Notes from the June 13, 2014 Meeting


Rosalind Harris     : International Social Service
Elizabeth Gondles : international Prisoner Aid Association and American Correc.Asoc.
James Gondles     : American Correctional Association
Ruby Henry.          : RAPP (Correctional Ass.of NY
MagellaJ Oriental  : RAPP/CA
Janice Joseph      : ACJS
Angel Perez          : ICCA
Nazlee Maghsoud : NYNGOC
Carrie Eisert          : Amnesty Intl.
Lloyd  Klein           : CUNY
Sheba Michiyo  Shikbahara: JCE
Afaf Mahfouz.        : Women and Memory Forum

Chairperson’s Report

The UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice met in Vienna May 12-16 .  Janice Joseph and Irene Melup  attended.   On June 1 members of the Alliance held an online conference.  Comments about the Commission session included the remark that delegates seemed reluctant to use “rule of law” as an operating concept. In addition certain issues should be considered by the Human Rights Council, not the Commission on Crime Prevention.  There was also a reluctance to rely on UN Conventions as precedents.

The UN Office on Drugs and Crime  held a High Level Event on June 9 attended by Afaf Mahfouz and Rosalind Harris (Lloyd??)  The focus was  The Rule of Law, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice in the UN Development Agenda Beyond 2015: Engendering a Human Rights for All  Approach.  The Alliance Chair was invited to make brief remarks during the discussion period.

Preparations for the 13th UN Crime Congress – Doha, Qatar   12-15 April 2015

Congress theme: integrating crime prevention and criminal justice into the wider     UN agenda to address economic and social challenges and promote the rule of law at the national and international levels and public participation

The Chair asked for suggestions for pre-Congress activities the Alliance might organize:

Where: New York, Washington or other spots in US?

Topics that might be considered  both pre-Congress or at a Congress ancillary event.

  •             Human Rights and crime prevention
  •             Transitional justice
  •             Criminality of sexuality and reproduction (Amnesty is working on  this and would like colleagues to join them)
  •             Over criminalization in several fields
  •             Mass incarceration and public health issues

When should event(s) be scheduled?

  •             Second half of January?
  •             October when General Assembly’s 3rd Committee is discussing UNODC items?
  •             March during session of UN Commission on the Status of Women

Who should be involved in events

  •             Governments – Nordic missions
  •             UN ODC
  •             Counter Terrorism
  •             Latin American NGO  representatives


NGO Crime Committee