial framework, it’s very difficult to be a fiduciary responsible and legally responsible for the organization. So I just wanted to make sure that that’s in there. This was very, very general, very, but just to give you an idea of what is going to add up over time, and or end or decisions to be made about what the web of the Alliance is going to spend any of these monies or not, it’s just, it’s not meant to be an absolute at all as to give you whoever is going to be responsible for the alliance to stop thinking about how to do

Unknown Speaker 7:38
well, I certainly appreciate the word. And I can see all of those costs coming at us, I can see some of them, which we will try to avoid. But it’s good to have them all out there. So and, of course big items like travel and quarter, the salaries do have to get fine. But I’m glad to get you know some money into the into our account by leaving by the end of this year.

Unknown Speaker 8:14
From my point of view, Michael, the big the big one is, as as it’s going to be obvious is going to be the website. Now if the Alliance is going to take over the website, then you’ve got to have somebody in place to do that.

Unknown Speaker 8:32
I am

Unknown Speaker 8:33
I’m not going to continue doing that. So I’ve just maintain sustain, I’m not making any changes at this stage. until it is very, very clear what is going to happen. At that point. Somebody needs to even for the website to function as I hand it over, you will have to invest in some software because that software currently it’s running on his is mine. And it doesn’t work for it to run online. When it’s the Alliance’s so to speak,

Unknown Speaker 9:08
you’re talking about 4500.

Unknown Speaker 9:12

Unknown Speaker 9:14
know that most of that is in there. If you look under the website that the page their website technology, a lot of that is just an estimate. If you if you’re if you’re going to have a website, you need somebody who knows how to do the website and do all of the the software who can make the decisions about what software you want to have on the back end, I’ve got stuff in there, but somebody else may not know what it is not want, they may choose to have different software, they don’t have to install it, they can adapt the site’s functionality, according to what they know like prefer, course core of it is going to remain the same. The core of it is WordPress, the core of that will not change or go away. So long as you take over the hosting will have to be taken over the the domain registration will have to be owned by the Alliance. So these are not large expenses. The biggest one is the time that the webmaster puts into transferring the database and all of the files over to the new hosting service and getting used to what the software is reorganizing the pricing, changing you American dollars to euros integrating with PayPal, or if you prefer a different way to take money. You know, there are many, many details that a website has that that web master is going to have to pay attention to, you can’t bring on somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing. I’m sorry, it won’t work. But if the website site is you know, even just for you to be able to create, you know, to receive membership fees from anybody other than who can hand you a check or cash and Viana, you’re going to have to have the website setup. So you can see on the website Technology Package worksheet, some of those expected costs and they can stay in the you know, they can stay in the you know, couple of probably 200 through a couple of thousand. But it depends on who your webmaster is whether they’re going to be a volunteer, or whether they have to be paid. And I don’t know, if you’ve got a

Unknown Speaker 11:47
volunteer there who has Can I

Unknown Speaker 11:50
can I say something? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 11:54
Another speed

Unknown Speaker 11:55
high? No, I’m keeping quiet because I think that maybe some issues with the microphones and so. Okay, I think that Michael is raising one issue that is how to get some money, how to get some funds, and account is explaining what the money is for. So these are two parallel conversations that are both very important.

Unknown Speaker 12:27
I think that for the

Unknown Speaker 12:31
for the website, these are all very, very good arguments. So we have to make a little survey among the transition team to see if anyone knows someone who is an expert, who can advise to see if we can go with some open source service some good, viable solution, that doesn’t cost too much. And guarantees possibility then to be a sustainable approach in time. I have some experience here in the office via our website. So I can give you some some ideas. The current options because we did ourselves, we did a similar survey. So we have quite a good idea what to do in Europe at the moment. And the second thing that is that Michael was raising, how to get some funding in a transition phase where we don’t have members and actually we want to attract new members. And at the same time, we want to get some money for them.

Unknown Speaker 13:50
capture it correctly, Michael?

Unknown Speaker 13:52
Yeah, maybe the

Unknown Speaker 13:55
advances a membership fee is for two or three years.

Unknown Speaker 14:02
I can see me so happy.

Unknown Speaker 14:06
Okay, we can think about that.

Unknown Speaker 14:13
You can contribute anything.

Unknown Speaker 14:16
I have another question. Can I ask? Just one question. So when we

Unknown Speaker 14:26
start, we we don’t have anything that is inherited in terms of payments to be made the things that should be paid.

Unknown Speaker 14:41
In Vienna, certainly there’s nothing I don’t know what happened in New York? Of course, sort of morally. We were indebted to Karen.

Unknown Speaker 14:53
But there is no no.

Unknown Speaker 15:05
Other than the website?

Unknown Speaker 15:12
Yeah, no, no, that’s whatsoever.

Unknown Speaker 15:16
I do. Just want to let you

Unknown Speaker 15:17
know that if you choose to take over the PayPal account and have a bank account, you can automatically get about $175.

Unknown Speaker 15:29

Unknown Speaker 15:46
Kevin, what platform? Are you ready to sign on?

Unknown Speaker 15:51
Sorry, say that again?

Unknown Speaker 15:52
What platform Are you running the site on?

Unknown Speaker 15:55
It’s a WordPress platform,

Unknown Speaker 15:58
which can be hosted by any hosting service, hosting services vary in their capacity, produce, etc, etc. But it can be run on virtually any

Unknown Speaker 16:17
Microsoft base or its legacy,

Unknown Speaker 16:20
you know,

Unknown Speaker 16:26
the platform, was it a program? Or is it it’s

Unknown Speaker 16:34
a free,

Unknown Speaker 16:38
very widely used basis or online blogs.

Unknown Speaker 16:49
Okay, so your fees that have been looking at about $3,400 is that because of the building of the of the site itself? Well, if you look

Unknown Speaker 17:00
what it is, I’m size is already done. But the but is some of this, there is always additional software to do anything. The theme is a software that takes about for the Alliance, it would cost about $250 to buy it, it’s a one time price, then you would have it for it would belong to the Alliance. Gravity Forms is an annual payment. But that is going to be one of the main ways that you’re going to keep track of people integrate, you know, take money potentially. It’s, it’s anything when you’re trying to with data, gravity view is, anyway, there’s going to be additional software to make website functional and do the things that you wanted to do, the base may be free. But anything, if you want to do anything that is unique or different, usually there’s some software associated, some of it is free, some of it

Unknown Speaker 18:22
even even your mail service, you could get away with the free version of MailChimp. But when you try to do all the things that are automated, I want to have somebody filling in and answering

Unknown Speaker 18:37

Unknown Speaker 18:40
been that could be caused for you to pay a monthly fee, the baseline of $10 a month, you don’t need a thought there, you’re going to need to find out what you need. There, that’s a consideration. And then of course, the reason why I said if you look, look at that spreadsheet, the webinar, the initial transfer, just to install your own software and replace it with mine will take somebody the time, I can bundle up the whole website, so to speak, and hand them off in a Dropbox or Google box to somebody else. But in order to install it on a new host on your own host and not on my own personal so to speak, agency host then it will take somebody who knows what to do with a big zip file to install it in a on a new host, that will just take some time there. To do that you have to change database inflammation. Somebody who knows how to deal with database inflammation, or you know, or find a service that will do that for you free. But somebody will have to spearhead that and it takes them time. If they are going to volunteer and do all of that, then it won’t cost you anything. If if it’s a person who if you don’t have a person with the skill set, the other alternative is just to shut this website down. Or leave it and figure out what to do with it in New York and then the new one and then on and step in and you know told her whatever

Unknown Speaker 20:27
domain name the domain name is registered tyranny. Yes. Okay. So that can be easily transferred over,

Unknown Speaker 20:33
that can be transferred over Yes. But again, it has to go to somebody somewhere.

Unknown Speaker 20:42
or something because there’s some people need to leave your career shortly. So so the domain name you haven’t covered, so that that’s

Unknown Speaker 20:51
the cost

Unknown Speaker 20:51
of the domain, then

Unknown Speaker 20:54
the domain name will only cost I don’t know, probably in euros somebody depending on what host and registrar.

Unknown Speaker 21:06
Okay, Karen, an email platform that

Unknown Speaker 21:10
are using the same people as a domain.

Unknown Speaker 21:14
Sorry, say that, again, the email platform

Unknown Speaker 21:17
for the Alliance or you

Unknown Speaker 21:21
know, email is usually done by a different service, email is a very, you could be really different. And for example, in this record, my recommendation would be to use MailChimp I use something else, which again, is my own agencies, mail server, which is

Unknown Speaker 21:42
those those

Unknown Speaker 21:45
two emails, you have a young you have one called info at the audience.

Unknown Speaker 21:52
There are many and and with the seat panel, I would assume that you the hosting service would have a seat panel. And as far as emails, you can probably do as many emails as you want. So lots of people can have emails, but in terms of servicing your, your members and having automated responses, or when somebody signs up or things like that, then you use a special email service. Okay, I’m Nancy,

Unknown Speaker 22:21
this just a little quick, because, as you know, you see we have a particular it special that would work with does our projects on marketplace.

Unknown Speaker 22:32
And he has developed

Unknown Speaker 22:32
a complete system from scratch for us. And it’s actually a very good experts who could if you need expert advice on how to move forward and as whether you remain on this or you build something new email addresses and all things so on and so forth. I think he made it. If that’s correct, if we could at least ask him if he if we could be making a better book or consultation and answer some of the questions that you you might have.

Unknown Speaker 23:01
Not. I mean, let’s be clear, it’s not.

Unknown Speaker 23:05
It’s someone that we have, we have contracted on a yearly basis. So you know, I edition, we just can package something

Unknown Speaker 23:17
here and ask him

Unknown Speaker 23:20
to be two designers, where were the

Unknown Speaker 23:27
designers at

Unknown Speaker 23:29
web presentation. And there are they’re also on a contract basis. And they said, you know, we need help that

Unknown Speaker 23:38
can give an insight at least.

Unknown Speaker 23:42
So okay, so. So the main stuff that can be transferred to the domain and emails. And if we choose to start a new website from scratch, it doesn’t affect you whatsoever.

Unknown Speaker 23:57
If you start something from scratch, know the then you just lose the authority of the CC, the CPC JE website, because when people do a search for NGO, crime prevention, this one pops up on page one, the new one will not its

Unknown Speaker 24:15
authority value. That’s

Unknown Speaker 24:19
another whole dimension of things that

Unknown Speaker 24:27
make some decisions is what leads us into

Unknown Speaker 24:34
a little bit of time to talk with the consultant.

Unknown Speaker 24:47
I would like to get the agreement on the cubes. I mean, the schedule is very similar. Can anybody like this 65 Rose 90 euros or 120 or $50 $100? Apparently the NGO media drugs get most of his money actually from people pay the maximum 120 euros a year.

Unknown Speaker 25:18

Unknown Speaker 25:20
can we agree on 25 rows at least the same as what

Unknown Speaker 25:28
we could

Unknown Speaker 25:30
not have been kicked off 06 90 and one

Unknown Speaker 25:35
according to the budget,

Unknown Speaker 25:38
according to the budget.

Unknown Speaker 25:41
So so you you will collect that money by checking Vienna right.

Unknown Speaker 25:48
bank transfers, probably.

Unknown Speaker 25:54

Unknown Speaker 26:00
I have to

Unknown Speaker 26:00
object to this very firmly. For one reason. First of all, as we discussed last, I would like to see the line with the budget, if we are serious, we need the budget. And then we see how to meet the budget. And the second thing with 60 or 120 years, or 10 returns, we find you know, it doesn’t have anything practical. And I think membership is something which is absolutely outdated. It’s 60 years, or 50 years, I have to write to my head quarter, I have to explain them. Do I have to make a call fast for 50 years? Is that 500 years? After make it you know, because it’s a money transfer, but so much fun, sexually for practically nothing. And coming back to Karen, I don’t I don’t see a reason to kill something, which is no function, you should find the way so I’m not for the restricted, restricted budget, but time remaining to find properly what is the budget needed for some low functioning, and then maybe to pass Member States or other things. But collecting 6500. I mean, I mentioned it what we can achieve for this. And I think for the collegiality reasons, you know, if Karen was investing so much time ago, I simply I’m not sitting here for the fact that we will kill something which one hour multiple men have been created for. So I simply you know, as a as a, as a categorical imperative. Don’t do to others what you don’t like to be done to. She was invested For God’s sake. So so long, and so much in this, I don’t see why we should kill this. We should. And also for the consultants on the website, these guys are absolutely overly paid. And if you think that the professional web designer we can get for free or fall into money. This is also a dream.

Unknown Speaker 27:59
I mean, just Frankie, Frankie.

Unknown Speaker 28:01
So coming back, I seen I would like to see a budget. And then I will submit to my daughter because I’m not a one man show. I represent people who see. Okay, 50 years 505,000 no problem 5000 from us. But it has to be clearly stated. And then I cannot put my paper I sent and then we get transferred a problem. But it has to be clearly stated. What is the budget? What do we want to achieve with the budget, the Secretary participation for the conference of two senior members and whatever. We started, I think from the top floor instead of going from from the top. I actually disagree with killing of the website. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 28:54
I think we can leave the question of the website open is certainly Karen work. And I think it’s it’s really given us visibility. So I’m not ready to kill the website. And I’m not sure that’s really what we want to do. But Karen is probably going to leave us so we have to think of alternatives.

Unknown Speaker 29:19
Yeah. Good.

Unknown Speaker 29:23
Okay. Okay. Very much. No, it’s really a pain to listen, because there are lots of noises. But anyway. No, I think that we we are really clear that we have to talk about two parallel processes, one to identify the expenditures, the projected expenditures, and the other one is is the fundraising. So

Unknown Speaker 29:51
even without going into

Unknown Speaker 29:55
categories, discussions, I think that is a matter of process. I think that we all agree that we have to put down the expected costs, Now to do this type of surveys to try to figure out how much it costs, and take on that to figure out how to go about raising the funds that are necessary to pay for these costs, about the DD killing, not killing, I think that there are some definitions that may be really very,

Unknown Speaker 30:29
very negative for but sometimes necessary decisions to be

Unknown Speaker 30:35

Unknown Speaker 30:36
I think it is possible to do what Kevin described, to zip through the entire content and to download it. platform into a new home. This is exactly what we are doing now at the moment here at the survey so I can share some experience about what we are doing. And we also found some stuff, some young people who do these things for relatively small amounts of money, but relatively small, because we are always talking about specialists who know what what they are doing.

Unknown Speaker 31:15

Unknown Speaker 31:16
I, I think that the starting point must be

Unknown Speaker 31:23
their expert. And each of us who know someone to collect this type of information presented the case and describe the situation, we have an up and running website, but we need to for some reasons to migrate it somewhere else. And to try to come up with a budget and how much it’s going to cost.

Unknown Speaker 31:50
I mean, I think that’s a continuing process, as I understand it, and I don’t think that would fade commitment to let it be it is consultant advisors. Going back to your parallel process, I do think we need to start I don’t think we can go around in circles. And actually 40 times 120 is is over $4,000, which is pretty much. So we got 40 NGOs and beta, the maximum 120 euros will be ready to be rich. So that’s that’s I think, I think that’s the realm of the budget that we’re going to be having, I don’t think we’re going to get much more than $5,000 a year. So if they’re more generous, we can have donations. But I do I do wish that aside today, we will ask for money. Because we have a

Unknown Speaker 32:55
small expenses, all of us

Unknown Speaker 32:57
have been doing volunteer work and paying for drinks. And you know, it’s it’s it’s not, it’s not like nothing. So I would like a decision today that we will start asking for membership and strategy and reaching out for new members, I understand there’s a draft letter that we would send out about 40 NGOs that we know about. And perhaps we can double that amount from the list of people who have attended the Congress and commission.

Unknown Speaker 33:33
My final fall will have something

Unknown Speaker 33:36
that I think that in principle, it’s okay. But in practice, we have to, to explain for what you know, as a transition team, we may have a very good argument to ask NGOs, to be the founding members of the new show to help. And this is going to be supporting the new vision and we have to share the new vision we have to share what the new alliance is going to be we have to think big and to be able to get some interest also from from those NGOs that are not there. At the moment to think that what we are going to do is going to add value, it’s going to be something crucial, very interesting. So even if it’s a modest amount they can pay it. And I don’t think that we are there yet. So frankly, to go and ask for the money before having the vision, at least that a little story that we can share. So something that connects between now and the Congress, for example, something that we agree, we can present as what the Alliance is going to do for the Congress in preparation and after work to implement whatever Kyoto declaration will be there. So I think we have to work on this story. And then we can go out and do some

Unknown Speaker 35:09
guy are speeding,

Unknown Speaker 35:10
we had a meeting recently, the tracks committee, and they supposed to have a meeting with the new ambassadors of the 13th of September, we can also add some context, we are cooperating with the other alliances, and we have the nation but if you still are talking about

Unknown Speaker 35:36
homepages so on first we need to have a structure and a new team.

Unknown Speaker 35:45
Hopefully elected in October

Unknown Speaker 35:49
for the first

Unknown Speaker 35:51
term. And then we can show them something about we are doing big screen tried to do already things now.

Unknown Speaker 36:02
So they should really go on. But it’s

Unknown Speaker 36:09
nice and easy. It’s because Karen character

Unknown Speaker 36:14
is fine going to the end of October, we decided that’s one thing. But whether you like it or not, you still

Unknown Speaker 36:20
need some funds to continue even to get started what we need to have them you know, we need to need funds, police hapa get to her website to over you need funds to work to register and to translate my multi translation. material. Okay, so so so I don’t see now we’re gonna have a premiere over, we’re gonna we’re gonna have wishful thinking with no funds whatsoever. But you know, at least business cards, some kind of presentation,

Unknown Speaker 36:54
business cards,

Unknown Speaker 36:55

Unknown Speaker 36:57
I never got one from an organization. I think

Unknown Speaker 37:06
we need all those things.

Unknown Speaker 37:09
And you were saying you saying

Unknown Speaker 37:13
actually nothing.

Unknown Speaker 37:16
Actually nothing more

Unknown Speaker 37:17
work. I said it before, I think we need the budget and budget Of course, he was nervous that we stumbled around bedside can be went to executive and the fed into the two lakh lakh invite. either or, but let’s let’s put the website and the costs related to it on a side building would want to mention, there are some other expenses and they will be expenses. So the question is, is there a secretary, which is me a sonic officer permanently seated here, between the lines, and you know, the sea members physically meeting them at the daily basis? and many other things. Also, those are critical decision, what is the orientation of life? So those are things you know, there’s always something for for something, you know, I can’t address either Member States or my own organization to ask something, even the something is 50 euros for nothing, they have to see a respected, they have to see, because sending money paying something is a sense of appreciation. It’s not an amount. It’s simply a gesture. And I think we should play this little bit small, but is far larger, we need here perspective, we need to see what Alliance wants to do in one year in three years in five years and 1010 years. So how much it can help member state go Tony a self services talking club, but healthy member state, and then we can approach and we can fix many problems.

Unknown Speaker 38:46
So this this is this.

Unknown Speaker 38:50
But say of recommendation night.

Unknown Speaker 38:53
Thank you. Okay. You have a volunteered, I think to do this.

Unknown Speaker 39:01
Oh, great. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 39:04
Well, I do want to endorse what is being said in the critical piece of this, it depends on the vision that you have for the Alliance. If it is to be just a version of what it’s been in the past, then yes, you don’t have to do very much. And you can figure out the cheapest way forward. But if there is to be a vision of the Alliance, that includes the younger generation, that engages them in a more global activist organization, that’s a completely different mindset and set of activities that need to be adopted and taken in by the Alliance going forward. So the critical decision that I think is in part being made now and or by who is going to throw their names into the hat for the elections in October is going to be whether or not or what kind of vision the person running for chair and or vice chairs, etc, are going to have for the Alliance, the piddling around, excuse me, but about a couple of dollars here and there is secondary. I’ve just simply tried to use this platform of talking about the about the website as an entry point for really stimulate what needs to be done, in my opinion is a stimulated discussion about the about the mission and the purpose of the Alliance, and how it will work as a global entity. And if there’s little to no vision, but just survive and get by, then it will be no different. So I urge those who are thinking about putting their hat names in the ring for October, to be chair or vice chair to start really thinking about their platform, and not the website platform, but their platform of what the Alliance is going to be. Because this is more fundamental than whether or not we have, you know, a legal entity that has a website. But it’s more about what do we do to serve the community and to entice and engage the younger generation?

Unknown Speaker 41:35
May I say something, I completely agree what Karen on is unnecessary, because during the meetings that we had with the transition committee, we had the opportunity to reduce the lead the managerial roles, and also not in their entirety. We respected to respect the function, Dr. Newton responsibility. And therefore, I think it’s very much fair to discuss membership fees, features type of engagement with organization where we don’t have as yet a specific operational vision and strategy for the organization. And what I feel to propose is to have those who are in the entering board currently, to work along some there on the preparation of the operational side of the organization so that by September, we can discuss it.

Unknown Speaker 42:33
Just looking at you because being one of the global

Unknown Speaker 42:39
another global initiative is a very successful organization, which is also which

Unknown Speaker 42:45
can kind of influence membership in a way because the members of the global initiative, whether there’s something you could share with regards to, you know, very moving forward and making dangerous taking into consideration is one common denominator. They have

Unknown Speaker 43:03
any business if you haven’t, if you don’t have some, some

Unknown Speaker 43:07

Unknown Speaker 43:11
is still secondary to vision and leadership

Unknown Speaker 43:18
will come if there is vision and leadership.

Unknown Speaker 43:22
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 43:25
Yeah, you need to first in my view, you know, we need first to have the election so that people know who is their counterpart, and, you know, and then this this, whoever will be the leadership will present a program, and this program can be funded. That’s, that’s not, it’s just that, you can know, it’s very difficult to do it just in a transition phase.

Unknown Speaker 43:55
But also, I remember the last discussion we had last time, I think my understanding was that you also are going to work on some kind of a small presentation or paper, like a one pager about what the Alliance is, what is it about? Because you’re talking about approaching members, right? I mean, how are you approaching them? And what are you telling them? If you say, give us give us membership, money, 1200 and 20 euros? What are you telling them? You know, what did they get out of that? You know, if you become a member of the Alliance, what are you benefits to becoming a member of the Alliance? You know, how can you actually benefit, pay this money be part of that it’s not just the money, but it’s, it’s this awkward, you all come here to this particular meetings? I mean, you can fund arenas, you can you can somehow also translate in your time into money, you know, it’s a lot of money that you pay to actually be in this many. So what does it actually what do you get out of that? You know, what do you tell these new members? So what is the new alliance? And what are the benefits of them being there? So in addition to the mission statement, mission statement, should be done. ASAP, as we discuss

Unknown Speaker 45:03

Unknown Speaker 45:05
and what will be the central standard

Unknown Speaker 45:09
mission statement. So

Unknown Speaker 45:13
all the all the money’s in one, one, global

Unknown Speaker 45:17
agreements, and this is where

Unknown Speaker 45:20
so now the people that are there before us how to tell us what they expect people coming tomorrow, what they would want.

Unknown Speaker 45:28

Unknown Speaker 45:31
just just for your reference, so you’ll see on the screen that the existing website has a beginning point, I’m not saying that should be it. It’s just saying that already on cc, slash about there is a mission of the Alliance. And that gives some kind of information there as a place to begin. If you want to have something quick, short, easy access for now. But that shouldn’t be the full extent, in my opinion of what the the Alliance should become.

Unknown Speaker 46:10

Unknown Speaker 46:12
Karen, I wanted to bring, and I wanted also to bring up the this there have been mission statements from the New York Alliance from the Vienna lions. And they’re also they’re pretty broad. I mean, I don’t know, election campaign. I don’t know what we sound like the US elections, where we’re going to save it and do this and open up Boston continue more or less same things which you have just outlined there. I think I might be able to improve them. But I think we should inch forward based on the mission statements we’ve had for the last 40 years. We’re not we’re not inventing something new. We have been around we help the various intergovernmental bodies to develop conventions to develop principles. I don’t know what’s going to be actual next year, what’s going to be the most important thing that we can influence over what do we want to talk about? You know, the future the future? I don’t think we really know that. But we haven’t had a pretty outstanding record, actually, in terms of the interaction between NGOs in the member states. So

Unknown Speaker 47:37
we could work on the SDG.

Unknown Speaker 47:39
Exactly, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 47:40
Yeah, about the future that is already in the past. So some of which can be transformed into more modern language?

Unknown Speaker 47:51
Well, I think Karen’s language is a good place to start

Unknown Speaker 47:54
from Exactly. But but we have the StG. So we have new frameworks, we have conventions, we have to review mechanism.

Unknown Speaker 48:03

Unknown Speaker 48:05
somebody just needs to, you know, do the next round.

Unknown Speaker 48:08
Anyway, I just said that’s, that’s the

Unknown Speaker 48:10
beginning place or a place or a reference point. And then, but the key with all of this is going to be who’s going to step in and do it, who’s going to do the fundraising? Who’s going to write the letters? Who’s going to make sure that there is a budget who’s going to you know, it’s it’s really now about making the rubber hit the road. So that’s, that’s all I’m trying to urge people is to step up and do the work

Unknown Speaker 48:37
to find new people. Alright, so I mean, we could have one more discussion about about a mission statement.

Unknown Speaker 48:46
In the summer, if we want. We want to do that. And

Unknown Speaker 48:54
if we we all agree on this transition tema. And I don’t know exactly if I captured the decomposition because I have two minutes here. Where I am nominated as the Chair, thank you very much for to who nominated me. And I see Cecilia is vice chair and they see to be a secretary. And correction that came later. Ingeborg as treasurer, correct?

Unknown Speaker 49:29
Yes. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 49:32
I don’t see any other

Unknown Speaker 49:36
board members in the transition. Is this correct? No, no, I had I

Unknown Speaker 49:43
had nominated for vice chairs. Well, a second.

Unknown Speaker 49:49
Okay, so how does this is this something that comes here or what?

Unknown Speaker 49:57
was it? Was it last time?

Unknown Speaker 50:02
On my seat? I wouldn’t mean okay. If we agree. All right.

Unknown Speaker 50:07

Unknown Speaker 50:09
Do I think we want the global we want the global initiative onboard, full stop.

Unknown Speaker 50:22
But this is my understanding that this this is to get to to then formalize the Alliance, then this, this group then establishes effectively becomes the nominating committee and setting things up for the October conference.

Unknown Speaker 50:42
Actually, actually,

Unknown Speaker 50:45
my lady and I agreed that we would be part of the nominating committee, because we’re not in the elections.

Unknown Speaker 50:53
Federal Election Committee

Unknown Speaker 50:54
election Dominion nomination. Ok. So

Unknown Speaker 50:58
the candidate is that was

Unknown Speaker 51:02
discussed, that the election quality is not anyone who is right now for the registration. Right.

Unknown Speaker 51:13
That small group,

Unknown Speaker 51:16
that group oversees the the election process.

Unknown Speaker 51:20
Yeah. So the beyond besides those who needs to go have some other ways? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 51:26
For as as the election committee, because I think

Unknown Speaker 51:32
other people and absolutely,

Unknown Speaker 51:34
that was Michaels idea, I think it’s absolutely appropriate.

Unknown Speaker 51:40
Okay. And this is enable, we have over 400 NGOs, we would like to address them, the very moment we have the session spreadsheets

Unknown Speaker 51:52
and invite them for the meeting at the end of October.

Unknown Speaker 52:01
Okay, so we expected

Unknown Speaker 52:03
if we can get the translations

Unknown Speaker 52:04
done and submitted to the police here, it will take one month, and then some days where it’ll be at the middle of summer. And then we will try to invite people in August for this of September me.

Unknown Speaker 52:23
Okay. All right. Let me Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 52:29
Meanwhile, we should scrap the letter we sent to this

Unknown Speaker 52:34
to the intention NGO members, okay.

Unknown Speaker 52:38
To invite invite people to

Unknown Speaker 52:44
nominate, nominate or nominate somebody for the role. The various roles, right.

Unknown Speaker 52:51
Well, we thought there should be two people we should. Yeah, we thought there should be two people nominating everybody.

Unknown Speaker 53:00
Okay, too. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 53:04
I guess that taking a look at the dimension and making a proposal for

Unknown Speaker 53:10
the next round and share with the group. Would that be okay?

Unknown Speaker 53:15
No, please. Question is here the is this the transition team as a whole or just the smaller?

Unknown Speaker 53:24

Unknown Speaker 53:26
I’m fine with either one. I just wanting

Unknown Speaker 53:30
team as a whole, I would say

Unknown Speaker 53:33
two groups, also, I mean,

Unknown Speaker 53:37
budget and then on mission statement, and then we can decide if we are faster.

Unknown Speaker 53:45
Yeah, I think that for the mission statement, it should be the larger group to give input. And then part of this text that will go into the letters of invitation and that will be dealt with by the election committee. So we will need also to to finalize the composition of the election.

Unknown Speaker 54:09
quite soon.

Unknown Speaker 54:13
I mean, you don’t accept?

Unknown Speaker 54:18
Yes, I do. I do. But it’s too It’s only two. No. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 54:29
No, no.

Unknown Speaker 54:32
Karen wants to join us is as you

Unknown Speaker 54:36
know, it was just that I remember that. There may be other people who are nominated then on the spot during the electoral process. So people who will have to,

Unknown Speaker 54:49
to check the votes. We’re hoping

Unknown Speaker 54:52
that we know. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 54:55
So and then another thing that I would like to know is going back courts, we have the 11th of October as a date. So when do we have to send out the invitations?

Unknown Speaker 55:09

Unknown Speaker 55:11
August when? See

Unknown Speaker 55:21
here in Vienna, 50. Because of the registration.

Unknown Speaker 55:27
Okay, so make sure.

Unknown Speaker 55:32
Okay, right here is that sometime?

Unknown Speaker 55:36
The registration of the statutes? Yeah. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 55:40
Also, I will drop into Slack, a sample Alliance call for nominations? For the two on the nominations committee to begin considering the parameters of

Unknown Speaker 55:57
Okay. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 56:00
And all people can put in put their feedback on on that document. It’ll be in slack.

Unknown Speaker 56:08
And your vision statements? Can you get that to us in July?

Unknown Speaker 56:14
Yes, of course. I think I send it back quite soon. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 56:19
we could have another meeting when

Unknown Speaker 56:23

Unknown Speaker 56:26

Unknown Speaker 56:32
depends on when people are going on vacation.

Unknown Speaker 56:36
I’m sure everybody’s got a different

Unknown Speaker 56:40

Unknown Speaker 56:42
Well, for me, I will be away the first part of July. So for me, it’s better on the 24th of July. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 57:00

Unknown Speaker 57:02
It’s the same time, same place.

Unknown Speaker 57:09
When you will be in a babysitter you come with a

Unknown Speaker 57:15
week or less, but okay. It’s it’s a difficult time and feel I have completely moved. I don’t know. Exactly. And moving stuff. And I’m always in between. So. Okay, I know for sure that on that day, they will be in Geneva. So I don’t have anything planned. So in theory, I should be able to connect.

Unknown Speaker 57:48
No, no, no, no, no.

Unknown Speaker 57:50
Let’s stick to the day to this word decently today. It was a little bit difficult to hear, but it took two. Okay. I think.

Unknown Speaker 58:01
Alright, so we have another meeting in approximately one month’s time.

Unknown Speaker 58:08
The mission statement,

Unknown Speaker 58:09
okay. And we stay in touch through these various

Unknown Speaker 58:15

Unknown Speaker 58:24
I’m just pleased you decided to hold the next meeting at a time which will be here in South Australia, midnight, and it will be the celebration of my 60th birthday and the 25th of July. So you’ll all be here just me. Toast myself. We will

Unknown Speaker 58:52
all have some for breakfast.

Unknown Speaker 59:00
If it’s Michael on a serious note I I will only make a couple of very quick pointers. One is my own experience of the world Society of victimology in transferring websites confirms the experience that Karen referred to, and the tall, both in terms of personal our but also costs. But I am also aware that with it search engines such as Google, etc, if you don’t maintain that history, it takes a long time to build up the recognition to the extent that you appear in the first one or two pages of the search in rather than at 10 or 11 or 12 pages down. I think that’s really an important thing that the lions shouldn’t lose. If it wants to attract new members. I grew the other gentleman Sorry, I missed his name. If I’m to go back to the world society victimology and say we need to pay 120 euro, I’m going to be asked for what, and give me more information. So I think he made a very valid point. And other than that, I congratulate those who volunteer to do things. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:20
Okay, Cecilia, you want to say something?

Unknown Speaker 1:00:26
No, no, it’s everything. It’s everything on my side.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:30
Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:33
Would you like to do some work on the budgets in the meantime,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:39
are not already getting awareness.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:46
We have several members of global initiative, so I would really see them because they are so marvelous. City, I mean, maybe I’m naive. That’s my understanding why that city that traditionally Boyd is the most sensitive time for life. If he appropriated, you know, he gave a trust to the organizational to the other organization. That’s my understanding.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:14
Well, thanks. Thanks for your faith and confidence. That’s been quite good so far. And that’s the same thing with being nominated with several things. But, yeah, on the on the budget side, I mean, have we hadn’t really considered that I’m not really comfortable agreeing to that at the moment, and, you know, will help as part of the transition team by not sure. Given the lack of kind of view, we have at the current budgetary situation, are we the best place we have this country, but I don’t want to commit to leading on that.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:52
Just to correct myself, I didn’t, I didn’t point the finger of global initiative, giving us the knowledge, but helping us in expertise.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
Would they be helping us when they don’t?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:05
come for free? We need we need a person to create the hook, don’t give us a fish. So let me ask you something.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:20
What’s a little bit of an issue for you to the table?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:27
The most established organization with respect to ontology, which we haven’t really spoken about today, of trying to national organized crime. And I think, you know, we will we hope to be the recognized counterpart for healing convention. Organized crime. So there are natural artists like Amnesty International, or Phaedra, reform International, and in the big box, which I hope we can regain.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:03
But then we should also bring on

Unknown Speaker 1:03:08
another phone because it’s a big, fat,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:13
dimensional risky, romantic, very serious.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:18
I mean, Thank you, Michael. You know, I’m, I’m new to the success, I’ve come to these meetings and like global initiative is relatively new in the world of 2013, and definitely new Vienna. And when deliberately not trying to step on anybody’s toes in this process, we’re very grateful for the welcome and the nominations, we have a transition team. And as I say, we will work offer advice and that transition team that you know, the elections haven’t happened yet. We don’t want to come in and start telling people how you know how to do things, we just want to be part of a team.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:04
If I may just add also, because in terms of the also the complimentary advantages that we see with with the best technical initiative, as it as Michael mentioned, Alliance is a very natural partner, also for you, and ODC. And this is how we also do the global initiative, especially when it comes to the work that they do, they’re related to the UN Convention, again, transnational has a very natural possibility that could help also in in a building up of the Alliance, I mean, the hundred sabarish themselves already is acquires a international organization, he does not take very little steps to get there. And as a scientist, that kind of a building up face, I think a lot of experience at the global initiative has can actually help them move forward in

Unknown Speaker 1:04:58
in that direction. So I’m

Unknown Speaker 1:05:02
going to been around since 1970.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:03

Unknown Speaker 1:05:08
can you hear me okay?

Unknown Speaker 1:05:11
Yes, I have muted myself, I can hear you.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:14
Ok. So the lines has been there since 1972. And momentum of contacts, experience and expertise in NI conventions that we helped guide to the system. So the before, please don’t get me wrong. I’m just thinking outside the box as a business person. Meeting with global initiative comes on board. And they already have a structure. How does what happens when the Alliance you know the line share the narrow lane? If not fascinating? Okay. So, so now, what happens to the engine lights is built over 40 years? And why is global initiative? And again, don’t get me wrong? I’m just asking the question. Why would you be interested in in an organization that’s basically not structured with this time? Well, they’re already ahead of the game, like, even though they’ve been here for a shorter time.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:25
Exactly. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:27
I don’t want to answer this.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:35
It’s, it’s an umbrella organization. And, you know, it’s like, if Transparency International is not part of of the coalition, it would be a bit strange, considering that you want the alliance to have also a mandate on issues related to talk and organized crime is one

Unknown Speaker 1:06:56
area where they work. So we’re going to the room should have been,

Unknown Speaker 1:07:02
because because the global initiative is an organization very specializing and kind of required that is is much more broader is policy based, is the counterpart of your inner DC on policy, when it comes to the site on the statement has to come from a brother or better.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:23
Can I say something? Can I sorry?

Unknown Speaker 1:07:30
Can I ask why? Why are we talking so much? Because

Unknown Speaker 1:07:35

Unknown Speaker 1:07:55
don’t have anything special in their structure, I don’t see anything special in there. Why say International, or whatever. The same as many other organizations, they are international NGOs.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:12
But if they already have open if they have some form of a structured platform, and you can work for us also,

Unknown Speaker 1:08:19
when this is a very interesting thing, because I know because I am one of the the experts and members of the global initiative, because they call themselves and network of networks. So they have managed to put together the individual experts notice individual experts are specialized in organized crime in different areas. I don’t know really, I don’t think that this is the area where they are mostly successful. It’s interesting. It’s a novelty, it’s a type of platform for divest, they do implement projects, they are very successful EN can code interpretation, but I think that their way to implement project is very successful, but because they are good, not because they are different from from others.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:14
So I guess you can learn from them a lot faster, instead of trying to read them off the wheel.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:19
But but it is.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:22
It is learning that is for each NGO participating in the Alliance, because they their structure is not an alliance type structure. It doesn’t have anything to do with it with the work that we want to do at the Alliance. It’s a different thing.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:45
But it’s a critical conjunction in which we are assigning a member member fees, budget, so many more going into some sort of the pledging for the fans. And the global initiative is sitting here represents by the sense of a knowledgeable gentlemen, we are just asking this, because they are also not dependent on the on the membership. And I think it’s beyond the question whether global initiative zero or not, I think every successful entity is basically not based on the on the membership, if this is not the chair do the National Review. And that’s exactly coming back to the vision. I think vision and the budget are collected things. And then, as Karen said, once we answer those questions, then the question, the favorite website advance of itself.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:37
No, I may be it may be, then I didn’t understand exactly what we are establishing. Because if we want to establish a new NGO that is going to get funding to do projects, then the global initiative can be a model. But otherwise, I don’t know the Alliance is a different type of work. Maybe we should we should have this discussion more clearly. Because I am there’s something that I need to be very clear about. If there is the expectation that we become as an ally and something similar to the global initiative, then I really didn’t understand what

Unknown Speaker 1:11:24
if I made this to add to what may Allah mentioned already. For us, we see these two NGOs, or these two networks as complimentary, in a way. So we have, let’s say, an operational partner in England, a global initiative, it’s as, as Anna mentioned, they are very successful in how they actually operate in their particular implementation of specific projects. Therefore, they’re a good partner and operational partner. The Alliance, on the other hand, is more of a policy partner, you know, when it comes to the involvement of civil society in a Crime Commission, or the crime Congress, for instance, you know, the Alliance, we realized we can tap into the membership of the alliance that are across the board, you know, people like the organization, such a global initiative feeds into the Alliance, you know, how people, criminologist, you know, in different types of organizations, so the alignment is more of a policy partner, host host, if you will, and they are more the operational partners, and they are

Unknown Speaker 1:12:33
interested in knowing kind of the

Unknown Speaker 1:12:37
subject before, before I joined the global initiative, I was at the UK permanent mission in Vienna for five years, I know, the VNNJ Committee very well. And exactly what he said is yet the kind of thing that I was in the stream, if you’re a member state, you see that the enter into committee as the umbrella organization, you the policy access to various different organizations that can help you put you in touch with who and represents a whole different group of people sometimes in practices, whereas the big NGOs, like transform, IDC, or whatever you would go to see for the more practical, and then of course, you know, American, the leadership with the energy.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:25
So, I mean, I

Unknown Speaker 1:13:26
understand some of the things I mean.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:31
And just also to remember that, again, historically, the Alliance provides inputs into various policy or standards and norms through its working groups that are very critical and important part of the way the Alliance works and contributes to the to crime prevention, criminal justice, global policy.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:56
Yep. Okay, so I think the mission statement is not going to be that hard to do. But

Unknown Speaker 1:14:02
it’s enough.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:05
Send it around as soon as you can, and everybody will have a chance to read it. And we can perhaps a Brianna.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:12
Yeah, I will look at my phone battery is dying. And it looks like we like each other so much that we want to keep talking for a very long time. So maybe we will have to discipline ourselves a bit for the future. So that the battery is so okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:43
Please, talk okay. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:46
Okay, so I can I can come to

Unknown Speaker 1:14:50
you. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:55
Everybody, thank you very much. I have to rush now. So I said, Hello,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
dude. Do you want to have the audio of this put up on slack? So does anybody need to listen to this again at all or is it

Unknown Speaker 1:15:10
it’s possible

Unknown Speaker 1:15:14
for those who are not.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:24
Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:15:26
Thank you very much,

Unknown Speaker 1:15:28

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