Restorative Justice Working Group

The purpose of the working party is to further the development of restorative justice principles and practices at the United Nations and among member states implementing the United Nations Basic Principles on the Use of Restorative Justice Programmes in Criminal Matters [E/CN.15/2002 /5/Add.1].

This shall be accomplished by:
1. Coordinating Alliance activities on matters related to restorative justice, including presentations on restorative justice at United Nations Crime Congresses and other appropriate venues;
2. Providing technical expertise to U.N. member states wanting to develop restorative justice programs in their justice systems; and
3. Promoting the use of restorative justice in U.N. peace-building responses to the aftermath of civil war, occupation, or wide-spread crimes against humanity. .For more information, download this pdf brochure or contact Paul McCold.


Posted on

June 22, 2010