SOLVE2018 is a new initiative addressing several age-old problems NGOs and other globally concerned actors encounter when intent on addressing critical issues in the UN context. Periodically the UN faces critical junctures and within its mandates, it has often been innovative. The Alliance seeks to encourage adaptation yet again.

This year’s Alliance endeavor will take place in the margins of the 27th Crime Commission. SOLVE2018 will create a space within which solutions-focused and global-minded stakeholders come together as equal partners in strategic-visioning work. This is pathfinding work, neither management oriented nor a form of organizational planning. To support the Commissions’ cybercrime theme, SOLVE2018 will focus on the intransigent transnational aspect of three issues for which cyber contributes both to the problem and solutions.

With SOLVE2018 being an unknown, we are working hard to include all the key stakeholders: Member state representatives, civil society and institute activists and experts, UNODC staff addressing each issue, and technologists. Through newly engaging some of the Commission participants in this way, SOLVE2018 will optimize the knowledge and experience resources of the Commission not yet being tapped.

We are delighted that you have committed your energies of this week to contribute in this urgently needed, forward-looking and creative approach to the week. We are honored to have you join us in this new endeavor!