Karen Judd Smith

Aug 20, 2004

Karen Judd Smith continues to help get the Alliance “out there” in the digital world so as to expand the influence of social activists and entrepreneurs in order to help facilitate greater impact. International NGOs are society’s advocates and diplomats and play an often unseen but crucial role in upgrading international policy and accountability.

The Alliance, being active in the arenas of crime prevention and criminal justice provides an essential role in facilitating greater engagement and collaboration amongst the individual NGOs and their UN representatives and UNODC. The scope of work is broad, as you can see by the issue areas of the Alliance Focal Points.

Karen first brought the Alliance online since August 2002 and has continued to facilitate online meetings and webcasts and encourage international engagement even when Alliance members are so diverse in their specific expertise and can seem like the task is one of herding cats. They are, nevertheless, better together (#bettertogether)

In 2016 she will be launching her new book, “United Nations Unlocked” to help expand the understanding of the value—indeed vital need today—for unconventional forward looking alliances. Those in particular at this time are two: religion – government to address the rise in violent extremisms and tech – diplomats to better handle the coming tech tsunami and the slower uptake of social adaptation at the institutional levels—the level that makes or breaks our global health.

United Nations Unlocked by Dr. Karen Judd Smith