Date & Time

Friday June 12, 2020 at 11:00 AM New York (EST)


11:00 AM Alliance updates and general business as per Agenda below
11:30 AM – 12:30 PM Working Group on Covid-19 and Domestic Violence

Alliance Business

  1. Introductions: Around the room (10 minutes)
  2. Updates from Vienna
  3. Brief review of 2020 Alliance Highlights (5 Minutes)
    • September Outline of Responsibilities & Call for Nominations
    • September: Online Music and Film Festival “End It” on Human Trafficking
    • October: Online Summit on Domestic Violence During COVID
    • November: Presentation of the Slate of Candidates for the Alliance Board
    • December: Membership Drive:
    • January 2021 Elections
  4. NY Alliance Working Groups (5 minutes)
    • Working Group on COVID and Domestic Violence (Yael Danieli)
    • New Working Group on Human Trafficking  (Karen Judd Smith) (5 minutes)
    • Standing Invitation to Alliance Members to form Working Groups
  5. Other News from Members (10 minutes)
  6. Next Meeting 2nd Friday of the month: August 14, 2020 at 11:00 AM.

Working Group on Covid-19 and Domestic Violence (WGCDV)

Details of work to be presented at the time.

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Links Referenced in the Meeting

New article – When “Shelter-in-Place” Isn’t Shelter That’s Safe: A Rapid Analysis of Domestic Violence Case Differences During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Stay-at-Home Orders

Re literature on Covid-19 & DV

World Happiness Report 2020:

Coping with Covid-19 (motor car has become new private space for victims of domestic/family violence who live with perpetrators in isolation) see

Written Messages from Those Who Could Not Attend

Dear Colleagues,

I trust that you are well. Thank you for inviting me to Friday’s meeting. Due to electricity volatility or lack of internet connectivity, or the usual temperamental nature of my device, I may be cut off yet again. May I therefore add my as an input at this time in which civil right movement is ripening globally?

Following George Floyd’s and others’ death in America at the hand of the police force, dismantling and defunding the sector in Minneapolis has become the next natural step to consider (Associated Press, 2028). Inarguably, when we have a human right issue as a centrepiece of our motto, if something does not serve, be it an organised establishment or a close knit family type of service, it needs to be discontinued and derecognised. I feel that a choice-based policing system fairs better since the word police itself has an etymology and connotation about nothing else but restoring civil order, abiding by social policy, respecting political motives and abiding by social hierarchy. In this case, the over glorification of civil society organisations is not to be the case. Family members, neighbours, digital correction facilities which  tend to create the propensity for cultural competency and other services are very crucial. The implication for the United Kingdom, which abides by Western psychiatry, which is backed by police force is key. People may comply due to fear of coercive power, yet, the detainment wards are unsafe as well. The same principle applies for prisons in which there are people with mental health issues. During this era, engagement in the form of bottom-up leadership initiatives as internet based services, meaning, telemedicine and it’s extended agglomeration is key. In Ethiopia, police brutality has been reported recently by Mia from Al Jazeera and Amnesty International(2020), and the lessons to be learnt regarding what is policing, correction and culture are very important.

Amnesty International, 2020. Beyond Law Enforcement: Human Rights Violations by Security Forces in Amhara and Oromia. Published by Amnesty International, London. 

Associated Press, 2020. Minneapolis Council Majority Back Disbanding Police Force. Accessed on June 8, 2020 at 11:43 AM.

Swart. Mia., 2020. Ethiopian security forces accused of grave human rights abuses  

New Amnesty report documents extrajudicial executions, mass detentions during security operations in Amhara and Oromia. Al Jazeera, Accessed on May 29, 2020 at 10:40PM  


Lul Admasachew

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Unknown Speaker 0:00
Stop recording. I also do a very broad transcription of our meetings and I can make that available and post, and post it. So, the road transcription the way it’s done is done by AI otter. And so otter doesn’t necessarily always understand everybody’s using language perfectly. So whenever you read the role. Transcription you if you, if you’ve got some doubt about what was said you’ll need to go back to the audio as well and listening, over that over that portion of it, but at least that way everybody does have a quick way to scan the contents and know in the text, and then also a way to check on what was actually said if they want to follow up with people. Again little details about the meeting, you do have access to the chat down below. You can see the chat and you can put anything you’d like in the chat box. I do not post the Chat Box contents in case people just want to have private discussions and exchange personal information. If you want information listed publicly, then you would just need to submit a you know a short article or notice of information that you want added to the page that we ended up having on the meeting, so that there’s a record it’s a little bit different than traditional meeting minutes. If somebody wants to do the meeting minutes I’m happy for them to do that and organize them, but otherwise all the raw materials are going to be available to everybody. So if somebody makes notes, Google notes in the doc and wants to make that publicly available that would be great. Perhaps down the road as we get a very highly functioning. Like a high higher functioning AI, or or somebody who wants to step up and do the SEC secretarial type roles in the meetings, then we are definitely open to that and as we move toward the end of the year and then next phases of the New York alliance that will be more than welcome. So, as you can see from the agenda we’ve our first business is to go around the room. I did get 35, rsvps, and so I would assume that some people and those folks are already listed on the, the meeting page. I will post that meeting page in the chat at the moment but other than that I’m Karen Judd Smith and I’m the representative of the International Center for religion and diplomacy. And I would like to then hand it up I’m going to just go around. Very arbitrarily, and it’s going to be according to who seems to show up on my screen first and I don’t know how that’s organized. And so I’m going to ask. Michael although it is, it says, any, but I happen to know it’s Michael. To start with, introducing himself and introduce who you are your organization and and anything, very current we’ve got about 10 minutes for the slot for everybody so if we can keep this pop moving all the news later on.

Unknown Speaker 3:25
So any spa wife, I’m using her computer at the moment. And someone that was microkernel on by consulting victimology retired Commissioner for victims rights in South Australia. Current Secretary General for the world Society of victimology, the Vice President for the Alliance affiliated with the center, and a member of the transitional team for the Alliance associated with New York, and also partner at Yale, in looking at COVID-19 domestic violence. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 4:02
And, Doris.

Unknown Speaker 4:08
Thank you very much. Thank you for including me.

Unknown Speaker 4:11
My name is Doris summer

Unknown Speaker 4:12
I teach literature for over University Latin American literature, but I also run a cultural agents initiative

Unknown Speaker 4:21
where we take responsibility for what culture and arts can do to change deadly patterns, and we currently have a project going on in Brazil to mitigate the spike in domestic violence, through football.

Unknown Speaker 4:39
I don’t want to go on about that but I want to mention that arts and and humanities interventions are what I would like to develop.

Unknown Speaker 4:52
Thank you, Doris Lloyd

Unknown Speaker 5:01
Lloyd Klein, I’m a

Unknown Speaker 5:02
criminal justice professor at City University in New York.

Unknown Speaker 5:06
I work from a justice policy and it’s an interesting methodology.

Unknown Speaker 5:12
Thank you. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 5:15
Dr Garth James.

Unknown Speaker 5:23
Let me see. Kimberly.

Unknown Speaker 5:27
Can you can you unmute yourself.

Unknown Speaker 5:32
Hello, can you hear

Unknown Speaker 5:32
me, can hear you now Kimberly, yep.

Unknown Speaker 5:35
Good morning dr Garth James that Azusa Pacific University in the Center for Public Affairs, longtime work in partnerships, education and work to help

Unknown Speaker 5:47
ex offenders reintegrate into the community and thank you for allowing me to be here today.

Unknown Speaker 5:53
Thank you for being with us and jailed uneasy.

Unknown Speaker 6:00
Thank you very much, Karen. I just want to say I’m located here outside of Washington DC, and I’m representing criminologist without borders, and also today. The American Society of criminology, which, as you may know, as canceled its meeting for November of this year, which was to be in Washington, DC.

Unknown Speaker 6:28
But I think most meetings planned for 2020 have in fact been canceled. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 6:37
Thank you. Thank you, Jay. Albany. fani.

Unknown Speaker 6:46
Oh thank you karen. My name is defining one or the present the city end in Ohio. Thank you everyone and thanks for being here.

Unknown Speaker 6:56
Thank you, Risa Faria.

Unknown Speaker 7:03

Unknown Speaker 7:05
Nice to see you again Hi, Kevin. So I’m from the University of Porto I teach criminology

Unknown Speaker 7:10
and I obviously have a personal interest in following any initiatives. Regarding prevention and control of violent crimes, etc. That’s it.

Unknown Speaker 7:21
Thanks. Thank you, Rita yell

Unknown Speaker 7:26
at me. I was chairing the Alliance several times in a member of it, and I’m a psychologist victimology trauma specialist. I represent. Now the International Organization for victim assistance, and my and marsteller the International Center for multi generational legacies of trauma, which is totally relevant to everything that’s going on today. And I chaired the working group on COVID-19, and domestic violence.

Unknown Speaker 8:07
And we will hear more from your l soon. Ron.

Unknown Speaker 8:13
Hi Karen and everybody else so rattling brain. I was very active with the New York Alliance. I think I was a vice chair for a while, and I go way back to Millennium forum Millennium summit are trying to keep our agenda items NGO and civil society items on on the agenda and in the minds and hearts of member states. I’ve served as the New York state governors director for human rights on Long Island region very active region over 5000 cases investigated. In a short eight year period. I’m currently trying to stay active in the international NGO community on issues of drugs crime, corruption, and have a great deal of experience, and now I’m advising, thanks to your LS group on domestic violence in the context of COVID. Thanks.

Unknown Speaker 9:32
Thank you, Ron, I’m sure you find there’s plenty to work with,

Unknown Speaker 9:38
you know, as Sheba.

Unknown Speaker 9:44
You have to unmute yourself Sheba.

Unknown Speaker 9:51
Can you hear me

Unknown Speaker 9:52
yes can hear you now.

Unknown Speaker 9:54
Hi, I’m so glad to come in back to this meeting today, and

Unknown Speaker 10:01
some of them already knew me but I’m representing Japanese cultural exchange and the Martial Arts Academy, and it’s purely Martial Arts Academy. We like to promote and make a platform like martial arts, can

Unknown Speaker 10:19
you help

Unknown Speaker 10:22
me know when you know when he and

Unknown Speaker 10:26
prevention. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 10:29
Thank you, Shiva. Leslie, Leslie, right.

Unknown Speaker 10:36
I see you there. Can you unmute yourself

Unknown Speaker 10:40
there any

Unknown Speaker 10:42
morning everybody. And I’m pleased to be here. I actually tuned in about an hour ago by accident, and now of course I tuned in late.

Unknown Speaker 10:52
So, I’m sorry about

Unknown Speaker 10:53
that but I’ve been active with the UN for various women’s organizations for the past over 20 years, and have a great deal of experience in working with UN systems, on behalf of women and girls.

Unknown Speaker 11:08
And I’m very much interested in this subject.

Unknown Speaker 11:12
There are a lot of

Unknown Speaker 11:14
organizations that are actively putting together various documents and approaches to how to deal with violence against women, particularly domestic violence, post COVID, and this I think is going to be one other amazing contribution and I’m happy to be part of it.

Unknown Speaker 11:31
Thank you, Leslie, and ramiele ish can start Dolly.

Unknown Speaker 11:44
Yep. you’re

Unknown Speaker 11:55
done, but

Unknown Speaker 11:59

Unknown Speaker 12:00
cases is

Unknown Speaker 12:04
a pleasure to meet you, and

Unknown Speaker 12:08
come down me, and cheering legal analysis and research position in Azerbaijan. And

Unknown Speaker 12:19
we are mostly in this place, and reforms in legal implementation mechanisms including human different aspects of the human rights, like children rights, women rights.

Unknown Speaker 12:36
Also at the heart of society.

Unknown Speaker 12:42
Thank you. Thank you very much for me Oh, it’s wonderful to have you join us from what time, what time of the day is that they’re in Azerbaijan.

Unknown Speaker 13:01
Well, On

Unknown Speaker 13:08

Unknown Speaker 13:10

Unknown Speaker 13:11

Unknown Speaker 13:13
yeah, still a reasonable hour, thank you very much for joining us.

Unknown Speaker 13:18
Oh, Sri. I’m asking you to unmute.

Unknown Speaker 13:24
Hi, I’m Ashley sorry, I don’t know why my camera’s not working today but I am a master’s student at the University of Cambridge setting public health. Last year I graduated from Harvard, studying economics and global health and I’m currently working on the COVID-19 Task Force on domestic violence. Thank you for having me.

Unknown Speaker 13:42
Thank you for being with us. Cecilia.

Unknown Speaker 13:47
Hello everyone I’m Cecilia I’m the founding director of the working group on children recruited by terrorists, and violent extremist groups. I am especially sintered protection in Europe 36 politician and mother is the one I Lizzie’s focuses on she had a set of his movements ideology culture and strategy across mainly the Middle East.

Unknown Speaker 14:08
I am a legal scholar experiencing

Unknown Speaker 14:10
conducting research, and I am a member of the alliance in New York, between 2018 and 2019 I lead the working group within the Alliance, and

Unknown Speaker 14:21
I am also

Unknown Speaker 14:22
a global Goodwill Ambassador.

Unknown Speaker 14:27
Thank you and she’s staying in in the shadows. And

Unknown Speaker 14:33
we just can’t see your face so Sophie.

Unknown Speaker 14:37
Your turn Europe.

Unknown Speaker 14:40
Oh, one. My name is St. Louis, and I just graduated from Harvard College where I studied government and education, and I’ll be pursuing my Master’s in Public Policy at Oxford this fall, and I had the policy and advocacy team of the COVID-19 domestic violence Task Force.

Unknown Speaker 14:58
Thank you. Thank

Unknown Speaker 14:59
you. And Edna.

Unknown Speaker 15:03
Hi. I, I just joined a linker that was not the right one. But anyway. Do you want me to introduce

Unknown Speaker 15:13
myself. Yes, please. We’re just going around the room introducing ourselves in our organizations what we were.

Unknown Speaker 15:22
Professor criminology Law and

Unknown Speaker 15:24
Justice at the university lunch.

Unknown Speaker 15:27
I have done lots of certain domestic violence

Unknown Speaker 15:33
in the US and overseas have done research on the use of electronic monitoring

Unknown Speaker 15:39
for domestic violence on participation in justice in women and the police and, you know, all kinds, anything that has to do with domestic violence.

Unknown Speaker 15:55
Whether perpetration or relationship with the justice system and beyond.

Unknown Speaker 16:03
Thank you. thank you for joining us and Raquel,

Unknown Speaker 16:15
Andy. Good morning. I’m director and founder of the Institute for transgenerational studies in Mexico. We have,

Unknown Speaker 16:26
bringing the studies to the academic world world and we have freight, a new career for transgenerational in psychology in western it in treat a consequences of the long term of

Unknown Speaker 16:45
violence, and I’m very active with groups which are now working against the policies governmental policies to deny COVID arrays of domestic violence in Mexico.

Unknown Speaker 17:03
Thank you, and silvanus.

Unknown Speaker 17:13
Hello Yes we can hear you.

Unknown Speaker 17:17
So you might have connection is bad, so the smaller

Unknown Speaker 17:22
advocacy schinsky for developments.

Unknown Speaker 17:25
Currently based on a scenario.

Unknown Speaker 17:31
We, among other things

Unknown Speaker 17:35
are very axes

Unknown Speaker 17:39
for men’s rights child rights,

Unknown Speaker 17:42
especially the young child.

Unknown Speaker 17:46
So, are very much

Unknown Speaker 17:49
interested to to

Unknown Speaker 17:51
walk with you and see how

Unknown Speaker 17:57
we can hear you.

Unknown Speaker 18:03
Thank you very much.

Unknown Speaker 18:08
Go T.

Unknown Speaker 18:11
Oh, hello there. Hello. How are you. How’s everybody

Unknown Speaker 18:15
we’re all good, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 18:19
lawyer by profession NGO of the UN.

Unknown Speaker 18:26
I’m very much interested in children’s rights, more particular Convention on the Rights of the Child and domestic violence against women and more particularly

Unknown Speaker 18:36
during times of conflicts.

Unknown Speaker 18:40
And I’m delighted to be here this morning,

Unknown Speaker 18:44
and thank you for joining us. Thank you. I can see Mina. Is that Mina. You have to, you’ll have to unmute yourself. Hey, can you

Unknown Speaker 19:02
take a nap. We can hear you now.

Unknown Speaker 19:06

Unknown Speaker 19:07
Sorry I’m late. My name is Nina Bale, I spent many years working at the UN. I’m managing global health and development programs, retired now. Writing children’s books and

Unknown Speaker 19:24
staying active. So I’m delighted to be

Unknown Speaker 19:27
part of this group.

Unknown Speaker 19:29
I’m thank you for joining us. Santa. San Gianna sorry.

Unknown Speaker 19:36
Hi. Hi everyone happy to be here. I’m also an under another member of the COVID-19 Task Force on domestic violence, working with Dr. Danielle Lee to plan this working group meeting, and I am also a recent graduate of Harvard University I studied Global Health and Health Policy, and I’ll be starting Harvard Medical School in the fall. Happy to be here.

Unknown Speaker 19:58
Thank you, ideal.

Unknown Speaker 20:04
Hi everyone, um, although

Unknown Speaker 20:06
I also just graduated from Harvard College, where I studied applied math and Middle Eastern Studies. I’m also part of the COVID-19 taskforce on domestic violence and I’m working with Dr Donnelly, along with the rest of our team on the working group to.

Unknown Speaker 20:21
Wonderful, thank you. and excuse me for decimating your name, and qualla.

Unknown Speaker 20:30
Hello. Yes. My name is Holly I’m also one of the master students in school by doing my Master’s in Public Health at the American University of Beirut but did my undergrad in the US they served with the International Association of Applied Psychology. After undergrad and now I’m part of the COVID Task Force and committee in Lebanon, and they’re responsible, the Faculty of Health Sciences. Pleasure to be here.

Unknown Speaker 20:57
Thank you. So, I think, is there anybody that I missed I believe I got everybody. Okay, so it’s wonderful to hear the the realms of expertise and the places from all over the world including the southern hemisphere. So, Next on our agenda is a very quick updates from Vienna. The ones that I have from their minutes, which just indicate that the Vienna Alliance has finally signed their mo you I believe, is that correct with with UN ODC, Michael, you can perhaps jump in on any of these things. And the crime Congress is still being postponed to an unknown date.

Unknown Speaker 21:49

Unknown Speaker 21:52
that’s, that’s the main information, do you have any other information coming out of Ghana at the moment, Michael. So,

Unknown Speaker 22:02
yes to the signing of the agreement. I was actually present at that meeting. And yes to the fact that there’s not been a date set for the Congress so that there are ongoing discussions. That said, the UN ODC is holding some meetings virtually, for example a, an expert meeting on victim on terrorism, there untaek meeting which is usually in person will be held. Virtually in a few weeks time, and the Alliance affiliated with Vienna has been in vited to participate in that I understand I don’t. To be frank, I don’t become involved in that part of that Alliance, because I have a conflict of interest being the Secretary General for the world Society of victimology and we received our own invitation to, etc. and the Alliance, some members of the Alliance have also been involved in a series of webinars, because of the move by the UN and the UN ODC in particular to become engaged with faith based organizations and. And so some members of the Alliance have been active in trying to organize those events, of which there are a series between now and October. But otherwise, really, that part of the Alliance has been tied up with administrative things such as getting approval for registration fees ensuring that they comply with the law in Australia and. And so, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 23:40
Thank you, Michael. Did you have anything to add that you saw

Unknown Speaker 23:45
or heard Jay.

Unknown Speaker 23:47
Um, no, I don’t have any facts, I know I know an awful lot of rumors, but I think we should stick with facts. And I think that Michael captured them well.

Unknown Speaker 24:00
Thank you. So now we’ll move on to a quick review of the 2020 Alliance, as we’re moving forward. And that is in September. We’re going to outline a call for nominations for the New York Alliance. The details of the roles and responsibilities of those on.

Unknown Speaker 24:23
Sorry I just had to meet somebody.

Unknown Speaker 24:28
So that that information will come out in September, there’s also going to be one group that I’ve been working with lately as they they deal with trafficking through a Music and Arts Festival. Now, they had originally planned to have it in the LA area San Pedro area in April of 2020 but like most events in 2020, they are getting postponed or pushed back or not happening. So I’m working with a couple of people to get that to take that event online. In September, so that they can still have their regular perhaps blended event. That is some local event, some movies in in April of next year, as well as having an online. So that is given that it’s going to be coming online those who are interested in helping either, you know, just support engage be involved in that work of ending human trafficking so you’ve got movies that are being made by people who have been trafficked or involved in some way, in that whole arena they’re trying to bring about increased public awareness about it through through music and arts. And so that’s happening in September I believe it’s going to be around the 20th but even that is not really clear yet, but that will be an online event, only also October, again. Yeah, well, we’ll go into all the details we still looking at having that the summit on domestic violence in COVID and in October and I’ll leave the rest of that up to her November for the New York Alliance we’re going to be presenting the slate of candidates for the Alliance. So these are just looking forward as to some of the work that some of you might be doing as we as we move on through this year of 2020. And then in December, we’ll have a membership drive and just reminding people of the options of membership membership currently we have just, we have developing membership which is a no fee pay we have individual organizational, and of course sponsorship and there are certain benefits to being a member to the New York alliance that are different than the Vienna Alliance. And we’re assuming that down the road but you know the collaboration will return to the between the two alliances as we move on. But just to map out the review of what’s happening in the New York alliance between now in the end of the year and then of course we’ll be looking to have our elections that cover the next two years in January, the working groups we have two working groups.

Unknown Speaker 27:32
And I just added the

Unknown Speaker 27:35
new working group is on trafficking just because I’m helping that group to connect with other resources working with trafficking so if anybody wants to work on that as well. It’s at this stage for as I mentioned, the September event is going to be probably mostly just an online version of what they already planned, but more interested in also looking forward towards what can be done in April of next year, but anybody wanting to work on the area of human trafficking, I will just help coordinate that area of work. I just wanted to underscore that there is a standing invitation for members to create working groups. This, this is the were, this is through working groups that the substantive work of the Alliance has always done. And so if you have a particular area of interest concern, but you want to mobilize and get people, even from beyond the alliance to work together under the umbrella of the Alliance and the work with civil society and connected to the work of the United Nations then of course you know forming, you are invited and a member of the alliance in good standing, and where we’re still sorting out all of the, the details of that as we move forward but we would definitely look forward to. People are in, you know, requesting that they be able to start a working party on the website you can look for bylaws, we do have old bylaws which is which are the way that the organization has functioned for years. You can see how those working parties are just to uh you know on the CPC j Alliance website you can just do a search for bylaws and you’ll, you’ll be able to dig them up. That’s about it.

Unknown Speaker 29:36

Unknown Speaker 29:38
The next meeting is going to be on the 14th I’m keeping things moving because I want to give you an Ellen her team, all of the time, a full hour to work on things so you’ve heard that I’ve been chattering away. In terms of news from members I think perhaps if anybody’s got anything in particular, that is coming up that we need to know about before August, then perhaps you could mention that now. And then, I’ll hand things over to your L and she can handle the rest of the meeting from here. Again, this is being recorded and so we will have all of the notes and

Unknown Speaker 30:22
raw transcript available for everybody later on.

Unknown Speaker 30:28
And there’s a few chats in the chat box, please feel free to drop any information you’d like in the chat box and share that amongst one another, either to everybody or privately to individuals. So anybody else have any news that needs to be heard. That would be good to hear. Before our next meeting. And you can always send me information about items that you want on the agenda. Jean, do people know how to one thing maybe but really quickly, and this might even be useful I don’t know to your L, but under participants, those of you who are on your computers, there is a way to usually there is a way to raise your hands, maybe I haven’t set that one up. No I haven’t set that one up. Okay, so next time I’ll set it up so that in zoom you can actually kind of raise your hand and ask a question. It’s a virtual raise, but for now if anybody’s got any wants to report anything before we move on over to the COVID working group, please just physically Raise your hand. Okay, so I think that’s it. Yeah, well, I am handing the microphone over to you.

Unknown Speaker 31:51
Ah, you.

Unknown Speaker 31:54
Hold on. Yeah, well, you have to unmute. Yeah, sorry. Maybe I was muting you.

Unknown Speaker 32:02
And you know, so I can see other faces maybe I think

Unknown Speaker 32:07
what you have to do is just put yours on speaker view.

Unknown Speaker 32:11
And I

Unknown Speaker 32:12
will once I stopped talking also. Then, and I will mute myself, then, then I will disappear. Yeah, I see it. Okay, thank you. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 32:25
Thanks. Thank you Karen thank you for everyone. I think some of you are today, I apologize for the confusion that I’ve had, think about it announcement of the alliance that didn’t go to all the members have been working with, so we are missing. Quite a few. And for the. Therefore, late. Notice, last night, when we figured it out to the working group, I think we will have to work through the technicalities so such confusion will not happen again. And people will not think that we are totally

Unknown Speaker 33:10

Unknown Speaker 33:14
If I can just jump in here quickly on that one. All of the the the information just so that everybody understands the way it works the information that goes out about the meetings that I send out that go out to hundreds of people. That is on a list that people need to sign up to a for privacy reasons people need to opt in, it’s not like. So all of those EU is very simple, just, we need to invite them to join the the Alliance updates, and then they sign

Unknown Speaker 33:48
up isn’t because we created a very good responsible group for the, for the, for the working group of domestic on COVID-19 and domestic violence in somehow man, we are missing the 80% of the members at this meeting, so we have to find the creative positive solution to this because

Unknown Speaker 34:17
it is an urgent problem, and we don’t have long time to work on it, and a great many passions, were expressed and involvement created in our working group meeting. There’s also people get confused between the differing

Unknown Speaker 34:38
addresses to use to get.

Unknown Speaker 34:43
Excuse me, to gain weight, which address to click on to to attend between these two. And this kind of our, our progress, technical progress should match five in our favor always

Unknown Speaker 35:03
doing a good job.

Unknown Speaker 35:07
So somehow.

Unknown Speaker 35:11
We have actually the systems with progress, but somehow it didn’t work this time so perhaps it’s time to fix it. They nip in the bud so to speak so that doesn’t happen again so we don’t lose committed members to preset confusion, but you have a solution for that.

Unknown Speaker 35:37
I think it’s.

Unknown Speaker 35:38
Whenever a working group is set up, then you need to help however works best for the working group set up your own mechanisms for communication amongst those

Unknown Speaker 35:49
thumbs up. But what happens when we hold the working group in conjunction with the making of the Alliance or maybe we should not,

Unknown Speaker 35:56
it’s not a problem to do that. It’s just that that information still needs to be sent out independently by the working group to your working group, because there is, there are definitely going to be situations where individual members of a working group will not necessarily be Alliance members but just come in to work with the working group. So that is the responsibility communication with the working group is the responsibility of the working group. If you like we can set up, you know, a group email list. Under the Alliance, but in the end it’s it’s better for you to just do it on your own mechanisms. Alright Sanjay Gemma.

Unknown Speaker 36:39
Any, any solutions from your group to this.

Unknown Speaker 36:45
Yeah yeah I think having a separate email group would work well and then if, like we’re if at least one of us is added on the Alliance kind of invite list which I think we are now that the RSVP, we can then forward on those emails as we get them to our working group list to ensure that everyone on our list gets it. So if there’s a little bit of a redundancy because they’re on the Alliance list that’s okay but that way we cover our bases.

Unknown Speaker 37:12
Wonderful. So from now on, we make sure that that. Perfect. There are clear lines of communication. That’s excellent. Wonderful. So we did already the,

Unknown Speaker 37:27
the introductions.

Unknown Speaker 37:31
As a full group, so I don’t think we need to to repeat that terribly much what I would like is either some drawn out or anyone test for us, if you would run. I take five minutes to run through the minutes of the last meeting. I presented to the group so we are all on the same page,

Unknown Speaker 38:00
whoever you want to do that.

Unknown Speaker 38:05

Unknown Speaker 38:06
that although last meeting what we talked about was a lot of the bulk of the meeting was spent on introductions and our vision for what this summit in virtual summit in October is going to look like. And I think some of the main questions that we grappled with and, but of course love to hear your opinions on them if they’ve changed or you have something else to add is who our audience for this virtual summit is going to be. Some people express interest in focusing more on a grassroots approach so the everyday person. Some people mentioned the importance of also including government perspectives and government officials. I don’t necessarily think we need to choose one or the other, we could kind of have a hybrid perspective and design and structure our schedule around that and have kind of different segments targeted at both audiences. And another thing that came from this meeting was I think there was kind of a clear consensus from everyone that we wanted this virtual summit to produce, at least some form of actionable takeaways rather than us kind of getting together admiring the problem of it and try and focus us and push us to ask us what we can actually do and what policies we can actually advocate for that is going to improve the situation right now.

Unknown Speaker 39:26
I think that was a very brief overview, kind of what we talked about two weeks ago.

Unknown Speaker 39:31
Right. And if any one of you attended the last meeting or,

Unknown Speaker 39:41
or if you prefer, or the thought you have

Unknown Speaker 39:43
after the meeting. Time to pitch peptic bra.

Unknown Speaker 39:55

Unknown Speaker 40:01
Ron is let me see if he’s still here, hear me.

Unknown Speaker 40:12

Unknown Speaker 40:13
thinking maybe muted.

Unknown Speaker 40:15
I’m asking him to unmute himself.

Unknown Speaker 40:18
There we go. He’s coming.

Unknown Speaker 40:21

Unknown Speaker 40:24
Who is speaking now.

Unknown Speaker 40:27
I have a questions. Yes, please.

Unknown Speaker 40:31
Will this virtual summit be televised or how will, who will have access to it.

Unknown Speaker 40:38
Any questions, any opinions.

Unknown Speaker 40:44
I have one I think it would be great if it were to be televised, and that’s something that needs to be probably explored fairly quickly.

Unknown Speaker 40:55

Unknown Speaker 40:57
Tell it.

Unknown Speaker 40:58
I was thinking, for example, MTV, for example, that might reach out to young people, or un Television or Other, you know, there could be a list of possibilities

Unknown Speaker 41:11
on that front Mena one piece that I know that I can personally add and we could therefore go to. Okay, so this. I have a channel on on Twitch. tv. I don’t know how many of you know Twitch. tv. Unless you’re a gamer.

Unknown Speaker 41:34
I’m not really.

Unknown Speaker 41:37
But anyway, that is a young audience.

Unknown Speaker 41:41
But that would not my channel doesn’t get a lot of you know I’m doing it more for experimentation on my own.

Unknown Speaker 41:49
But I happen to know indirectly that the

Unknown Speaker 41:56
folks higher up in twitch are interested in using their platform, you know, in more expensive ways and for more publicly good type of things so we’ll be approaching them on the trafficking front down the road, and possibly it would be, you know feasible to approach them also. But what getting it onto a platform like twitch does it makes it very it that’s a streaming platform so it’s alive. It’s not just those who go into the zoom meeting for example, but it puts it on a platform whereby anybody who they don’t have to have a password they just have to have a URL to come to and then they can watch what is going on. So the whole zoom concept of like this conference could be being streamed onto the platform. And so that would be if you had, if somebody had a connection with MTV, the stream that was going to twitch could also go to MTV or to win it wherever so then it would be more a matter of finding outlets.

Unknown Speaker 43:05
If that does that make sense.

Unknown Speaker 43:10
Anyone has connections, and is willing to work on that.

Unknown Speaker 43:17
I may have the connection to MTV.

Unknown Speaker 43:20
Thankfully, so that means I will stay in touch with you because we can make them some of those connections, the tech cuz you got to get their tech and

Unknown Speaker 43:30
what about what about un TV.

Unknown Speaker 43:36
That I don’t know that would probably be a matter of contacting DPI or what used to be dpi.

Unknown Speaker 43:43
That would be a star. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 43:46
but I just don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 43:49
You know, may I correct. Sure, it will be for the Department of

Unknown Speaker 43:53
global communication, that is the newly dpi. Yeah, and I have some contacts there in case you or daddy or Mina will need

Unknown Speaker 44:06
to outreach. Very good. Exactly.

Unknown Speaker 44:09

Unknown Speaker 44:10
There was Cecilia,

Unknown Speaker 44:11
yeah. So, I am going to post my email in the chat, so we can continue this conversation after the meeting on in the upcoming days. So that I will know how long would the streaming last and what is that it will be needed on the side of of the department and we will take it from there.

Unknown Speaker 44:37
Okay, and that that effect is excellent so we can say that we have a beginning

Unknown Speaker 44:44
weight of the base rate for some reason there’s a lot of

Unknown Speaker 44:52
chirping that come from any one of you.

Unknown Speaker 44:56
And that was Ron, Ron has birds behind him, I just muted him.

Unknown Speaker 45:03
Sorry, it’s been a again I have a related question so if this

Unknown Speaker 45:08
was talking about TV and other media yet, how, how, how will the content be developed what kind of content and

Unknown Speaker 45:17
have there been any discussions about that yet, but. So first of all, let the actually Iran issue unmute you so you also had ideas about communications but I guess you wanted to, to work independently, I just want to make sure that there are coordinations, and all of the communications people in the working group,

Unknown Speaker 45:43
and Ron’s still wanting to say something so

Unknown Speaker 45:46
he’s. I’m. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 45:51
Can you hear me. Yes. Yeah. Okay, so I had in the last meeting I had mentioned

Unknown Speaker 45:59
cable television. I think I’ve mentioned reaching out to Fareed Zakaria GPS progress. I also mentioned. Rachel Maddow msnbc. The idea was in terms of questions about content, would be to have video clips or some, some very compelling stories. right people who have been victims. Not only adult women but children. Right then and then and other and others who the public really doesn’t factor into domestic violence because the whole key is to raise the awareness of people so that they can turn to their elected officials or policymakers and demand the change necessary. And if you get to that level, then you can begin to see the momentum turned into long term action, so it isn’t just a one shot deal. You know, I’ve given this so much thought like everybody else. I am plagued by pictures of police strike on

Unknown Speaker 47:21
me run around, please. Can we please stay focused on these we have a short time today. And I want to get our actions going so we don’t just

Unknown Speaker 47:38
remain. Go, go, go. Yeah, fine, whatever you want to do.

Unknown Speaker 47:44
So can you do you have access to a cable TV to Fareed Zakaria to Rachel Maddow Can you reach them.

Unknown Speaker 47:55
If I have a compelling piece. If I have something that you, that we put together to send them the capture there to capture their attention. Then I can try to reach producers who, who will then turn it into a segment but no I’m not going to just reach out and say domestic violence is bad. And can you do a program when it has to be something very concrete.

Unknown Speaker 48:24
Something very concrete.

Unknown Speaker 48:27
Yes, you will of course participate in choosing what you consider as compelling. So that’s the really the issues of the high and the how and the wat, the communications and my thinking has to do with the heart, right, how do we do this, who do we call, etc. So, we have some very important, suggestions, and a group of interested people to help anyone else in the group is happening right now has any ideas about who to reach to when, when that when the watch is decided.

Unknown Speaker 49:13
Is there anybody with the skills to script something so that we have an idea of what this might look like and what kind of content is needed and sort of

Unknown Speaker 49:24
what the group is working on,

Unknown Speaker 49:27
because I think that’s why

Unknown Speaker 49:28
that she’s talking about the cart before the horse.

Unknown Speaker 49:35
Yes, please.

Unknown Speaker 49:36
Um, could you please, when that concept note would be finished. Would you please mind to forward that to me.

Unknown Speaker 49:44
Ah, that’s the point that you keep thinking that I’m preparing something on my own. It’s really a group effort no of course I matter to you, because we’re

Unknown Speaker 50:00
working as a group, about

Unknown Speaker 50:04
what this is what our last meeting was devoted to the issue of the, what, what people envisioning as the ideal.

Unknown Speaker 50:24
Yeah. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 50:31
Can anybody else hear yell.

Unknown Speaker 50:33
Oh, it’s frozen can, yeah,

Unknown Speaker 50:36
yeah well you. Hello. Yeah, you froze up a little bit there so we missed what you were, what Ken was saying I don’t know whether you’ve got the, whether you’re working group has a way a process.

Unknown Speaker 51:00
I don’t know what

Unknown Speaker 51:03
it’s on your it’s on your link, caring,

Unknown Speaker 51:07
no no doctor genuinely The, the feed just cut out for a second, you’re back now.

Unknown Speaker 51:12
Oh, excellent. Okay. Me cooking yet let me repeat. Ah, I hope I repeat, if not, you feel young strategy is exactly my thinking so you can hear. I don’t know how far I was chosen. Rebecca was frozen. But, like I was saying was last time is a sundown I mentioned, we were, we were trying to decipher what the group is a home and vision is the most ideal event. Plus, the most ideal to reach is largely is possible to be most the end to, to the ideal audience. And that will include actually everyone there was a very strong

Unknown Speaker 52:08
feeling and dissipates that and very so sorry you missed that one but thanks. Glad you’re now part of us.

Unknown Speaker 52:18
There was a glitch is, as we always.

Unknown Speaker 52:24
There was a strong sentiment, about absolutely involving grassroots and around absolutely right about the actual voices of people. And so for example, I agree. We’ll have to work on that.

Unknown Speaker 52:46
Right, so let me bid microphone relief.

Unknown Speaker 52:54
Um, let me see if I can see him.

Unknown Speaker 53:00
No, he’s there. Okay, excellent, Michael, may I ask you a question.

Unknown Speaker 53:16
Yes, if I’m asked a question.

Unknown Speaker 53:19
I am awake at this time of the morning.

Unknown Speaker 53:23
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 53:25
When you are meeting with

Unknown Speaker 53:28
folks, they do mention to them. They, our initiative.

Unknown Speaker 53:35
The meeting with the September 11 people, was a webinar with no opportunity to participate. It was a presentation by two experts, as a training seminar. And I will send you the link. When it becomes available there it is going to upload, but yes I was surprised, we couldn’t even pose questions to the table.

Unknown Speaker 54:06
Yeah, that’s too bad but you do have the contacts right or the length that we can also link up to them.

Unknown Speaker 54:14
Yes, I was sent the information. I was looking for it, like this discussion has been going on. And in the chat I have been sharing some up to date links of information that has recently come out.

Unknown Speaker 54:30
Ah, okay thank you. That’s excellent. So we really get that.

Unknown Speaker 54:39
If I recall correctly from Karen suffice previously, you have to copy or download the chat before you leave the meeting.

Unknown Speaker 54:49
Oh, I see. I

Unknown Speaker 54:51
think that’s right. Is that correct.

Unknown Speaker 54:52
That’s correct. What’s your you have to do just.

Unknown Speaker 54:58
If everybody can see where you chat. And I’m, by the way, I have to apologize to law to somebody who asked me to pass along a message to everybody I’m, I’m putting that in the chat, but where you chat there three dots to the right. And when you click on those three dots, the top choices save chat. So right before you exit the zoom meeting at the end of the day, in order to get all of the chat text, just do that middle save the text document and that will include all of the links, any of the comments. Emails included in that text just as a text document but you will have that and then you can search that to find the information. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 55:46
Thank you. Ah,

Unknown Speaker 55:48
yeah, search. Karen could you explained to some people, if they’re not aware how to open a chat because it doesn’t. When you log into zoom if you’ve never used it doesn’t automatically open.

Unknown Speaker 56:02
Okay, so the zoom and I cannot show, I could share my screen but I can’t share my screen on zoom so right down at the bottom of the computer, you can see a little kind of talk box bubble talk bubble and underneath that it says chat. If you click on the chat button, it’ll open up in the side, an area where people can exchange information. And it’s just a little chat bar.

Unknown Speaker 56:32
So that

Unknown Speaker 56:33
makes sense to everybody. I know on the on a phone, it’s somewhere I think you have to tap the screen and then you’ll see an option to chat. And then, then, then you can chat also through your mobile device.

Unknown Speaker 56:49
I don’t know whether a mobile device saves the text.

Unknown Speaker 56:53

Unknown Speaker 56:55
if somebody wants that text, I get it automatically I do not post it on the website, but for those who are participants, this is just all privacy related. You know web browser so we don’t you know get into trouble with the law in details so but anybody who participates in the meeting, if you want the chat. You know, just send me an email, I’ll send it back to you in the, in the, just as a text document.

Unknown Speaker 57:30
And I’ll put my email address there.

Unknown Speaker 57:38
I lost

Unknown Speaker 57:40
the contract.

Unknown Speaker 57:44
I don’t know what happened. Do you hear me,

Unknown Speaker 57:47
yes I can hear you. Oh, excellent

Unknown Speaker 57:50
because I don’t see or hear anything now because my telephone, low. Okay, let’s go back to the How to the watch issue, because this is where, where even though this is the horse in the communications we already know, we have excellent, people who when we have the concept node would be able to move it forward, which is very exciting. Very exciting. Huh.

Unknown Speaker 58:39
That was, that was a fine yeah I don’t I think he might have been. Oh, no, that was some that was I think somebody else it’s okay. Continue. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 58:51

Unknown Speaker 58:53

Unknown Speaker 58:55
What we did not complete going over last. In our last meeting because it was exciting to get everybody’s vision was to go over the list, the index list of government regarding regarding domestic violence. Again, my, my task force team. Do you have it in front of you. Is there a way for you show it to people.

Unknown Speaker 59:27
Yeah I have it right in front of me Give me one second. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 59:32
Share. It’s extremely important indexes are taking place, about how government, which governments pay a basic pension I’m most hateful to regarding women’s issues in general and domestic violence, in particular, and so we put that we have in mind the task force. brilliant folks we have, if we have reviewed two indexes.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:05
Ashley, are you here.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:11
He’s been having internet

Unknown Speaker 1:00:12
trouble so I think she keeps dropping in and out.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
Okay, so who are view, who is who is pressing can can present it not everyone.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:23
I can pull up the

Unknown Speaker 1:00:24
I have the WPS index which is the word peace and security index, I don’t have the index of happiness right now, but I can start with the women of peace and security index.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:35
So just give me one second. So, while you are looking let me share with the whole group. We have been working with each two separate index six women peace and security index that lists all government, according to to their treatment of women, and another huge index is the happiness index. So the most you know the happiness is how governments ranked in terms of happiness of good citizens, and to join I will read present this, and we weren’t if we wanted to. So we took from five continents. The higher the countries that are highest on the list. to show for a people among us to approach to co sponsor, our event. As you know, the General Assembly meetings will not take place in person, but will take place. Virtually which is good news for us because we do have been the prey, the virtual presence of everyone, and the the sense of community that normally pervades September October November in New York’s in the international community. So, are you ready.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:14
Yes, I am if Karen Can you open screen sharing privileges I think that might be easier.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:21
Um, let me see I don’t know whether I’ve got mine set up to be able to do that, you cannot see a screen share down the bottom.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:30
I know I can but it says that the host has disabled screen sharing because I think that’s the default, you may have to hit the little side arrow by share screen and open privileges.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:53
You should be able to now.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:55
Yeah. Let me now make sure I click the right tab.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
It’s good to do

Unknown Speaker 1:03:03
a second sorry everyone I

Unknown Speaker 1:03:06

Unknown Speaker 1:03:07
you’re doing such wonderful job.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:11
I can everyone see my screen here.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:13

Unknown Speaker 1:03:15
So this is from the women peace and security index and I just want to emphasize this is just one index of many. So of course they’re trying to capture everything related to being a woman with 1111 dimensions or 11 factors. So there is room for bias here. But this is overall so this isn’t just specific to domestic violence or intimate partner violence but as you can see the best performers on the left and the worst performers on the right, not much of a surprise and some of them. You’ve got Norway Switzerland Finland Denmark that are leading the pack. And then you have some of the more war torn countries or countries who are experiencing a lot more violence, who are the worst performance. Um, something that’s interesting to note, let me see if I can switch that here so here are specifically. One of the factors they look for is intimate partner violence, which is just one obviously form of domestic violence so within developed countries, Singapore and Switzerland follow the lowest rates, and South Korea is in

Unknown Speaker 1:04:20

Unknown Speaker 1:04:21
interesting, but yeah so you still see a spread and it doesn’t mirror exactly the exact same best performers or worse performers, something about this index is that they measure intimate partner violence differently per what data is available in each country. For instance, in the first iteration of this index the United States wasn’t included in the top 20 because of our high rates of intimate partner violence and domestic violence. Now we are number 19 in the second iteration. And that is most likely because they only qualified physical abuse, when they were measuring intimate partner violence, which again as we all know is not completely accurate when kind of describing the full range of domestic violence that people

Unknown Speaker 1:05:06
could you In addition to this, pick from your notes, either from Java or HTTPS surety you’re coming in to the government that we picked as the number one in the regions.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:25
Can you see So did you have that available to you right now I don’t know if I have

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
the agenda of last night. Yeah. Um,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:36
one thing of note, so while through these looking for that this index, they look at three different dimensions so inclusion like economic, social, political inclusion, justice, so formal laws and discrimination and then security, like so that’s Community Safety IPv organized violence, and only Iceland scores in the top third in each dimension. So most countries like even Norway, they don’t perform universally well in all three different dimensions.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:05
Now the reason I did that

Unknown Speaker 1:06:08
is everybody hearing me because I don’t see anything.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:14
Perfect. Wonderful. So, The reason I went to, to, to improve these indexes. Is there I available to all government. And,

Unknown Speaker 1:06:29

Unknown Speaker 1:06:31
the trigger point for me was, I was watching an interview with the Prime Minister of Iceland, who is number one. She is a woman, we know that we also went through this I mentioned are women leader of curry. Right. The fact that women leaders really has done the best job. It’s extraordinary either head of state or head of government, but just the same, right Iceland is number one in the world. Just saying. Ah, domestic violence, they discovered during covering the importance of or the high rates of domestic violence. During college. So that’s the sort of piqued my interest and I said let’s, let’s focus on, on this. So, even in the happiest and even in the most progressive and even in the best of the best doing governments in countries of the world. We find them just the same domestic violence in a program dreadful, which means it’s approximate always right could be just really unleashed or for elected light on. So now, please go ahead. Surely, you’ll have back.

Unknown Speaker 1:07:54
Yeah, so, from what we said in the European region. We talked about, Norway, especially being on top within that WPS index. And then we also noted Argentina, as being one to know right right

Unknown Speaker 1:08:09
right right so let’s go one by one. Again, as a different, different region right yeah so no way any one of you, and you run on the working group, or the alliances or hold any access to the government of nowhere.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:34
Manos saying something, Nina, you have to unmute yourself.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:44
Can you hear me now.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:45
Yes. I may have some indirect access to Norway, but I have some very good access to Finland.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:58
We might have to our.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:04
Okay, so yeah yeah right just

Unknown Speaker 1:09:06
talking about, of course, and then there’s all, there’s also the mission there right there in New York. Yes, you could probably schedule a zoom meeting with the ambassador. Right.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:21
Norway would be delighted.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:24
Exactly. But, Iceland was number one. Oh, wait a minute, who said about sushi Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:33
Sorry said what

Unknown Speaker 1:09:34
Mina. Oh, that’s no way baby like it I’m sure

Unknown Speaker 1:09:41
they’re always happy to be number one. Yeah. Ah, okay. Super so, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
Did someone just said Finland right because I think in the other index that I can also show the picture of now and do a screen share that happiness index is being number one, along with the different aspects that they have compiled to put together that list of rankings.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:09
Sorry I didn’t hear that Finland is number one for what

Unknown Speaker 1:10:12
in the happiness ranking World Happiness ranking, would you

Unknown Speaker 1:10:18
do you have those that information that is screen share again

Unknown Speaker 1:10:21
yeah I can screen share as well.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:25
I asked a question,

Unknown Speaker 1:10:26

Unknown Speaker 1:10:30
I’m just wondering what, let’s let’s say you did all your, we did all our planning and we compiled all the research and put it all together. And we presented it. What is the outcome that you want to achieve what would you like to see at the end of the word yeah okay i.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:56
We went through that I guess I should start every meeting with that.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:04
The real question

Unknown Speaker 1:11:06
to you

Unknown Speaker 1:11:10
know I’m seeing.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:13
Oh, I can, I can stop screen sharing and then come back

Unknown Speaker 1:11:16
and I’m sorry stop, I was just. Okay. I’m sorry. You’re held on to that. Okay, I’m not seeing it so I’m just envisioning it that night battle. Run to remind the whole group of our ultimate purpose. And thank you for reminding me to say

Unknown Speaker 1:11:37
that I was just just to refocus focus again.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:41
Are we on for priests I guess it’s. There are many dimensions for us to focus on so it’s not a matter of refocusing. It’s a matter of taking the time to review all the dimensions. Okay. But let me review again. Ultimately, what we’re here about. Once we are here about just to ensure that the awareness of the world, either in the street or in institutions, or in organization, organizations are in programs, or in every police department in every hospital in every school in every family in every culture. There is awareness of the importance of the mystic ride, and the price, it takes.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:41
If you kept that on. If you put that on the video. What you just said. I would try to give that to producers in the New York market, and then try to do it right away, so that you don’t have to be saying this perfect statement of viewers. In November, so you can probably get it seen and heard beforehand. And maybe appear as a special guest with some of the members of your team. Our team, I’m sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:14
Our team Sweden

Unknown Speaker 1:13:16

Unknown Speaker 1:13:19
Because, and I must add something just

Unknown Speaker 1:13:23

Unknown Speaker 1:13:24
finished, I have not, I know okay so continue but that to me, That was a perfectly polished stone that you just created.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:34
Thank you. Welcome. My mother would be proud. With.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:40
And it’s always important to me that cheap crap. No, I heard it, and if the world heard that it would be nice.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:50
Okay, I haven’t finished if I may, I hope somebody is taking exact notes, and we are, we are recording. So, if everybody can add their voice to this.

Unknown Speaker 1:14:08

Unknown Speaker 1:14:11
we want to not only raise awareness, but to re energize the commitment, the long term success, make it sustainable commitment of everyone, every single human being, every family, every neighborhood every culture. Every teacher, every doctor, everyone who’s involved with people. We energize the commitment, not only

Unknown Speaker 1:14:43

Unknown Speaker 1:14:46
ensure that this talks, but to also understand profoundly. What reinforces it in our cultures, and our ideologies and minded leadership, be at the church of education, be it off of policing be of injustice, be it in every sexual sector in every segment of society, to take responsibility, how each one of us in this applies as well to everything else the story not today, the rate, the horrible painful permanent racism, and I will share with you another segment of our center back that you can’t get like to, to realize how each one of us hold on to biases and stereotypes and continuously or not, that actually make it easier to make it happen without even being aware of it. That’s why I’m really missing the group, you know, the, the man up group. If I recall them later to find out

Unknown Speaker 1:16:11
what happened to diaper bags, they are not okay. But some of them didn’t

Unknown Speaker 1:16:18
register dices program for example is working in the same direction, and my kids program is going in the same direction. And coming in today program is about raising raising esteem and women, so they don’t they don’t allow domestic right into their own homes and raising a man so they don’t raise boys to beat man, Ryan

Unknown Speaker 1:16:51

Unknown Speaker 1:16:55
such an important multi dimensional multi cultural multi disciplinary commitment that we’re looking for. Now, from government. So we’re talking about education because you know just take your tape from government, and I took yesterday we just passed tours with the untouchables for the government, we are already in our heads, and I would ask you to participate, or writing your resolution. At the end of this semi governments will sign up on

Unknown Speaker 1:17:32
a resolution of recommitting.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:36
So, I can write. I’ve been writing about it, I can write going on and on and on, but just to give a sense to very focusing. I think I’ve stepped right here, because I just the same. I don’t want to mix the, the total commitment, I have. And we should all have everything we see that about COVID, I mean we have all wounded on a daily basis by the lack of respect for data by the lack of respect for this excitement. And for programs like a database, rather than just do burgers, who make women feel guilty for complaining, for example, about their husbands. We know or. I mentioned it last time the government of Malaysia, the first thing they discovered was write a memo for all the women of the country, to not provoke their husbands. So they’re not big enough.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:49
Just the first thing the government of Malaysia came up with English, French to prove it.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:56
So we can go, I can speak about rich for weeks. I don’t want to. I really don’t want to dominate the conversation because I always believe that run ahead it’s never enough for anything. And that’s part of where I attend parties that we hold this kind of summit is that all the voices heard.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:21
Oh, yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:25
This, this would be. Would it be helpful I think with what you’re saying as well and how interconnected these topics are in the importance of data. Looking back at this list of rankings as well even though it’s not specifically connected to women’s issues how we were talking about these systems in general, and how they promote well being in countries. So I think, with what we were discussing, and especially talking about a lot of the Nordic countries we still see that here as well. And I think it’s insofar as people also do have connections to those who work in governments in some of those top 10 countries also listed on this happiness ranking because, as you can see from the one sentence I showed as well there is indeed a lot of overlap, which was

Unknown Speaker 1:20:13
how it was actually so the point is made you see database, the point is made that when women are happy that countries are happy. Yeah. So for us to just show your picture. It doesn’t need many more words to see.

Unknown Speaker 1:20:31
Although words are always needed, particularly when governments are talking, go ahead. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker 1:20:37
yeah. So, just looking at this, though, as you probably have seen yeah and your screen now this ranking has in the top 10 it’s all five of them are Nordic countries. If you go to the bottom here they talk about six indicators GDP per capita social support health life expectancy, freedom to make life choices generosity and perceptions of corruption, except that their actual ranking is done through a lot of interviews and just how individuals themselves perceive their level of happiness so even goes beyond those six kind of factors that they’ve noted below here. Alright so they use not

Unknown Speaker 1:21:21
only survey, but they use index interviewing rich, it makes it Meteor.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:28
Yes. So it really does capturing wide range of data.

Unknown Speaker 1:21:36
And it talks about how people experience, well being in positive emotions. In addition to their life circumstances or their social environment, and specifically with the Nordic countries. The reason why they’re doing so well, being that it’s also related to the quality of their institutions, such as how extensive welfare benefits might be, or the extent of corruption. So those things also just being somewhat interconnected and hard to separate out so as we think about systems more generally. We can then get a better understanding of why these countries would do both well and this index ended others.

Unknown Speaker 1:22:21
Exactly. So, again, you see. Our challenge for the summit is, how do we best convey both the voices of the victims themselves. And again, I didn’t even want to share these thoughts, because, in a sense, I wanted them to come from the group. I want the whole group to be very committed to work for you, each one of you believes in your own vision, your own vision as reflected not just mine. But for me, even in my writings in the books I think for some of you know that I’m the one who started the big movement in the UN, I drove victim to speak at the UN several times for the things of terrorism the things of crime and abuse power genocide crimes again to my work on Tetra Tech Tech Talk. We have a victim station going to be the cipher to for the International Criminal Court, it’s become part of a tradition. Even music included. For your information, but the tiny Ray. Ah, my vision is attacked the voices of the people, older victims, and not only of the victim of the victims are the healers of the youngsters are hearing about this for the first time that they will begin anything be in between the sessions, or have sort of like you know like a coin, which transfers, how does Collison English as a repeat pig. Repeat thing. Oh yeah, every phrase rich friends, thank you, that the voices of the actual people because we know as reading people tend to forget it every so often and the system gets tired. And, but it’s another thing we always have to remind you about the church is about that. It’s not about buildings. So, anyway, so I want us to connect each one of you, in your programs in your awareness, it could be your own fault. I would like these to be conveyed Now technically it’s a huge challenge but at the same time, what COVID showed us was that technical progress keeps us in touch, for crying out loud. This is an amazing miracle. So, ah, so I would like the voices to sort of embrace this whole issue if you sort of envision and growing. Yeah, it’s everywhere the invoices will be everywhere and in between. So that is the issue that came up, most vocally in the last in the last quarter, they were making like people say everybody in the streets attendance we want everything that you do here, because of course my domain goes home and he doesn’t know what he’s asking his wife or his children where they had a bad day. Okay, or what his children did to him, or what his mother, Tiger, you know when he tells me a deprived day

Unknown Speaker 1:25:47
or her being impatient for them. That evening, who knows. I

Unknown Speaker 1:25:54
belong to each one of us, or they

Unknown Speaker 1:26:01
are so victimized

Unknown Speaker 1:26:01
by everything. And of course, the poor in a bit different races etc etc and in different classes we can go on and on and on, but we have to focus on.

Unknown Speaker 1:26:15
Yeah, yeah. As you were talking, one of the things that struck me is that, for me anyway. In order for me to move forward on something like this. I have to have a big picture I have to have a unifying principle, something that will help me understand social economic whatever data, and what it actually means how people reply how governments reply and what that needs. and I somehow came up with the image of a ripple effect, you know you throw a stone in a, in the water and you have a ripple effect, and the impact the impact of violence, domestic violence has, or like other issues, has a ripple effect on the family, the community. The the village, the state you know the country the world. And the responses, in turn, depending on how they’re organized will also have ripple effects. But I think people have to see the big picture and what can be done by different people in different places, different times. And the only thing that COVID and domestic violence that only leap for me means that it’s yet some, it’s a stressor domestic violence exists, and this is a stressor like there are other stressors, unemployment, racism, these, these are stressors, and the results are domestic violence and other kinds of violence.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:47
So it’s.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:48
Yeah, I agree it’s more than that but it gets the point. Yes, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 1:27:54
And somehow if we could take that information and find innovative ways of making visuals, out of it so people can see it. And then help them to act on it. That is, would be helpful for me I don’t know about others but because it’s such a huge topic and we could easily get lost in it.

Unknown Speaker 1:28:15
Hmm I

Unknown Speaker 1:28:17
agree I think I think different mediums will be very helpful in terms of conveying, our ultimate message and our goal or disaster. I just wanted to jump in just want to be mindful of everyone’s time, just give a couple of reminders What is that, again, we want to make sure that this virtual summit in October is also focused specifically on how this current COVID-19 pandemic is specifically affecting domestic violence victims, and I appreciate everyone who’s already been sharing some ideas for programming in the chat. For the next few minutes. If you haven’t been receiving emails from the working group. There should have been one last night about a reminder of this meeting. Please also drop your email in the chat if you’re interested in being included on future information and I think next time. We can talk about some more concrete ideas for programs as we have started doing the chat, and we can start to actually flesh out what the more of the nitty gritty details of what the summit’s going

Unknown Speaker 1:29:15
to look like.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:16
Right. I said, but can you just mention the other lean governments of the different regions. So we, so we assigned who that people to reach out to them.

Unknown Speaker 1:29:29
Yes, I, I think it’d be easier if I sent that out an email afterwards so I can just double check to make sure I have the correct countries there Dr. Daniel Lee

Unknown Speaker 1:29:37
Santana, oh, would it be possible also to, to, in an email to map out a little bit of a timeline, in terms of what you’re envisioning for the work of the working group. So that, because I think that’ll help so that each time the working group gets together and not having to revisit. You know each stage, you know,

Unknown Speaker 1:30:00
of paper yeah we can we can work on that and send that out to everyone.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:04
Yeah, I think that kind of thing would be helpful. And that also can then end up getting posted on the web page. I don’t know whether you’ve got a web page.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:14
Please, we are in the process. I don’t want anything to

Unknown Speaker 1:30:18
know this was just the working the working part of the, the, not, not the conclusion part.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:26
Okay. Not a problem. I was just offering it as an option.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:32
This is it process and I don’t want the process to get stuck anywhere so ah, so. Okay, the next time we meet, we spoke about meeting every two weeks. Ah, so opportunity the next time we meet, will be in two weeks on one day.

Unknown Speaker 1:30:58
It’ll be the 26th I believe.

Unknown Speaker 1:31:01
Right, but I find it a little frustrating to sort of lay it out in such a way and. And also, what I find very important is that after thought, you know, after we hang up each one of you would have a ha moment are the ideas that you would have said oh should have said, or should be I’ve been, would you please drop me an email with those ideas. Also I want to make sure that we know that even though our next meeting will be at 11 o’clock on the 22nd. Ah, the channel of communications are totally open right to me anytime Call me anytime. We are looking for the following thoughts we are not only looking for the, you know, key governments. We are looking for the best speakers. Not only the, the most known scientists, sometimes their methods papers. And if, particularly if we’re going to have alibis. I think it’s very important that we choose not only the, the Nobel the Nobel Peace Prize appraisers but those who can eloquently speak and connect with listeners. So think about that each one of your please, let’s compile the best speakers list. Also, as Michael noted, this shows many such attempts and programs, all over the world, how are you stealing here. How

Unknown Speaker 1:32:55
I think she had to sign out.

Unknown Speaker 1:32:57
Oh, to crash yeah we’re getting, it’s

Unknown Speaker 1:33:00
a crashing day

Unknown Speaker 1:33:01

Unknown Speaker 1:33:02
Yeah. Oh, that’s just so because she was talking about her connections to the Egyptian Government. So the idea is compiled compiled compiled pie. Right. Can I use pin here.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:20
Yeah, she is give her some some here

Unknown Speaker 1:33:22
are wonderful Darling, you do the same for Mexico or anywhere in the world should know the same dirt so you stay here.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:34

Unknown Speaker 1:33:35
yeah she’s here. She’s perfect.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:39
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:43
Why don’t you, please. The best speaker the most

Unknown Speaker 1:33:48
the most influential voices. Because.

Unknown Speaker 1:33:53
To do this, if we have to somehow sort of shake the conscience of people in a good way. So, and so that when people speak and I don’t want to speak about oh my god that’s terrible terrible terrible but also with messages of direction and guidance and hope.

Unknown Speaker 1:34:15
Yeah, I think we can. So before our next meeting in two weeks we can all have a think about what programs and concrete programs we want kind of activities and also who we think would be very engaging speakers to have at this conference but when we meet back together we can actually go through these action points, and I will also have information to everyone who’s emailed that I have to thank you for that perfect

Unknown Speaker 1:34:40
and Ron, thank you for for pushing me to speak. We really prepare a draft of my comments in any other and running for everyone. So, it’s read our comments, it’s our statement, not just my face. Because again, that whole issue is solidarity

Unknown Speaker 1:35:05
with racial stuff with any kind of way to live in this world. So,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:14
any last minute thoughts before we complete this meeting, teach it now you’re still here,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:27

Unknown Speaker 1:35:29
Hi, are you still here. Um, she she’s muted currently

Unknown Speaker 1:35:33
I don’t know if she is actually still connected or not.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:36
Okay, she might be wrong here. Oh good, any further any extra thoughts right now. Ah,

Unknown Speaker 1:35:45
noted a moment.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:48
Okay, but that’s right, man. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 1:35:52

Unknown Speaker 1:35:56
So, ya know one little detail, I cannot make the next meeting I can still set it up to use this zoom, or unless somebody else has

Unknown Speaker 1:36:06
a way to

Unknown Speaker 1:36:08
organize a meeting, I can still set it up but I just will not be able to attend.

Unknown Speaker 1:36:14
I can also create another zoom link I okay. No worries. Thank you. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:36:18
Yeah. Yeah, but sometimes.

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