Preparatory Meeting for the Upcoming 13th Crime Congress

tad-logo-comPlease note that the USA will change to Standard Time on Sunday 3rd November. Hence to decrease confusion about times (especially since times are “all over the place” from the get go)  I am suggesting our options begin on the 4th November.

If there are any other other changes in daylight savings hours around this time… my apologies. As far as I can tell, Australia, Austria and Germany should already have made their time changes. Bangkok does not change?

The poll will remain open until the last moment of Tuesday 29th… whenever that is!

PLUS one of the ways we can stay informed is to start a list for updates, meeting reminders etc. If you wish to be added to that list, put your info in the pop-up. Thanks!




This small table shows you the spread of times in the various time-zones.

Plus the “Time Options” numbers are the options being given in the poll below.


Preferred Teleconference Date for Preparatory Meetings for the Upcoming Thirteenth Crime Congress

Please use the time options (1,2,3,4 shown in the above table) to indicate your preference.