The Vienna & New York Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice continued discussions online. This “meeting” included participants from The Hague, Vienna, New York and California.

Mirella Dummar Frahi, Head of the Civil Society Team of UNODC, Vienna began the meeting by providing her insights of the NGO – Member State dynamics during the recent Implementation Review Group of the United Nations Convention against Corruption that took place 27 – 31 May in Vienna.

The meetings then shifted to general discussions and information sharing regarding NGO efforts prior to the 2015 Crime Commission and the current intent to hold a Civil Society Forum the day before the Congress starts.

The proceedings of this meeting are available in this recording. The recording was only started after everyone had introduced themselves as Mirella began to give her report.

We decided to continue this discussion online (so that all parties can join from their various locations world-wide) as well as to encourage all NGOs and NGO alliances to prepare for the Congress in any way they can and where possible to continue to connect with one another.

Audio Re-play of the Meeting

Facilitating Networks

The Alliance is offering to host links and event information of any of its members and like-minded NGOs in the category “NGO Preparations for 2015 Crime Congress”. If you have information you wish to add to the Calendar of Events, please use the “Submission” page to send the request. Files (images, pdfs, text and word documents) can be sent.

We encourage you to send “print ready” articles complete with links and images.

We realize that this there are other sites that will also provide opportunities such as this, and when we become aware of them will add them to our “Link Roll” but hope to foster and form a network of NGO efforts the process.