by Anna Costanza Baldry, PhD

Every two, three days the Italian statistics say that a woman is killed by her partner or ex. And this goes on regardless of new laws and apparently new strategies. Husbands, boyfriends, lovers, current and former, who for various reasons, find in violence, even lethal, a means decisive to their problems and frustrations.

On August, 7th, 2014 in a lively press conference, the Italian Minister of the Interior, Agelino Alfano, reported tha one year following the Decree-Law No. 93 August 14, 2013, containing urgent provisions for safety and for the contrast of gender-based violence, as well as civil protection and compulsory administration of provinces, converted into law, with amendments, number 119 of the October 15, 2013, the so called law on femicide., things improved and his data presented demonstrate the effectiveness of the law.

Unfortunately there is something wrong in his report.

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Implementation of the Italian Law