GDPR Compliance and the Alliance

May 25, 2018

Yes, we too are working to ensure GDPR Compliance. While privacy and security have always been a core concerns of the ALLIANCE, we have been adding some extra ways to provide you with access to the information previously “under the hood.” This way, you can review your data and if you wish, remove it from our system.

We don’t want this kind of effort to get in the way of our promise to provide support for your international advocacy, capacity building, and networking. However, with today being the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) kick-off we are joining in the fun. You will notice two main differences from here in with the ALLIANCE online resource.

First, you may have already noticed a pop-up that provides a quick link to the privacy policy and data use information. We have had this in place since early this century, but do change and tweak it. Now we are now putting our data protection and use standards more front and center as the site continues to evolve. Already last year we made the whole site ssl secure and we will now require anyone who wishes to review the Directory of Organizations or Directory of Experts to sign up as a Subscriber / Developing Member.

While these online resources of the ALLIANCE are managed in the USA and grew out of the UNHQ based ALLIANCE we now connect members from around the world. Our work is to strengthen the participation of civil society in the crime prevention and criminal justice work of the UNODC and online resources are an essential component. We use it for capacity building, information sharing and networking.

Our objective is to actively innovate the ways civil society can engage the key stakeholders of today’s crime prevention and criminal justice. We focus on the annual United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, the quinquennial Crime Commission, the Conference of States Parties to the Convention against Corruption, and the UN Treaty against Organized Crime.

To facilitate both engagement with the community of experts and activists, we are dovetailing the efforts to provide more transparency about the information we have (that you have explicitly given, or our software gathers, such as form submitting IP addresses) with an effort to create a more engaged community.

So our website is now also a Membership Site. Each person who confirms their interest in receiving ALLIANCE news and updates will get access to the membership area. It is a little sparse now in the early stages, but we will add special member only resources, training videos and more as the months roll by. So don’t forget to confirm your intent to receive ALLIANCE Updates. You can do that here. It’s as simple as adding your name and email, and if you are in a GDPR country, to confirm that you agree that you give us that information to store in our database.

More Details about the GDPR

With the new GDPR regulations requiring different information about and handling of European member’s/client’s data, per the standards set in GDPR we have made additional website and resource changes. For example, anyone who has submitted a form on the Alliance website will now be able to login and — even remove data you have given us using a DataView page.

The GDPR regulations place the responsibility on the “Controllers” and “processors” of data. A data controller indicates how and why personal data is processed and is outlined in our Privacy Policy. As a processor doing the actual processing of the data, even though the website is hosted in the USA, our responsibilities to EU residents still apply when dealing with their personal data.

The now has in place, processes and procedures to comply with the various provisions of GDPR – data protection addenda, data deletion, data retention, and pseudonymation/ anonymization. In addition, the Alliance has a Data Protection Officer and Article 27 representative, and has incorporated GDPR principles in relevant planning. From here forward we will work with you, our members and advisors, to continue to assess the impact of our data protection.

We have changed some of the ways we work including making changes in software and service vendors to ensure we are GDPR compliant and we taking these additional steps not required by the GDPR, but part of responsible data handling and protection:

  • Creating a Data Map (not yet available) so you can see how any personal data is being used, where it came from, with whom it is being shared and what is being done with it.
  • Enabling each person/organization to see and and edit data you have provided and that is contained within our databases.
  • Enable each user to Withdraw Consent. That is, Alliance Members and new Website Users can withdraw consent from Alliance use of personal data.

While there may be more regulations still forthcoming as our technologies evolve, you can get more information here: More compliance details. Plus we are developing our own practices and standards for those volunteers who help with this online resource.

If you have more questions or an interest in better understanding the work involved in the protection of your data, please contact us!

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NOTE: If you are NOT from a GDPR country, you will not be asked for your explicit agreement to send us data. The submission of your information will be your consent.


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