The Alliance Met

Friday May 8th, 2020 at 10:00 AM New York (EST)



  1. “Around the Zoom Room”
    • Attendees introduced themselves.
  2. NY Alliance Working Groups:
    • The newly formed Working Group on COVID and Domestic Violence (Yael Danieli)
    • Report and Closing of  Working Group on Partnerships (Karen Judd Smith)
  3. Ongoing discussions about the Alliance @UNHQ, NY: How can the Alliance help its Members?
  4. Updates from Vienna
  5. News from Members
  6. Next Meeting 2nd Friday of the month: June 12, 2020.
    1. Continue monthly or return to bi-monthly
    2. Lightning talk at the next meeting anyone?
Registered Participants

The following registered for the meeting:

Name (First) Name (Last) I am attending as My Organization Country
Inge geyer an Individual Expert / Advocate   Austria
Jay Albanese an Organizational Representative Criminologists without Borders United States
Lloyd Kkein an Individual Expert / Advocate   United States
Giovanna de Melo Pessoa Both Defensoria Publica de Pernambuco Public defensor cabinet   /.  UNESCO ASP net local coordinator Brazil
Ronald Brinn an Individual Expert / Advocate   United States
Sylvanus Murray an Organizational Representative Advocacy Initiative for Development (AID) Sierra Leone
Rita Faria an Individual Expert / Advocate   Portugal
Antonio Souza an Organizational Representative Internation police commission United Kingdom
Lul Admasachew Both Higher Education Excellence, UK established Civil Society.
Michael Platzer Both IAAI Austria
Sruthi Palaniappan an Organizational Representative COVID Taskforce on Domestic Violence United States
Ashri Anurudran an Individual Expert / Advocate   United States
Ugoji Eze an Individual Expert / Advocate   United States
Yael Danieli an Organizational Representative International Organization for Victim Assistance United States
Lloyd Klein an Individual Expert / Advocate   United States
Wael Hikal an Organizational Representative Sociedad Mexicana de Criminología capítulo Nuevo León Mexico
Sheba Michiyo Shibahara an Organizational Representative JCE/MMA United States
Annesha Kar Gupta an Individual Expert / Advocate   India
Tochukwu Madubuike an Organizational Representative SDCE United States
Ifeanyi Nwanoro an Organizational Representative CIPDI United States
Pshtiwan Faraj Mohammed an Individual Expert / Advocate   Iraq
Atef Soliman an Organizational Representative Gatef organization Egypt
Ugoji Eze an Individual Expert / Advocate   United States
Ronald Brinn Both Millennium Forum of NGOs United States
Karen Judd Smith an Organizational Representative ICRD United States


Letter from the Chair of the Working Group on COVID and Domestic Violence
Dear colleagues,

I am heartened with your interest in participating in the Working Group on COVID-19 and Domestic Violence initiated during the last Alliance meeting held via zoom Friday, April 3,2020.

I chose to initiate the Working Group  out of the growing realization that the sheltering-in-place required almost all around the world in the fight against COVID-19 will in effect trap, as well as deprive of normally structurally available supports (shelters, schools, community-based programs), an untold number of vulnerable family members (mostly women, children, the elderly, the disabled), and especially among the poor, to be elaborated upon separately.  This, notwithstanding the homeless, and those already confined in other settings (e.g., prisoners) in a potentially violent and abusive contexts.

In addition to gathering reports from around the world, in my search for members and collaborators, was delighted to discover a group of Cambridge and Harvard students/graduates who established a Task Force focusing on DV (I will send you their e-mail separately) who are willing to collaborate with us and would like members of our WGCDV to serve as advisers to their TF.  I plan on reaching out to other relevant

I invite all of you to reach our ant to other colleagues who might want to join us and to forward to me any and all materials you deem relevant so Ashri (the TF Chair) can incorporate them into their information maps (we are doing it together, of course, also with your input)..

I suggest that we add an item to the upcoming NY Alliance meeting on these important developments.

Looking forward to hearing from you ASAP,

Yael Danieli
Chair, Working Group on COVID-19 and Domestic Violence (WGCDV)