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Global Conference calls on the United Nations to Accelerate its Prison Reform Movement

The members of the 8th International Conference on Human Rights & Prison Reform Held in May 21-25 in Kigali, Rwanda declare: WHEREAS the Rwanda experience is one of profound restorative justice and reconciliation in response to the genocide of 1994;...

GDPR Compliance and the Alliance

Yes, we too are working to ensure GDPR Compliance. While privacy and security have always been a core concerns of the ALLIANCE, we have been adding some extra ways to provide you with access to the information previously "under the hood." This way, you can...

How NGOs Can Participate in the 2020 Crime Congress

The Video Wednesday 16th May, the Alliance and the Civil Society Team of UNODC held a session in the NGO Lounge to provide an overview of what and how NGOs can engage during the Crime Congress 2020. Mr. Gary Hill spent 30 minutes reviewing the services being provided...


There was once a girl that had woken up with dirt on the floor and cracks on the walls with her growling stomach she is forced to get up and face another cruel day As she is stepping outside waving her family good-bye she will keep her head high and be aware of...

The Mission of the Alliance

To bring together in one worldwide and multi-disciplinary coalition representatives of non-governmental organizations engaged in research, teaching, practice, advocacy and reform in the fields of crime prevention and criminal justice.

To encourage scholarly, scientific and practical exchange and cooperation among the diverse NGOs engaged and interested in crime prevention and criminal justice throughout the world.

To foster worldwide criminal justice research, scholarship, education, training and advocacy within inter-governmental and governmental institutions as well as in academic and other public organizations and agencies.

To enhance the collective role of the Alliance members through cooperation among affiliated organizations with regard to programs, research projects, publications, conferences and other activities of mutual interest.

To encourage the flow of information and consultation among the international NGO community, the UN Secretariat, national UN delegations, and UN bodies responsible for international policies and programs for crime prevention and criminal justice, including the Centre for International Crime Prevention, the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

To assist the UN in the identification of existing and emerging crime and justice issues, in the initiation of research studies and recommendations for action, and in supplying technical assistance in specific areas of Alliance competence.

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The Alliance is a transnational non-governmental platform for engaging relevant stakeholders on issues of crime prevention and criminal justice to advance human rights, peace and security through the rule of law and a culture of lawfulness.
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