Apr 30, 2018

There was once a girl
that had woken up
with dirt on the floor
and cracks on the walls
with her growling stomach
she is forced to get up
and face another cruel day

As she is stepping outside
waving her family good-bye
she will keep her head high
and be aware of everything that comes by

As she walks to work
she has gotten used to
the whistles and the stares
she starts wondering
if that was her last meal
her last stroll
her last day

Once she gets to work
she is taking part
of a young cheap labor force
due to her low social standing
she is seen as unimportant
and being abused in every way possible
But knowing that her family depends on her
she stays strong
even with her low pay
she dares not say a word
she will keep going

And finally
they are returning home
after a long day
of being harassed
and mistreated

After long day
of being violated of their rights
and being treated
as a defenseless women

Some did not even have a chance to go to work
you may have only runned a little late
maybe you were followed and threatened along the way
Either way
If the clock was against you
you would find the door closed
and turned away into the dark night

As you are returning home
you are roaming the dark streets of Mexico
you are all alone
there isn’t a single noise
but your beating heart against your chest

But perhaps
for the exception
of that one man behind you
with a gun in his hand
to put an end
to your short life

You hear a gunshot
your instinct tells you to run
you start running
the fastest you’ve ran in your entire life
soon, you are trapped
he walks up to you
you start begging for mercy
he grabs you
he drags you away
into an open field
you are full of fear
he hits your head
you see your life flash before your eyes
and you fall unconscious
he undresses you
rapes you

And finally
when you are coming back to reality
he shoots you
in your head
in your chest
in your heart

you will become
one of the 6 girls
that died that day
you will become
one of the 1221 girls
that died that year

Imagine those girls that do fight back
those that will die with dignity
those that do see value in themselves
even though the government says otherwise

But little do they know
that it will only lead them
to a shorter, bloodier death

Young girls aren’t the only victims
But pregnant women are also being prosecuted
and murdered
With little
to no mercy
shown to them
Ending 2 young lives
ruining the life of a child
and destroying the dream of a mother

Imagine a little girl
asking her family members
“where is my mom”
“can i talk to her”
“when will i see her again”
what if that was your daughter
what if that was your sister
what if that was you

To your murderer, you will be one more satisfaction
To your enemies, you will be one less disturbance
To your family, you will be a blank space in their heart
To the government, you will only be (body) number 59

Mireya Sanchez

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