Cyber Security Briefing October 2016

Aug 14, 2016

The NY Co-Chair of the Alliance, Dr. Karen Judd Smith attended the Rackspace::Solve tech conference Thursday 11th August in San Francisco. Rackspace is the 4th largest cloud service provider and has significant experience with the fast evolving realm of cyber security.

The sessions Judd Smith focused on dealt with security and cybercrime, how it is being handled today by leading tech companies and what they are seeing down the road.

Paul Fletcher a ‘cyber security evangelist’ from Alert Logic agreed to participate later this year in an Alliance online webcast to help brief the diplomatic community about the current status of security in the industry. Fletcher will help provide understanding about the current status of cybersecurity and what good security entails. He will also outline what we are looking at in the near future of online security, including emerging risks and state of cyber hunting.

On the tech side, another component that deserves more attention from those tasked with global governance and policy is that of machine and artificial intelligence. “The tech tsunami is in it’s drawdown phase” Judd Smith noted, “and we are just beginning to get an inkling of the impact it will have on our social systems.”

-Dr. Karen Judd Smith

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