Marking International Anti-Corruption Day 2011 at the UN

This interactive session sought to focus on the changes—small and doable— that make big differences in combating corruption. The speaker’s presentations and remarks are available on their respective pages (links below.)

» Moderator: Yael Danieli, Chair of the Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention & Criminal Justice

» Roberto Villarreal, Chief, Development Management Branch, UN — Engagement of Citizens and civil society to enhance public sector accountability and counter corruption.

» James Albrecht, Professor of Homeland Security, Pace University, Police Chief – US DOS INL CivPol/EULEX Police – Kosovo (R) —“Dirty Water, Ailing Communities: The Problem of Post-Conflict Reconstruction Muddied by Corruption.”

» Maria Haberfeld, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Law, Police Science & CJA. John Jay College of Criminal Justice — The Challenges of Corruption in Police Departments.

» Panelist’s Dialogue &  Q & A

This event made a contribution to the efforts of UNODC and UNDP to  promote actions that  undermine corruption. The 2011 joint international campaign ACT Against Corruption Todayfocuses on how corruption hinders efforts to achieve the internationally agreed upon Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), undermines democracy and the rule of law, leads to human rights violations, distorts markets, erodes quality of life and allows other threats to human security to flourish.