Organizations Promoting A Just Society, 2012

The following is a current list of organizations who are promoting the Week as Sponsors. Some will promote by adding their voice, expertise, insights and best practices. Others will support with funds and sweat equity!

The list of events will be posted as well as the list of sponsoring organizations.

Fairleigh Dickinson University
Cyber Crime and Internet Security
Guns, Drugs and Gangs
Public Policy for Combating Political Corruption

Knights For Peace, International

The American Correctional Association

Stop Abuse Campaign
Participant, Promoter

Women’s Federation for World Peace, International
Donor and Supporter 

UNODC/UNIS/ACUNS/Universitat Wien
Webinar: “Trafficking Prevention and the Victims: New United Nations and Acacdemic Perspectivese

International Alliance of Women

The NGO Academy

Szab Foundation

Agence Internationale pour le Développement
Participant, Contributor, Promoter, Supporter
Seminar: Lutte contre la corruption et Développement Humain

The NGO World Foundation
Participant & Promoter

West Africa Centre for Peace Foundation

The Caucus for Women’s Leadership

Rural Development Foundation (RDF)
Promoter & Supporter

National Rural Development Programme (NRDP)
Seminar: National Seminar on Anti Drug Usage to Save The Younger Generation

Eng Aja Eze Foundation
Forum: A just and Equitable Society for victims in zones of conflict
Date: 12/08/2012