Meeting: December 1, 2015

Dec 1, 2015

Meeting Agenda

  • Overview of last meeting (report of attendance and outcome of survey)
  • Report from femicide events in New York and Vienna
  • Report on the St. Petersburg Conference of States Parties to UNCAC
  • Report on Civil Society Task Force UNGASS 2016 preparations
  • Invitation to Members to brief the Alliance on their work relevant to upcoming meetings in future Alliance meetings

Meeting Links

  • Sign Up: NGO representatives can sign up here to be a presenter at the next Alliance Online meeting to introduce the work of their organization or raise issues and concerns they may have.
  • Find out about the Alliance Vienna Meetings: Check on the events calendar or send and email to: ngoalliancevienna(@)
  • Webcast Replay NOTE: Some of the beginning was edited out so you would not have to sit through all the pauses and “tech” related back and forths.