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Friday July 10, 2020 at 11:00 AM New York (EST)

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NOTE: The meeting usually begins with informal dialogue among those coming online and then the recording is started.

Unknown Speaker 0:00
To be a good location for this type of discussion, there was a lot of visibility in our region, and especially turkey bombarding the region, bombarding refugee camps, IDP camps, and civilians have been killed. So for other countries, only the coverage for our region is the invasion of Turkey, which is another ally, which has fought with the justification of fighting terrorism civilian have been targeted. And our region is actually in between Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. That there is a lot of NGOs international NGOs are recording these violations. But for women, especially if minorities and women within IDP camps, women with refugee camps. This situation is really, really problematic. Because the government is failing to support these vulnerable people and local NGOs. They are really doing a great, fantastic job but more needs to be done. And oh, the political security condition of the country and then the new government, there has been new militia attacks. The government wants to reduce the militia roles in Iraq. But recently this has hugely impacted the civilian people and Turkish bombardment. On the other hand, Iranian intervention on the other hand, Iraq tries to struggles to hustle virginity and it’s a decade’s long fight. With the support of coalition forces. We were able to defeat ISIS, but with ISIS is gone nowadays there is a competition between militias. And it is only elderly people, woman with minority children, vulnerable people, civilians, public employees, they are all struggling. We need more support, especially I was a former UN advisor, working with the Secretary General in Iraq. And I have been developing and monitoring the situation closely. We have 195 international and national NGOs. All thanks to the efforts of the UN agencies and the international NGOs that have alleviated the suffering of the people. Actually the country the government is doing nothing the local and the central government. They can’t they do not have the capacity with the decline of the oil prices with the so much intervention in the region. With so much corruption in the country, Iraq desperately needs the support of more powerful countries, and especially through UN agencies. We have been our NGO is a small NGO. But we work across Iraq from northeastern part to the middle part to the southern part. And yet we have developing guidelines to support the minority vulnerable people. We had the implement your research on women within IDP camps. We provided training, raising awareness. But these efforts need, we need more efforts. We need more international support for Iraq and especially IDP people.

Unknown Speaker 3:46
Yeah, I’ve been I was speaking about a week ago with another gentleman in an IDP camp in Syria and the challenges there, I mean, I guess you know them very well part of the problem part of that problem. As they’re not only stuck between Turkey and and Assad, but they don’t have any citizen rights. I mean, they don’t they can’t travel way they’ve got no. Yes, they’re kind of country lesson in a way which complicates anything

Unknown Speaker 4:20
for everything. 1.1 more point add into that. We recently conducted as research a survey online. Nearly 500 people across Iraq participated in that, especially with the increase of hate speech in Iraq, because many all the people because of the lockdown, they’re staying at home and they use the internet more often than previously. What I’m noticing there is a huge rise of hate speech targeted against minorities and vulnerable people. We have research which is ready to be we are going to implement on our website to publish this video. searches which we have recently conducted, it shows that more than half of the people know someone who has became a victim of online hate speech. I mean, adding to the already existing problems, like the lack of public support the lack of public services like electricity, water, salaries, house, women are the major vulnerable groups. And we need more support. We need more coordination. We need more advocacy, especially in Iraq settled there is no law to protect women from domestic violence and domestic abuse. And still men believe that it is their right to exploit women and with no one being held accountable. So this is an ongoing effort. We are civil society organization. We are sparing no I have fought to advocate for the rights of woman.

Unknown Speaker 5:58
Very good anyway. Now, I’ve just got a few people coming over, we have actually had a this earlier this morning, the working group on domestic violence and COVID and pest one, I will connect you with your URL. I’ll connect you with her later on. And then you can you can be updated and probably then get your name to be included in that working group. So that you can participate between now and the plan to have that as a summit later on. But she should be also joining us in this meeting. Often completed there’s this morning. I know. My apologies for some. Hi Yah, Ella wanted to push back this meeting. I didn’t want to change it. I’ve got three meetings happening kind of at the same time. And of course I can only be one place at a time but so I’m kind of jumping between meetings.

Unknown Speaker 6:55

Unknown Speaker 6:58
we we have had quite a few more people who are going to be jumping online with us, but they are not here at the moment. So perhaps still we can we’ve heard from one Thank you very much. And another segment later on, as we have in the program, to review for people to report and we had quite a few people saying that they wanted to report on the work of their NGOs. So hopefully people will still be able to join and, but otherwise, just a really quick My name is Karen Judd Smith. I work with the into the International Center for religion and diplomacy. And I also focus on finding ways to utilize technology to help develop the platforms that we need for more efficient engagement of civil society with the UN machinations in our For us to really deal well in the 21st century, which is, as COVID has made clear, you know, quite a different era and the way we need to do things really does need to change a little bit continuously.

Unknown Speaker 8:17
Jay, self introduction. You got 60 seconds of Hi.

Unknown Speaker 8:22
Yeah, I’m Jay Albany’s. I’m here on behalf of a couple organizations, criminologist without borders, an NGO that has a presence during the UN Crime Commission meetings each May, except for this year, with all the meetings being canceled. And also with the American Society of criminology, which is a large organization of about 4000 people about 15% of whom are international members outside the US. They hold an annual meeting each November. It was scheduled to occur this year in Washington, but that has also been canceled. It’s beginning to look like that almost every meeting is canceled for the calendar year except perhaps I see that the Conference of Parties for the organized crime convention is still scheduled for October. So I guess we’ll see how that goes. I they just I saw recently, at least I saw recently their call for side events at that meeting. And for those of us who might be interested in doing a side event, I’m thinking well, that’s great, but I don’t know if I’m ready to commit to going to Vienna in October. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 9:48
I have. The unfortunate

Unknown Speaker 9:52
problem with that Karen does as well. I’m located here in the US.

Unknown Speaker 9:57
They want us say I’m in Washington.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Though there’s fewer and fewer airports willing willing to have us so we’ll just have to see how that goes. Given the many problems and some of the craziness going on here in the US. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 10:15
Yeah, I think going anywhere for Americans. I’m not sure. I know I’ve wanted to go back home to visit my family in Australia. But if I was Australian, I wouldn’t want Americans coming in.

Unknown Speaker 10:32
Sure enough,

Unknown Speaker 10:33
you can speak to that, Michael.

Unknown Speaker 10:38
Thank you, and good morning. All. It is here anyway. So I’m the member the entire Alliance here and also in Vienna, in a private capacity on some occasions on other occasions as the Secretary General for the world Society of victimology. And Some other occasions a little bit like Jay wearing one or two other organizational hats. I’m based in Australia and in terms of the comments that was just made about events and attending them. We’ve been told here in Australia that we’re not to expect to be allowed to travel out with the country internationally until July next year, if not later, and most universities including I’m now told universities across the USA, forbidding their staff traveling to at least June next year, so it’s going to make it very difficult. I’ve spent my after hours this week participating in the UN Virtual Conference on terrorism that is run every night. Most of the people in the Northern Hemisphere don’t seem to understand what time of the morning it is for us stand here on the underside of the world. When you run those conferences. With the exception of this group, I have to say who have booked their time slot a bit earlier so that I could at least get a little bit of shout out. That’s man. Thank you. Good morning to all.

Unknown Speaker 12:14
Thank you, Michael. And Tobias. I can see you’re up next.

Unknown Speaker 12:20
Hello. So in my capacity as the Secretary of the Alliance, and I see Michaels, like, yeah, we’re also trying to schedule our events a little more friendly towards Australian friends. So our informal meeting on Tuesday started at 330. So that should be roughly or a nicer time for Michael than most of the other events, but I can I can share his concerns with the webinars. They’re sort of getting out of hand. Well, there isn’t too much news. Ghana at the moment, actually, since things like the Congress have still a big question mark. Whether or not it will happen in March, in which form it will take place? Yeah. Because so many things got postponed to next year that they are at least what we’ve heard from delegations is that they just don’t know yet how they should fit it all under one hat in a sort of organized fashion. Also the concerns from the NGO community on how they could participate, like say mentioned participating in an in person meeting in October in Vienna, is difficult for some countries. We are currently experiencing, let’s say, wave 1.5 as we see numbers grow again. So we will have more restrictions again, we have now or foreign ministry. has scheduled travel warnings to some countries again. So who knows how the situation is in October. At the moment, the Vienna international centers running at 100% capacity, but only for the staff. So not for outside visitors. Even with our annual badges if it isn’t something that isn’t a property event or we got an invitation, we can’t enter the building. So many things are still unclear and we’ll just have to see how things develop until October. We will send out the minutes of our last informal meeting on Tuesday. Over the weekend. Yeah, we are looking forward to seeing some of you at our next informal meeting, which will be on August 4. prefer the gamma time and that’s kind of important because On August 5, the nomination period for the General Assembly in October starts. So we will get about all kinds of information on or at the next informal meeting, of course, we’ll also write emails. So it’s easier to ask questions in person. Thank you. Thank you, Tobias.

Unknown Speaker 15:24
Think about I see your name.

Unknown Speaker 15:30
Are you there?

Unknown Speaker 15:36
Maybe Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 15:37
Hello. Ah,

Unknown Speaker 15:39
I had to unmute myself. So

Unknown Speaker 15:43
good afternoon to everybody. I’m here from speaking from Vienna. I should be in Chicago this time. But to have the International Congress of my organizations on the international for the piano Corps. And business duties So, but all we are sitting all at home and everything has to be done virtually. I’m also a treasurer of the Vienna Alliance, and I and UN committee chair for Sante International. And we work together with to broker Sim manovich on this way on COVID-19 and domestic violence and 28 countries 28 center countries were participating in this survey. And it’s quite interesting but expecting us that were collected from our colleagues in the countries and the recent survey I got from an African country was really sad. No shelters, no regulations, nothing for women to support them in

Unknown Speaker 17:01
The situation. So this

Unknown Speaker 17:06
even in the European countries, we have a lot of problems to combat domestic violence in a proper way because of the restrictions and so on. And what I figured out that even our advocacy members in Santa International, were not so aware that violence against women is and it’s not it’s diff is not different, but domestic violence is not included in violence against women’s action plans. So, in most countries, there must be separate domestic violence action plans, or Istanbul convention should be implemented in the countries. But this is not even done in all European countries, even if all countries decided to have This simple convention ratified and implemented. So

Unknown Speaker 18:07
yes, understanding that there are two different things. Yeah, they’re not really is a yeah is a little unfortunate putting it together.

Unknown Speaker 18:20
I know that just just briefly we I would expect that I we just lost somebody again who came in and then Romeo is can dari is from Azerbaijan. Hopefully he’ll come back in again. We’re expecting a couple of others, including Jennifer gray from the governor’s office in Maryland. The world chaplain Federation’s from the Philippines Fatima Agha. From India, Lloyd we were expecting to see Lloyd again and Kimberly, from California. So there are a few others who haven’t made it. And I know that they’re I know that l and a couple of others are still in the other domestic violence working group meeting. And good morning, Janice. We can see that you just jumped in. So perhaps we can have Janice, do you want to invite in introduce yourself?

Unknown Speaker 19:31
I will. I’ve asked you to unmute yourself. Hi, Janice. I don’t know whether I’m asking you to quickly if you’ve gotten yourself organized yet.

Unknown Speaker 19:45
You would have to unmute yourself.

Unknown Speaker 19:49
Tobias. Yes, I can see you raised your hand.

Unknown Speaker 19:54
You have a question?

Unknown Speaker 19:56
Yes. Sorry. No, not really a question. Just something that happens. On Tuesday, and which was very could be very interesting for all NGOs in the Americas. The UN ODC has a training for they are on top review mechanism. From July 21 to 24th. You can still apply through the website, I’m going to post a link in the chat. I think the application period is open until Tuesday 14th. And they’re especially still searching for private sector participants. If I remember that correctly. They have a lot of NGOs already. They don’t object to more NGOs. But yeah, you can apply until next Tuesday. It sounds really interesting. Maybe you can share it with your members as well. I think that could be very interesting to show some and on the website. There is a briefing like how to apply when to apply. What’s going to happen. Did a good job there? That’s what I wanted to say. Before I have to leave in a few minutes. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 21:14
Thank you for that. Tobias. Yeah, I’ll just just out of curiosity, I guess I’ll just put

Unknown Speaker 21:23
that’s just sharing that for a moment. That’s what you’re talking about. And I will put that up on our web page and circulate that, Jim.

Unknown Speaker 21:34
Janice, I think your you got your your voice on

Unknown Speaker 21:43
it. Yes. Welcome. Em here. Okay. Yeah, thank you. Please introduce yourself.

Unknown Speaker 21:52
I’m Janice Joseph.

Unknown Speaker 21:54
Most of you know who I am.

Unknown Speaker 21:57
You know, represented

Unknown Speaker 22:00
suggest for a number of years at un no work on with the Society of victimology.

Unknown Speaker 22:09
I’m here like an independent researcher,

Unknown Speaker 22:11
Wallace scholar.

Unknown Speaker 22:15
And Michael is my

Unknown Speaker 22:18
as well. He had to stay off he did. Oh, yeah, me.

Unknown Speaker 22:22

Unknown Speaker 22:24
Thank you. So

Unknown Speaker 22:26
anyway, as far as updates, also, like as Tobias said, there are not okay. We’ve got Romeo, who came back in again. And I’ll invite you to introduce yourself briefly. And

Unknown Speaker 22:41
yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 22:47
Yeah. So, let’s continue. What I will ask for a meal to introduce yourself, who you are, where you’re from. You’ve got a couple of minutes. And then with the progress

Unknown Speaker 23:02
Yeah, yeah. Hi everyone. Do

Unknown Speaker 23:05
you hear me? We do. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 23:09
Sorry for being a little bit a late because I had a problem is internet I’m Romulus Kanda Lee, I’m from Azerbaijan and former Soviet republics and in Azerbaijan, I’m chairing quantum NGOs, legal analysis and research NGO and for the moment we are doing some research and analysis and monitoring of human rights violations and also rule of law issues, especially during the COVID-19 time our priority is COVID time pause a moment. I just want to inform you in Azerbaijan We are not yet. I mean, we are in a difficult one of the 11 risky countries and almost by World Health Organizations is one of them or as the by Trump and the situation is very difficult and and it’s still and if we talk about the human rights issues, other kind of issue during the Kovac time. One of our research shows domestic violence is also a problem and that’s why I actually joined today’s meeting.

Unknown Speaker 24:39
Thank you very much Romeo, and welcome. So, and I can see Lloyd is also welcome, Lloyd. I see you have your COVID hair like all of us. Yes, I do. So, um, yeah, well, no. way I think now if you would we welcome you to give us an update on what’s been going on in your big meeting this morning that you had was exceptional meeting that you had gathered people from all over and I’m sure you have a lot to report which is a good part of this meeting. So I hand the floor over to you again.

Unknown Speaker 25:20
Well, we have done a great

Unknown Speaker 25:25
deal of work since we began.

Unknown Speaker 25:28
We had a we are preparing the summit, three days summit three morning summit. In October, most likely it will be October since October 24, which is human. I mean United Nations today is a Saturday we most likely will hold the 21 to 23 or 20 to 22 October ah because to finish to finish a Senate on a Friday that is sort of I’m not sure is a good idea.

Unknown Speaker 26:14
People still like to,

Unknown Speaker 26:20
to remain in touch and

Unknown Speaker 26:28
and to complete end the summit will be as I said three mornings in respect of the time. All Inclusive all time so it will be named to one each morning will have a two or three panels. Each panel will have a the the participation of a victim row voice of a government of a program As a civil society, either advocacy or or grassroots related issue and the United Nations participation and for that we have already secured all of the Special Rapporteur on the various issues that COVID-19 brings to the homes of people which is special about return violence against women.

Unknown Speaker 27:30

Unknown Speaker 27:33
disabled beach, seeds See, take you and,

Unknown Speaker 27:41
and mental health include also children in education. It’s quite a bit it’s going to be quite busy so people will have to be very economical in terms of the time and

Unknown Speaker 27:58

Unknown Speaker 28:02
which we will challenge them to be. So the first two days would be, you know, almost the same silos as usual but the third day, the morning we’ll have the all of the different silos come together and discuss together what they’ve learned from each other because it makes no sense that in one home, you’ll have all these institutions backing up each individual, potentially, I mean, into, put it that way, I think maybe when will make the UN more more aware of the urgency of having everybody speak to everybody and learn from everyone. Um, now, we also really have faith in faith confirming Because the the the we 99% will have a statement from the Pope. And so we also invite other religious leaders to participate. Now is Michael Fletcher on this call.

Unknown Speaker 29:19
He is not Yeah. So I’ll follow up with him later on. And but I I’m confident that the people that he’s speaking with have some people that I can follow up with later on. On the religious leaders side, so

Unknown Speaker 29:37
yeah, it has to be sensitive because I did a chain, an excellent webinar. You organized in Vienna. I mean, Michael organized the faith based folks organized in Vienna. on violence against women. It was really just wonderful and the only the only the only thing is if the Pope says yes. Which I most likely will know by next week. We really need to have a parallel stature. Representatives of other faiths. So that’s that’s the kind of challenge that I will need the help of the faith based experts to, to reach because that’s, that’s not quite my expertise. So please take the message to the Vienna Alliance and the faith based talks about that. as those of you who have seen it, we’ve been at the meeting Michael O’Connor you You’re particularly quiet today, what’s going on?

Unknown Speaker 31:03
Well, he’s also participating in another terrorist related. Not that he’s a terrorist, but

Unknown Speaker 31:16
I will terrorize you all later, if I’m allowed to

Unknown Speaker 31:19
say that

Unknown Speaker 31:25
just finished a contradiction. I’ve just finished

Unknown Speaker 31:31
criticizing the media for exploiting victims in reports on terrorism. So returning back to this meeting now,

Unknown Speaker 31:40
very good, very good

Unknown Speaker 31:45
terrorized victims. It’s absolutely true. They’re definitely very victimized. And so we also have developed by now a magnificent data base for for, for everything around the world during COVID-19 related to our, to the issues we’re focusing on. And we shall continue and we in all languages. And it’s wonderful because Gary volunteered to share it with the UN Institute and, and Karen recomended, a wonderful group of young girls to help us to help us create a website. So I think I know that would be a great contribution regardless of whether we hold a summit or not. But I think it’s a wonderful fruits of our labor. And it’s it’s a wonderful gift to the world that we’ve already been doing and

Unknown Speaker 33:01
So if I can take a clarify one one point about what you made is that the the database that they’ve been gathering of articles and things the the concept is then to not just create a website but to create a site where there’s the database information can be a made available to anybody who goes to the site, B it can be tagged and set up so that it can be appropriately searched and, you know, utilized for analytical research, as well as you know, other potential things, which we’ll need. That’s a piece of work in and of itself, just creating a very, very useful and and publicly available resource for this area.

Unknown Speaker 33:51
Yeah, and I mean, part of what led me to choose to do this is that even countries I So that like the best countries against coffee, still had a high rate of violence against women, children disabled. It’s extraordinary how how it’s extraordinary. One of these days I find the word and then I really write a piece about it. But what’s extraordinary is even for example, around the things that’s interesting, the country’s most successful, visible v COVID are run by women, either head of government or head of country,

Unknown Speaker 34:47
or head of state. And

Unknown Speaker 34:50
but I heard, you know, the Prime Minister of Finland speak, and everything was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. Wonderful except she said the one thing they still have to learn about is domestic violence. So even in the most, you know, the third most successful country in the world that is still doesn’t seem to move. It’s it’s. So we have a lot to work to do. And what else so we our next meeting will be next Friday at 11. Because we can’t wait to invite people to commit people. We also want by that time to have a draft flyer. So can you and I used to make flyers in the past together? We could come up with one but I think there’s more of a spirit in the group to do to do things and what else might not say, well,

Unknown Speaker 36:03
you’re gonna get a flyer,

Unknown Speaker 36:04
you’re gonna get a flyer, you’re gonna get a flyer going.

Unknown Speaker 36:06
Yeah. Well, I mean, once you’ve got the specific information, that’s that’s the that’s the critical part that’s usually the hard part. So when we can that we can, you know apply as Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:19
But can be nice about it is

Unknown Speaker 36:23
that leads me to another item on the agenda of the next meeting which is how do we then build the flyer in terms of how many logos will it be? Or will it be every logo so it will really be are definitely committed to

Unknown Speaker 36:49
whoever gives permission who to utilize the logo if they are, I think part of it would be is just to have a very simple

Unknown Speaker 37:00
A page that says, you know, my organization that,

Unknown Speaker 37:04
you know, is a sponsor of this event, and you have permission to use that logo and, you know, courage them to give a $100 donation at same time, you know, because because one of the, one of the things I refrained from saying in the last meeting is that to have such a, an online directory and database, it costs just yeah, to exist. So to, you know, even the process for the summit. Ideally, you know, it can be free and open, but we should encourage people to make donations, so then you have to have a way for people to make donations. And that’s totally absolutely possible. It’s just that it has to get organized, structured and whatever else. Again, I can certainly help with that. I mean, I can happily help with that. But But anyway, these are just all lots of little details that that take time to put into place but on your side your l if you just make it it can just be a very simple you know with

Unknown Speaker 38:16
Wait a minute, would you send me an email with that? Please Please be clear

Unknown Speaker 38:21
and then and then

Unknown Speaker 38:23
it’s very much at the meeting and all these issues so I would really appreciate your help.

Unknown Speaker 38:29
So I what I might do is make that you know, invite people to make a you know, to be a sponsor, and then they can choose to give a donation as well as permission to utilize their their logo. If you don’t ask, you’re not going to get anything and if they don’t give anything, that’s fine, but at least we need to get my logo,

Unknown Speaker 38:50
right. I still have to consult with the different boards is it different special representatives and experts on these issues, all of them immediately said yes, they collaborate. So the question is right, you ain’t gets very, very clear about what is supporting work is collaborating, what is allowed, what’s not allowed. Absolutely. Take directions from them. And

Unknown Speaker 39:25
that’s why you have to get a you know, just simple written up, you know, because that way it’s clear and then they’re not fuzzy about it or not fuzzy about it. Because yes, right. That’s

Unknown Speaker 39:37
meeting at two o’clock with a special

Unknown Speaker 39:42
advisor to the Secretary General on, on violence against children, and she to say, Oh, God, but my battery is run out. She said she’d collaborate.

Unknown Speaker 39:57
But I have to know what that means.

Unknown Speaker 40:04
Sorry, I I ran out of battery. So

Unknown Speaker 40:10
go ahead. I’m just taking another bathroom a sorry

Unknown Speaker 40:17
Do you think that’s your phone also need me charging every hour?

Unknown Speaker 40:23
Well, the older the phone gets the tighter. I

Unknown Speaker 40:28
know that this is

Unknown Speaker 40:32
the No It shouldn’t. Then you know, it’s who knows it’s three weeks. Oh, no, it shouldn’t be that much charging.

Unknown Speaker 40:42
Okay, thank you.

Unknown Speaker 40:44
Ah, okay Michael terrorize me when you’re ready.

Unknown Speaker 40:59
Are you going to tell her Sir Michael otherwise,

Unknown Speaker 41:03
sorry, terrorizing other people.

Unknown Speaker 41:06
Yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 41:08
I don’t want to stop you from terrorizing journalists. It’s a it’s a very important thing to do.

Unknown Speaker 41:15
Well, I’ll share my comments with you in just a minute.

Unknown Speaker 41:19
webinars just finished or short short time ago. So you know, I had my undivided attention for a little bit longer. Michael Platz is not here. So if the introductions are finished, I can very quickly they to know that the faith based coalition of organizations is planning a webinar on restorative justice and faith based organizations. Mike was asked me to convene that and we’re putting a panel together that is diverse both in Gender and religious persuasion, find faith given that there are some people who choose to distinguish faith from religion. At the moment we have a South American Spanish speaking Catholic who has published a book recently and is a senior lecturer on a new program that they’ve introduced at Santiago in Chile. In the university there. I have four programs undergraduate and postgraduate blended, using restorative justice that they launched only a month ago. And she’s just published a book in error using restorative justice. We have a

Unknown Speaker 42:45

Unknown Speaker 42:47
woman who teaches at a Catholic University who’s a Jew that might says who also is a member of the International Institute on sort of practices. We have a South African man who is going to chair the meeting. And we’re working through now. But we might ask to try and get that balance and together so that was one of the things Mike was going to report on So Sam, he’s not here I offer that to you is my contribution.

Unknown Speaker 43:31
And Lloyd we didn’t we actually didn’t hear from you.

Unknown Speaker 43:40
Okay, okay, Carolyn, I’m here.

Unknown Speaker 43:49
So you’re doing all of your classes online still and that’s the plan for the for the next year as well next, foreseeable future.

Unknown Speaker 43:58
looking that way right now. We don’t know.

Unknown Speaker 44:02
We’re just trying to get through all these classes and all these extra zoom meetings and everything else we’re supposed to do online. Yeah. Other than that we’re not doing anything productive.

Unknown Speaker 44:20
I might be able to tell it depends upon what you need.

Unknown Speaker 44:24
So, what I might do now, I think everybody’s seen the agenda. And there’s an outline of activities in terms of what the Alliance is going to be doing over the next month, in addition to, you know, the main activity of the summit in October, you know, there’s a process for keeping the Alliance the New York Alliance moving forward. And I just wanted to keep that on people’s minds. But I thought perhaps because, past one, we spoke we spoke at the beginning before everybody else jumped in On, perhaps he can report again on his organization, what he’s doing. He is in Iraq and working with NGOs there and focused on cope domestic violence, which you might like to hear about. Yeah. So push you on. You’d like to come back on again.

Unknown Speaker 45:20
Why didn’t you send him to our meeting?

Unknown Speaker 45:23
He cuz he came in anyway, he. I said, will you go?

Unknown Speaker 45:33
You’ll have to. You have to unmute yourself pressure on sorry. Okay. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 45:39
I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to talk with the UN Alliance. We are a small NGO located in northeastern part of Iraq. We work across all of Iraq. We monitor online material, and we provide training for minorities, vulnerable people, especially women with In IDP camps, and they are not seen as a central part of Iraq. That’s including North Kurdistan. In northern part of Iraq. Recently this tuition has deteriorated with the COVID, with the lockdown with the decline of oil price with the Turkish and Iranian bombardment of Kurdistan, and even gone bought in tourist destination and IDP camps with the excuse of fighting PKK to these groups, civilian people have been killed. The situation is not easy, because we have a new government that is suffering, trying to work towards the rule of law and fight the militias. So all of these taken together has has made life much more difficult for vulnerable people, especially IDP, community and the host community and also the refugee community within our region. In Need is more international support. It needs more un as agencies to come and operate here. And we are very grateful for the amount of the efforts in the last few years since the war against ISIS. The region has been supported by international NGOs. I work with another NGO as a freelance interpreter ncci that is a NGO Coordination Committee in Iraq. We have 195 NGOs registered in Iraq, but settle they need more support. Because these vulnerable people actually in Iraq, apart from the NGOs, no one is coming to visit them. No one is providing help, especially hygiene toolkits for women. And with the rise of domestic violence against women. And there has been a an increasing level of hate speech against the refugees even in Kurdistan. There was a company Pain to ask the refugee to go back because they were thinking refugees are taking IDPs are taking our jobs, which is not true because they we need more dignified the return for the IDPs. And actually the situation in the newly liberated areas are not safe for them to return. So these are the my main messages our NGO. I am okay. That’s the name of our NGO, independent media organization in Kurdistan is more than ready to cooperate with any other network outside this country to provide training a service research, raising awareness and direct support for the IDPs and especially vulnerable people, elderly people, people with special needs. So iraq more than anytime needed, the support of the international community. This is all from me. I once again, I would like to thank you, and thank you for this wonderful job. Thank you. And thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 49:02
We’re just glad that you could be here and that we can discover what you’re doing and learn about what you’re doing and hopefully find ways that we can connect you in ways. I think one of the, I would hope that one of the as we know, one of the things that I would like to do continue to do is to find ways that the Alliance can create more even networking opportunities, which is, you know, just the simple possibilities of understanding what one another is doing, where our interests overlap is such a critical piece of of creating more a strengthened civil society support system. And when we don’t know and we live where in isolation, then that’s, that’s a challenge. So I think that’s down the down the road, part of even what we can do, just as a routine process. Now we’ve got a small enough group here, we’re just not And so it’s not a very big group, but oftentimes to break into smaller groups of four or five, just to connect and to see if there are ways that we can work together. More is is even one of the regular practices of the Alliance. I think as we continue on down today, I think it’s a small enough group, but as just to have a networking session for each of each of our alliance meetings. Yes,

Unknown Speaker 50:30
yeah. Hell yeah. I wanted to ask, What is your

Unknown Speaker 50:36

Unknown Speaker 50:38
Hush one fuck.

Unknown Speaker 50:41
Fish. Do

Unknown Speaker 50:42
you want to would you want to join the working group on COVID-19 and domestic violence?

Unknown Speaker 50:53
Yes, please.

Unknown Speaker 50:54
Yes, yes. We’re very interested. Since you mentioned that So please carry with us send me the MA.

Unknown Speaker 51:07
Certainly he cannot. You could just drop it in the in the chat.

Unknown Speaker 51:13
Yes, yes.

Unknown Speaker 51:14
Yes. Right in my email.

Unknown Speaker 51:16
That was a good and our next meeting is next Friday at 11.

Unknown Speaker 51:22
Thank you so much. I really appreciate that. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 51:26
We appreciate your voice. This is great. Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 51:32
Oh, the networking function of the Alliance is already working.

Unknown Speaker 51:36
Yes. Yeah. I mean, that’s the only part of the point of this is not just to hear information from

Unknown Speaker 51:44
from the UN, but for us to strengthen our connections and our networking. Yeah. So anyway, that’s very definitely when we’ve got larger groups. We can break it’s very easy on we can Move into breakout rooms. And as you so much so you will expect expect to hear something from your L and or her her partners on from the working group. Push to

Unknown Speaker 52:16
Yes, please. I prefer to listen. Yeah, what they have to share. Thank you. Yeah, I’ve shared it my email and please let us do keep in touch. So I’m listening for them what they have. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 52:28
Can you can you when you send the email? Would you also send the description of your organization? I like yes. They may move it and

Unknown Speaker 52:39
I will share the link to my organization. Yes. Okay, then.

Unknown Speaker 52:47
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 52:49
Thank you so much. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 52:53

Unknown Speaker 52:56
I will make sure that that just gets dropped.

Unknown Speaker 53:00
Are you are you good at saving stuff from the chat URL? Or do you want me to?

Unknown Speaker 53:07
Okay, so I’m, I’m just sending out an email to you.

Unknown Speaker 53:13
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 53:17
Who Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 53:19
Gemma, the girl who works with me,

Unknown Speaker 53:23
Sandra, okay.

Unknown Speaker 53:25
Yeah, it’s Su Su, Su.

Unknown Speaker 53:32
Jana, some Jana.

Unknown Speaker 53:33
I thought it I think I got it done Jana who is talking

Unknown Speaker 53:39
who is the

Unknown Speaker 53:41

Unknown Speaker 53:47
I should have CCD you pastula I’ll I’ll forward that back to you. So that you’ve got that information and the other two people’s names. Okay, so we’ve got Ron just jumped on board. So he was in the other meeting as well. Um, did you want to just want to introduce yourself that we’re we’ve pretty much been around the room and caught up with. We’ve been all the way from here to Iraq. And so Ron, if you just like to quickly introduce yourself, and then I think we’re, we’re pretty much I’m

Unknown Speaker 54:24
sorry, I’m sorry. I’m joining late.

Unknown Speaker 54:29
So yeah.

Unknown Speaker 54:30
I don’t know if you can

Unknown Speaker 54:32
introduce yourself to everybody.

Unknown Speaker 54:34
Just a Ronald Brin on just advising on the domestic violence project.

Unknown Speaker 54:44
Very good.

Unknown Speaker 54:47

Unknown Speaker 54:49
I think that you know that that’s pretty much it. Does anybody else have any other information for anybody other than next Friday is the next working group meeting. The next Alliance meeting and we will continue to have networking opportunities I can ramp those up based on on attendance and things like that. It’s unfortunate, we always seem to have people who don’t quite make it to the meetings. There are some interesting people who will go into becoming, it would be interesting to see here their connections and for them to be connected even to what you’re doing. Yeah, well, but they didn’t quite arrive. And if anybody else has got any more information, otherwise, I think we can close out No need to hang around on. On the other

Unknown Speaker 55:37
side of question, Kevin?

Unknown Speaker 55:39
Yes, go ahead.

Unknown Speaker 55:40
Well, I’m noticing I’m noticing that the United States is sort of like sitting in a corner almost with the dunce cap on now as far as un and international affairs are concerned. I’m wondering if there’s any activity at all going on to connect US policies and practices to the overarching global policies and practices that we’re trying to promote. I know that might sound like a weird question, but it just seems to me that we’re sort of like painted ourselves into a corner. And I don’t see the paint drying that that quickly. Are there any activities going on to create a bridge?

Unknown Speaker 56:35
You mean on the US government side that you is that

Unknown Speaker 56:38
you agree either side? either side, it’s just the most horrible time in history for us un

Unknown Speaker 56:47

Unknown Speaker 56:49
Okay, what are what are? What discussions are your organization organizations having a penny

Unknown Speaker 56:59
on me There we go.

Unknown Speaker 57:01
Thank you. As you know, the US State Department represents the US at the UN. And there’s a number of very high quality career people

Unknown Speaker 57:14
assigned to you and OTC and the UN in general.

Unknown Speaker 57:20
Of course, there is an important national election in the United States on November 3, and that’s likely to weigh heavily in terms of what what, what happens after that time, but at this point, I think that’s that’s anybody’s guess. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 57:47
So, you’re planning on voting on the third?

Unknown Speaker 57:53
No, but I am planning on voting on the third.

Unknown Speaker 57:59
You’re not going to run is open or anything like that.

Unknown Speaker 58:15
Okay, so I think that’s we didn’t have a lot of really new information push you on items. I am forwarding you those those email addresses

Unknown Speaker 58:27
of young adults and

Unknown Speaker 58:31
there and

Unknown Speaker 58:34
if anybody else has got anything else, Janice, some final words of wisdom or ramiele

Unknown Speaker 58:42
worrying about

Unknown Speaker 58:47
Can I say something?

Unknown Speaker 58:49
Yes, please. I

Unknown Speaker 58:51
just want a very small

Unknown Speaker 58:54
and just I just want to

Unknown Speaker 58:59
live To be involved in this working group on domestic violence, on especially on the issues of researching, analyzing and monitoring issues, and how domestic violence is the situation with domestic violence in the world and also also to help these preparations, I mean to to EI L and the team and Leon’s in the future of work, which all contributes to the problem solving of problems, especially in public times, and share my experience and some issues related to what we talked about.

Unknown Speaker 59:49
That That is wonderful. So

Unknown Speaker 59:52
carrying the same Yes,

Unknown Speaker 59:54
I’ll get that information. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 59:58
Gave me four Both of you have any publications, including not in English, any publications that you can pick up from your countries in terms of what is known about domestic violence in COVID against gay man NVMe this a ball lbgtq you please send it to us. So, we also incorporated into the database. That would be wonderful.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:33

Unknown Speaker 1:00:35
perfect. Lloyd, you can do that with your students, please.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:41
Yes. Okay. I will send you detailed information about Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:49
Great, so we are fulfilling some kind of a purpose here connecting people across the miles from Azerbaijan and Iraq in the US and beyond. So This is this is all very good, small but effective. Okay, so

Unknown Speaker 1:01:05
I’m sure to respond to Ron, part of why I wanted.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:11
I want to have

Unknown Speaker 1:01:16
Brandon leave.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:18
Oh, he left.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:19
I think he does not appear to still be there.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:23
All right.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:25
Okay. Just for the record, part of why we are holding it in October is indeed to to, to acknowledge the importance of the UN. Right. So and it’s before November. So Jay, it’s part of my secret agenda. I always have a whole bunch of secret agendas. And one of the secret agendas is for women and young people and the elderly to feel supported and to vote. And to feel that is their voice it metrics. So they bought on November 3?

Unknown Speaker 1:02:08
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:10
And just I guess one one extra little piece of information. I guess one of my little personal pet projects is to interview people.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:23
on Twitch TV,

Unknown Speaker 1:02:25
yes. Yes. Forget didn’t mention it

Unknown Speaker 1:02:27
again. I mentioned it. Yeah, and Twitch TV is a very

Unknown Speaker 1:02:31
it’s a gaming environment primarily, but what that means is, it’s a it’s a streaming environment. It’s kind of like an old, you know, a young people’s alternative to Facebook because most of them don’t go to Facebook or a lot of them don’t. And I happen to know that the and I want to get back to this person and I I have a way to do it. I haven’t yet, but I’m the person who does run TWITCH TV is interested in utilizing that platform more actively for, you know, the social good and beyond the gaming community. But one little piece that I’m doing just kind of my own little pet project because I happen, you know, and so I will probably call on maybe each one of you at some stage or another to interview you if that’s okay. But I’m just calling it exceptional TV. It’s just a way to interview individuals who are making an exceptional difference in the world, but to hear the inside the story, their story, and to see what it is that they do and how they deal with it and how you know, so that people can see inside not just the outside glossy pictures of success and and break bravado and whatever but to understand the inside stories, so I’ll be working on developing that Just building it up slowly. But it also has a, you know, a website that will be associated with it. So those resources will be perpetually available on that on that website. And I still

Unknown Speaker 1:04:19
find five 510 minutes

Unknown Speaker 1:04:26

Unknown Speaker 1:04:29
Sorry. Sorry.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:36
Quick, quick introductions were just about to close out. sorry that

Unknown Speaker 1:04:43
I’m very

Unknown Speaker 1:04:44
sorry. silvanus Murray, currently based in Switzerland of advocacy initiative for development, the current president of the organization. Yes, sorry for being late. I’m having some technical issues here. It’s my network.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:05
It’s not uncommon the world around, I guess we’re waiting for Elon Musk to get all of his, you know, Star net up there so that no matter where we are, maybe, who knows? But anyway, well, thank you very much for joining us. Like

Unknown Speaker 1:05:24
are you still a part of the working group on domestic? Yes,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:27
yes. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:30
This morning.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:33

Unknown Speaker 1:05:37
Stay, so stay connected. The meeting the working group is next Friday, the regular Alliance meeting and our networking opportunities will be happening in one more month, again, the second Friday of the month. We look forward to seeing everybody keep on coming back. Be persistent and thank you for staying safe. We want to see you back for everyone, so everybody please stay safe and well taken.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:19
Yes, yo.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:30
Did you have something lol?

Unknown Speaker 1:06:36
Okay, after my next meeting, so I’m guessing everybody else has got meeting more meetings. Everybody’s living on zoom these days.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:47
Okay, stay stay safe.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:51
Bye bye.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:55
Nice to see you again. sylvanus

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