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In order to avoid possible political conflicts, is an international commission of inquiry formed to investigate the sudden appearance of the “Corona” virus?!

By- Amro Selim – Chairman of Elmoustkbal for media and policy studies:

More than 2 million infections and 200,000 deaths worldwide caused by the “Corona” virus, and many increase every minute dramatically, a terrifying nightmare that the entire world has experienced for nearly 60 full days. It has become fashionable to see thousands of coffins every day carrying victims inside. The dreaded virus, amid the cries of their relatives from afar and they cannot even take a last look at them, as well as hundreds of thousands of infected people fighting every second to stay alive, including those who resist and hold on to the rope of hope and others who surrender and choose to leave in silence, the scene did not stop at that state Humanity only, but exceeded it to include a complete economic collapse in various Galleries of daily life, from flying and tourism to restaurants, hotels and other sectors, we could have avoided that sad dark scene if everyone moved at the right time, and I announced in full transparency the extent of the virus and the danger that the world faces or even warns of the potential danger we face All of us are to take the necessary precautions and safety measures at the appropriate time, and I believe that the first steps that must be taken after limiting the spread of the virus and returning safety to the world is the establishment of an international investigation committee to question the source of the exit of the “Corona” virus and the effectiveness of the measures that have been taken. Here during that time, especially since the World Health Organization has confirmed that it has made all its efforts according to the situation that appears before it during that time, The organization’s delay in following up what is happening in China and verifying the reality of the situation there, the source of the virus has not yet been known, amid media reports and statements by some talking about the possibility of biological weapons behind the matter or laboratory experiments that came out of control, others have spoken of many other assumptions that only the truth will emerge.

Collective responsibility

I am not one of the loving of crying for what has been passed, but I always support learning from previous experiences to avoid its negatives and strengthen its positives, because we will surely face someday – only God knows – a new epidemic crisis that we should have learned the lesson of “Corona” and prepared for it from now, but we confirm that unfortunately Dealing with the matter was very routine, and it seems that several scenarios or assumptions could not be developed for the situation to develop, despite the fact that the disease was an outbreak and moved from one person to another in a very crowded area but rather in China, which is one of the largest countries in the world in terms of number Population, at the same time, we cannot blame global health alone Rather, the world bears the responsibility, simply because many countries of the world did not conduct a process of investigation and research since the beginning of the virus in a suitable and transparent manner, since the announcement of its appearance in January 2020 until its spread began significantly in late February 2020, that is, more than a month, many have been following In silence and waiting.

An independent international commission of inquiry

President Trump’s decision to stop funding the World Health Organization has caused many disparate global reactions, including those who endorsed the decision and held the organization responsible for causing the crisis that the world is now experiencing due to the outbreak of corona, while others have warned against that decision and its disastrous consequences because the United States of America It is considered the largest funder of the organization – about 20% of its funding comes from it alone – which will cause a serious blow to efforts to combat the Corona virus and other viruses and serious epidemic diseases, and may cause the spread of many other diseases at that dangerous time, and be an invitation to isolationism and meeting The interior occurred, so perhaps its time became a real beginning to the annihilation of humanity!
Certainly the whole world needs to know the truth of this mysterious virus in parallel with patience, reason and wisdom in moving, especially since no person on the face of the earth has not been affected by that terrible virus, either directly or indirectly, so the formation of an independent international commission of inquiry from experts and specialized scientists To clarify the matter, it became very important to avoid political confrontations and to prevent the flames of mutual accusations, among which many questions that need transparency in the declaration and a clear answers related to evidence and facts.