Strengthening Partnerships

May 13 – 18, 2018 • Vienna, Austria

Transnational Crime Prevention in a Digital World

Creating Change in One Week:

SOLVE2018 will bring together experts with years of experience, diverse perspectives and stakeholder responsibilities, as well those with deep knowledge of the latest technologies, all to work together in focused strategy sprints. This engagement will all take place parallel to the UN’s 2018 Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. SOLVE2018 is providing a new platform for high level, innovative strategy development

As criminals increasingly leverage today’s latest and emerging technologies barely restrained by national boundaries, adding new crime prevention and criminal justice strategies and approaches is urgently needed. The global community cannot inch its way toward change. Terrorists, human traffickers, and the many prepared—or forced to violate others will not simply wake up one morning and decide “no more!” The “good guys” need to work faster, better, and smarter. By working #bettertogether. We need to use our existing resources differently.

SOLVE2018’s multi-sectoral teams meeting in the margins of the 27th CCPCJ will report on the outcomes of their strategy sprints. Each team’s recommendations are expected to build on use cases where emerging technologies and innovative partnerships helped develop mechanisms making illicit activity less invisible.

Teams will also identify critical success factors of the multi-stakeholder partnerships needed to counter transnational crime. These partnerships are assumed to include civil society, the developers of emerging technologies (academia, institutes and the private sector), and civic actors.

SOLVE2018 will uniquely provide the diverse stakeholders who gather from all over the world in Vienna for the Crime Commission, a new options for working together on the most intransigent issues. Their focus during the SOLVE2018 strategy sprints will be on devising one-year short-term actions that build on a practical yet vision driven approach—focusing on what we can do together, not on why we cannot. We need to put good cracks in the currently stovepiped system.

So what will be different?

The mandate to SOLVE2018 participants will be to take a metahumanity perspective. That is, to premise their discussions on universal human rights and larger planetary level perspectives of health and wellbeing. This is intended to shift the conversations away from the constraints of national interest. Part of the point is to remove barriers to brainstorming and possibility during the discovery process of the sprint. Plus, their mandate is to adapt these visionary objectives into recommendations that can be done within one year, proving the possibility of measurable impact. This approach adapts todays effective agile processes to our challenging global policy arena.

Are some issue “too big”? Well the answer to that is both yes and no. Yes, because just as a whole cake is too big for one mouth, that same cake can also be consumed by many small ones. Even ant-sized. In time, those seemingly small bites end up making a huge difference.

How will SOLVE2018’s agenda be achieved?

Multi-sectoral teams will form metanets, that is a multi-sectoral team tasked with taking a meta-perspective rather than purely organizationally-based. Each of these will focus on one of three issues: Cybercrime, Countering Violent Extremism, and Wildlife Trafficking.

Through a week of enriched and guided engagement and new and renewed connections, teams will devise at least one doable strategy by week’s end. Then, on the final day each team will present their solutions during a closing session to a panel of experts. There will be time for Q&A and their ideas, insights, and outcomes will will be streamed live to a global audience. Those in the audience either there or globally will benefit quickly from this valuable work.


Find more information on the Alliance website: Or if you will be in Vienna for the 28th Crime Commission, register for SOLVE2018.

Enhancing the Commission

SOLVE2018 will take place parallel to the Crime Commission, making it possible to integrate the emerging issues of the CCPCJ by engaging interested experts, activists, technicians, policy makers, and diplomats who gather for the Commission. By seizing this opportunity to tap those serious about creating solutions, relevant stakeholders can participate in a strategy sprint and present their outcomes by the end of the Commission.

Innovative Strategies

SOLVE2018 is a new means for engaging CCPCJ participants serious about innovative multi-sectoral strategies capable of unlocking current impasses. The day before the CCPCJ begins, SOLVE2018 participants will be briefed then form 3 – 5 person multi-stakeholder “metanets.” Throughout the week, these metanets will engage in an agile strategy sprint to provide new insights and opportunities for innovative ways forward. Each will include a tech expert to ensure the strategies include ways to leverage today’s emerging technologies in light of the Commissions cyber theme.

3 Focus Areas

SOLVE2018 will focus on three areas of work:

  • Cybercrime
  • Countering Wildlife Crime
  • Countering Violent Extremism

In the case more Alliance Focal Points or interested persons step up to facilitate a sprint, there may be more topics addressed. On the last day of the Commission, each metanet will have a 7 minute slot to present their strategy and make their case for it during the SOLVE2018 closing session. This closing session will be streamed live.

Innovative multi-sector partnerships

to better address transnational organized crime


Wildlife Trafficking

Countering Violent Extremism

Registration Information


2-Part Registration

Please note that there are two aspects of registration for #SOLVE2018 participants.

  1. Registration for the CCPCJ: This is free and needs to be completed as usual through your organization.
  2. Those wishing to participate in SOLVE2018 will need to review the Participant Information page and then register as a SOLVE2018 participant.


SOLVE2018 Registration Includes:

  • Participation in a half day briefing and assignment to one of the MetaNet teams. This will take place Sunday 13th May prior to the start of the CCPCJ at a location TBA.
  • Each the MetaNet will have a facilitator to help with logistics and flow of the Strategy Sprint in the margins of the 27th CCPCJ.
  • Sprint resources will be provided in the rooms including stickie notes, white boards, timer, refreshments, etc.
  • Conference bag and swag (if provided by Sponsors).
  • Reception with UNODC staff and interested Member States after Friday’s SOLVE2018 briefing during which each Metanet will present in around 7 minute, the conclusions and reflections on their strategy sprint.


Participant Information

  • SOLVE2018 participants should review the Participant Information page to understand what to expect, their commitment, and how to prepare for their participation.
  • Each team is expected to build their recommendations on use cases where emerging technologies and innovative partnerships helped develop mechanisms that made illicit activity less invisible.
  • Teams will also be tased with identifying critical success factors of the multi-stakeholder partnerships needed to counter transnational crime. [These partnerships are assumed to include civil society, the developers of emerging technologies (academia, institutes and the private sector), and civic actors.]


UN Badge Pickup Hours

You may pick up your UN Pass in the Visitor’s Entrance at the at the following dates and times:

  • Sunday, May 13, 3:00 pm-6:00 pm
  • Mon – Fri, May 14 – 18, 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

NOTE: This program is being organized for Alliance members and other CCPCJ participants. You are still responsible to ensure the organization you represent will secure your CCPCJ pass.


#SOLVE2018 Orientation and Team Formation

3:00  PM
Pick up your UN Badge at the visitors entrance

3:30 – 6:30 PM VIC (Room TBD)
Orientation and team formation to kick-off the #SOLVE2018 strategy sprints.


#SOLVE2018 Outcomes Session

Friday 18th May 1:10  PM ~ 2:00 PM Conference Room M07
This closing session will be the time when the Metanets report the outcomes of their week’s engagement. They will have the opportunity to indicate to observers at the Outcome Session, their reflections on the process and what plans, if any the teams decided on.

Organized by the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy, the World Society of Victimology, the Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice and Criminologists without Borders.



Vienna International Center, Wien, Austria

Wagramer Str. 5, 1400 Wien, Austria


UN Vienna International Center

Organizers & Advisors

The Alliance Working Party on Partnerships

Karen Judd Smith

Karen Judd Smith

NY Chair, Alliance of NGOs on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

Afaf Mahfouz

Afaf Mahfouz

Advisor: Former Chair of the Alliance & CoNGO

Dinela Dervovic

Dinela Dervovic

Alliance, Sweden

Joris Fontaine

Joris Fontaine

Alliance, France

Marie Leoni

Marie Leoni

Alliance, France

Ana Vilfan

Ana Vilfan

Eastern European Alliance Chair


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