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There is no fee to participate. You are, however, responsible for your travel and accommodations. Plus you will still need your organization to sponsor you into the Crime Commission itself.

  • For access to pre-program resources and ways to connect with others in the SOLVE2018 cohort.
  • Provide the names(s) of the organizations you will represent during the 27th Crime Commission. If more than one, separate their names with a comma.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Your organization or nation's delegation will need to support you through the usual UN Pass process. If not, we will do our best to arrange for your participation. However we cannot guarantee you will get a UN pass and this would prevent your participation in SOLVE2018. Do work with your organization and its allies to secure a UN pass.
  • Include your phone number (include country code, for example +1 for USA) to receive text messages and alerts during SOLVE2018.
  • Indicate the sector(s) you represent. This will assist metanet team formation. Please check all appropriate.
  • We want to ensure each team is diverse in terms of its stakeholders, experience, and inclinations. With this in mind indicate your top 2 strengths as a team player. You may well do all to some degree, but indicate your 2 main strengths here.
  • Add your second choice here if you do have a second choice.
  • How I intend to participate.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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